Foods for Bigger Butt

17 Healthy Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

To get a bigger butt, this practice can all be started from your own kitchen. Grab all the superfoods which may help you in increasing your butt size.

To begin with, 17 healthy foods are mentioned here for you. Have them and give a kicking shape to your booty. Make sure to pair up these healthy and booty building foods with your regular exercise sessions.

These are glute-growing foods and help you see and witness satisfactory results. Furthermore, these foods increase mass on your bum muscle area.

They also enlarge your butt. And focus on growing and strengthening your glutes.

How Can Foods Help You Get A Bigger Butt?

Foods for Bigger Butt

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Super healthy and booty building foods have the potential to give you a bigger butt. It is true that tough exercise sessions improve your physique.

At the same time, proper and healthy diet tone your body too. It is by taking a healthy diet and doing regular exercise that you end up achieving a bigger bum.

Some of the foods are excellent sources of proteins like we have nuts, eggs, peanut butter, cottage cheese, and chicken. Eat these kinds of foods and naturally grow your glute muscles.

These foods like salmon, tofu, other fatty fish types, oatmeal, they have less cholesterol and high protein content in them. That is why you get a bigger booty in less time upon eating these foods.

It is high time to pair up and link these nutritious foods with your regular workout routine sessions and see the best results.


Diet Plan For Bigger And Rounder Buttocks


There is a simple and easy to follow diet plan which you can use a reference. Make sure to get bigger and rounder buttocks, you need to eat at least 6 meals on a per-day basis.

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Let us all check out what to eat for a bigger butt and what kind of diet plan needs to be followed:

For breakfast, you can have 5 egg whites and 1 piece of Ezekiel bread. And do eat 1/2 grapefruit.

Then comes the snack time. For that, you can have a glass of protein shake. Or you can even have a cup of full-fat Greek yogurt. That yogurt can be filled with berries addition.

In your lunch, have grilled skinless and boneless chicken breast. You can top that dish with spinach and other veggies.


For the snack time, have 2 tbsp of all-natural nut butter along with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread.

Dinner time can be composed of 1 salmon filet and 1/2 cup quinoa.

The last snack of yours can be a protein shake. Or you can have 3 tbsp of cottage cheese along with the addition of a few of the berries.

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1- Salmon

Foods for Bigger Butt

You might be wondering how salmon can make your butt bigger? Here is the justified explanation for you. This is marked as one of the healthy foods so that you can get a rounded, toned and healthy looking booty.

This food is great and one of the ideal sources of protein. Most importantly, it is in a single 4-ounce salmon pack that an individual tends to consume and eat 22 grams of proteins.

This fatty fish type is also loaded with lots of omega-3 fatty acids content. Apart from making your booty rounder and bigger, this fatty fish type is encompassed by lots of health benefits too.

So, to get a big booty, have salmon on a regular basis. It is researched that consumption of omega-3 fats help you reduce inflammation. At the same time, it expedites the process of muscle recovery.

2- Eggs – Healthy Foods for Bigger Butt


Want to know the best part of eating eggs? Here you go! Eggs can help you achieve a bigger looking butt. This also counts and marked as a healthy food content for shaping your booty.

Most noteworthy, they are highly and immensely nutritious. They are packed with selenium vitamin B12, riboflavin as well as phosphorus. The presence of vitamin B in them help you produce more and more energy for your body.

Upon consuming a medium size egg, your body will be supplied with about 6 grams of protein. Hence, to get a healthy bum, have eggs every single day.

Go for this high-protein diet and stimulate your muscle synthesis process. Eating eggs also reduce and decrease your muscle protein breakdown process.

If you are concerned about the fact of enhancing your bum size, then have eggs.

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3- Legumes

Foods for Bigger Butt

How about eating legumes?

They are another healthy food option to make your butt bigger. Most probably, you can say that legumes belong to the family of plants which specifically and commonly include peas and beans as well.

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As legumes are high in the protein content, for the reason that they are great to increase your bum size. Most certainly, this food can maximize your muscle synthesis process.

It eventually boosts your glute muscle growth phase. As an example, upon eating 1 cup of cooked chickpeas, then you will be able to boast nearly around and about 13 grams of protein.


On the other hand, if you plan to eat 1 cup of cooked lentils, then your body will be served with 18 grams of protein. Thus, feed your butt with good and an excellent source of micronutrients.

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4- Avocados


Besides, consuming avocados bring a lot of healthy mass on your butt too. This is a flavorful fruit which is loved by people. It always supplies and gives your body lots of healthy fats and proteins.

Beyond, your body and bum will remain to be served with lots of healthy fiber content. As this food is rich in vitamin C, potassium as well as vitamin B6, and magnesium content.

That is why you can have it to get a big butt. At the same time, this specific food is high in antioxidants. It has lots of carotenoids like that of lutein, zeaxanthin and also cryptoxanthin in it.

Avocados let your body avoid exercise-induced kind of muscle damage situations. This food no longer makes your muscles to get sore. So, what’s the bottom line?

Have avocados that are loaded with potassium and other essential nutrients and naturally increase the size of your bum.

5- Pumpkin Seeds – Healthy Foods for Bigger Butt

Foods for Bigger Butt

Also, it is recommended to have pumpkin seeds if you are interested in increasing and enhancing the size of your butt. This is one of the delicious snack options which you can go for.

All in all, this is a nutritious snack option which is great for your bum to look balanced looking. Furthermore, you can even call it a booty-building diet.

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If you are going to have 1 ounce (28 grams) of pumpkin seeds, then your body will be loaded with 8.5 grams of protein content.

Lots of healthy fats, fiber and also manganese, iron content are present in this food.[/su_note]

This is why those who want to naturally shape their body, they are suggested to have pumpkin seeds.

Moreover, this food helps in muscle functioning, It makes you physically strong too.

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6- Tofu


Moving to some more booty building healthy food items, you can have tofu. This food is mainly and generally produced from condensed soy milk.

It is seen that per 3.5 raw ounces of tofu is packed and loaded with 10 grams of protein. Even more, this food has a good amount and source of manganese, calcium as well as selenium, and phosphorus in it.

It is always advised to have soy protein foods if you love to give a natural and healthy shape to your bum. No doubt, this is an incredibly beneficial food for your butt.

It has the potential to naturally broaden your backside. Lastly, there is this 30-day study that extensively showed and proved that consuming soy protein foods like that of tofu increases your muscle volume on extensive notes.

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7- Quinoa

Foods for Bigger Butt

In addition, we have quinoa booty building food option for you. This is a protein-rich food. It is packed with some essential and important amino acids content.

All those people who desire and wish to get a bigger butt, it is advisable for them to have quinoa. It is proved that this food can definitely increase your butt mass.

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It can naturally increase your glute muscle mass. However, apart from doing different butt workouts, eating this specific food is also important for you.

The other benefits which are offered by this food, it helps you stay safe from having colon cancer. It helps the person when it comes to indigestion issue.


This a gluten-free food and marked as one of the best superfoods for growing and enhancing your butt size.

8- Nuts – Healthy Foods for Bigger Butt


It will be best for you to keep on munching nuts so that you can grow your butt bigger in less time. This is a must to eat food item if you want to eagerly increase your booty size.

As nuts are packed with good fats. They are induced with tons of protein content. Upon feeding your bum with sufficient protein content, it will automatically be going to get bigger and rounder in a natural manner.

Besides, to grow your glutes muscle in a natural manner, it is suggested to eat nuts every single day. Furthermore, this same food item helps you control your cholesterol levels.

At the same time, it reduces constipation. All these miracles happen because this food is loaded with enriching amounts of important vitamins and minerals.

However, if you are confused about what kind of nuts you should eat, then we can help you. You can have almonds, pistachios or you are free to have cashews and walnuts.

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9- Chicken

Foods for Bigger Butt

Moving to some more superfood items list, we have another booty building food item for you and it is chicken. If are a non-vegetarian, then feel free to have chicken and instantly increase your booty size.

This is the best source of protein which anyone can consume! Most probably, you can eat chicken in different forms. Like make a soup of it, have it in the steak form or drink it in the broth form.

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Make any chicken-related dish and give a kicking boost to your butt shape. At the same time, chicken has the potential to increase and amplify your calorie intake routine.

Thus, to grow your buttocks mass, this is a healthy food option for you.


Try eating this beneficial food. And make sure to eat only chicken instead of eating red meat.

Chicken is a far better option as it is packed with less cholesterol content.

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10- Oatmeal


Have you ever thought of eating oatmeal in your breakfast? Do start pursue this routine and see a noticeable difference in your butt shape.

This is one of the nutritious foods which is not only healthy for your body but also beneficial for your butt size. Being packed with lots of micronutrients, it becomes eventually easy to increase the portion of your muscle mass.

Most certainly, we can say that this is a fantastic food item to grow and accentuate your butt shape. Talking more about the other miracle and great benefits are given by this food.

It reduces and stabilizes your blood cholesterol levels. It also reduces the risk and danger of getting a heart attack. Lastly, the risk of getting type 2 diabetes is largely reduced if you plan to regularly eat oatmeal.

11- Brown Rice – Healthy Foods for Bigger Butt

Foods for Bigger Butt

Brown rice is high in demand! This is because of the fact it helps the person to get a bigger and healthy butt. This food is the best source of carbohydrates and fiber.

Once you are done with your butt shaping workout, then it is recommended to eat a bowl of brown rice. Most importantly, brown rice gives the needed and required fuel to your body.

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It helps you sustain as well as strengthen your muscle mass.

So, with your butt workout sessions, make it a habit to eat a bowl of brown rice. Besides, this food promotes digestion and reduces the risk of getting heart disease.[/su_note]

If you have cooked one cup of brown rice, then you will get 5g of protein. This is the specific food which boosts your glute growth immensely.

Hence, next time, whenever you make a visit to the grocery store, make sure to buy a packet of brown rice.

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12- Protein Shake

Protein Shake

A protein shake is marked as one of the fast-acting proteins. It is heavily and commonly consumed by bodybuilders. Same way, other people who want to get bigger butts, can have protein shakes too.

It is before or after your workout sessions that you can drink these kinds of shakes. Moreover, this is such a fast-acting protein source that it automatically and instantly gets to absorb in your muscles fast.

However, it is advised to have it after a workout. We can say that on the definite notes that drinking protein shakes can completely help you grow and increase your butt size.

It builds your booty muscle mass, maintains your blood sugar levels.

13- Sweet Potatoes

Foods for Bigger Butt

If you think that white rice and white flour are no longer giving you a bigger butt, then try eating sweet potatoes. This is a nutritious calorie-dense kind of food which make an effort to give you a rounder booty.

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Eating sweet potatoes bring a lot of mass on your bum. Most probably, you can bake them.

They taste delicious of all. This super and glute growing food are also known and beneficial for burning stomach fat.[/su_note]

Almost every single supermodel loves to eat these potatoes. Thus, if you are doing the right butt workout, then eating the right glute growing food is important for you.

One of the sole missions of sweet potatoes is to bring some extra mass right on your butt.

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14- Cottage Cheese – Healthy Foods for Bigger Butt

Cottage Cheese

There is a special power present and hidden in cottage cheese. It is that it gives you bigger and rounder buttocks. This food comprises and packed with a high portion of casein in it.

You can say that this food is induced with slow-digesting dairy protein content. For your bum muscle growth, this is a super and healthy food to be consumed by you.

Moreover, it is surrounded by good bacteria presence. It means that your body will be able to digest all the nutrients in an effective way.

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15- Pork Tenderloin

Foods for Bigger Butt

Pork Tenderloin is one of those exclusive foods that make your butt bigger. Avoid confusing this food item with bacon. All of us know that bacon contains a lot of fat.

To get a rounder bum, this is a perfect, better and healthy option which you can go for. This food composes of a good amount of protein content in it.

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  • It is observed that three ounces of pork tenderloin give 22 grams of protein.
  • Most importantly, you can grill it in a quick and simple way.


Thus if you are also a pork lover and you want to increase your butt size, then opt for this great option and share your results with us.

16- Hemp Seeds – Healthy Foods for Bigger Butt

Hemp Seeds

All those who are vegan, this is another great option in the form of glute growing food item for them. Hemp seeds have lots of healthy omega-3 fatty acids in them.

Most certainly, it is that kind of butt growing food which is induced with satisfactory content of Omega 6 fatty acids. Some people like to have it in the form of a powdered version.

You can add its powdered version into your smoothie or even in your oatmeal mix. So, for growing your butt, have hemp seeds. This food is extremely digestive as well.

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17- Turkey

Foods for Bigger Butt

Lastly, if you could not eat chicken breast anymore and wants to bring a healthy and glute growing change in your diet, then have turkey in your meals.

This is the leanest animal meat which is packed with lots of protein. This is a low-sodium food and completely free from preservatives. Besides, it is from any local farm market that you can have it.

Always buy a turkey in the less processed form. So, are you ready to become part of the race which is all about bigger and rounder buttocks? Have turkey and share with us how it helped you to give you a big butt.

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Will Eating Junk Food Make my Butt Bigger?

Though eating junk food make your butt bigger. At the same time, it is going to make the rest of the body look bigger and bulky looking as well.

Those people want to put on weight on their butt, they normally assume and belief that stuffing themselves with junk food may help them a little bit.

This is not true! Junk food is marked and counted as the food item which contains an unnatural and high level of calories in it. As this food item is full and loaded with sugar. It consists of processed ingredients.

It only gives a little and small amount of nutritional value to your body. The extra calories given by junk food is stored in the form of fat right in your adipose tissues.

Besides, eating candy bars and also high-calories drinks put more mass on your upper body instead of putting mass on your lower body.


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Why Isn’t My Butt Getting Bigger?

Your butt is not getting bigger because you fail to activate your glute muscles. It is very important for you to wake up your butt glute muscles.

Furthermore, involve yourself in glute activation exercises. Do squat walks, glute kickbacks by using a resistance band. If you fail to build and make a strong mind-muscle connection, then you will not ever get a bigger butt.

Even more, keep on eating more calories and protein-rich foods. If you are a calorie deficit, then it is impossible for you to grow your glutes. Lastly, avoid sticking to the same old exercises.

Keep on changing your strength training and building up exercises. Also, those people who show a lack of consistency while doing butt shaping workouts, they normally get zero results.


Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Now you know how to get a bigger butt! For gaining muscle mass on your butt, it is utmost essential for you to eat these healthy booty building foods and also to regularly do butt shape-enhancing workouts.

Let us know how you normally plan to increase your butt size and which foods you eat to maximize the results.

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