Bum Toning Exercises

Best Bum Toning Exercises at Home – You Must Do

To get your bum into a perfect shape, we can help you in this section. Here are the best bum toning exercises for you. They are incredible and extremely easy to do and easy to follow.

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These super-quick butt enhancing exercises will keep your butt sexy in shape.

It is this our major muscle group which is made up and composed of gluteus maximus, medius as well as minimus.

This muscle group is a key player if one wants to perform all kinds of explosive movements which mainly include jumping and sprinting.


If you do have a strong butt, then it will also help to relieve your low back pain issue and your everyday movements like that of standing and climbing stairs will become extremely super quick and easy.

List of Bum Toning Exercises To Be Performed at HomeBum Toning

It is easy to strengthen your glutes and to tone your butt by following and doing these bodyweight exercises.

Hip Drive

Hip Drive

By performing this hip drive exercise, you can tone your bum all into excellent looking shape.

First, you need to sit down on your knees. Your legs have to be together. Make sure that your butt should be on your heels.

Start engaging your glutes in order to lift your butt.

Raise yourself to a kneeling position and then slowly lower down yourself. Keep your glutes completely engaged until and unless you finish this exercise.

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Bottoms-Up Lunge

Bottoms-Up Lunge

Next, we have a bottoms-up lunge for you.

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To do it, firstly, you need to perform and carry out a hip drive. Then start to bring up your left foot forward and kneel on your right knee.

Push yourself into the left heel and start to engage your glutes to stand.

Meanwhile, you also have to bring your right knee up.

While you will bring yourself in standing position, you should not push yourself off the ground.


Instead, you need to completely engage your hamstrings and glutes for further lifting.

Side Skaters

Side Skaters

Trying side skaters can tone your butt naturally as well.

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This is a super quick exercise which you can do at your home. Stand up with your feet together and then you have to crouch down yourself by pushing your hips entirely back.

Keep your back flat and to abs perfectly engaged.

You have to land on the ball which is present near to your right foot by jumping as far as you can.

After that, the person has to jump as far as he can towards his left and finally land lightly on his left foot.


While you do this exercise, keep on pushing off yourself so that your glutes can remain actively engaged.

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More Bum Toning Exercises Which You Can Carry Out at Home

The Basic Squat

The Basic Squat

By doing the basic squat, you can well lift the look and shape of your bum.

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To do it, stand with your feet and along with that, hip needs to be width apart. Start pushing your hips back. In this way, your whole weight will go back into your heels.

Now, you need to squat down and make a 90-degree angle.

After that, stand back up and push your bum back as much farther as you can. Keep up your feet planted and embossed and try to keep your shoulders completely back.


To perform this exercise, make sure that you do not lean forward.

Chair Squat Jump

Chair Squat Jump

This is a recommended exercise for you which can perfectly and seamlessly tone your butt without needing the help of a trainer.

For this move, you will just need a chair or you can use a bench. Sit down on a chair with your back completely straight.

Keep your feet hip-width apart.

You have to jump all and entirely straight up by utilizing your glutes. Your feet have to come off exactly the ground.

Then you have to land lightly and finally, slowly squat down yourself and sit on the chair.

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Diagonal Squat

Diagonal Squat

This is another squat version that you can perform and it is this diagonal squat.

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To perform this move, you have to stand with feet wider. Place your arms at your side.

Step up your right foot back in a diagonal position and then you can send back your hips.


Keep your left leg straight and start to bend down your right knee. Your chest has to remain up and make sure to keep your abs all engaged.

Walking Lunge Bum Toning Exercise

To do this easy to do move, you have to step forward by using your right foot and then you need to lower down yourself into a lunge by using your core muscles, hamstrings and also your glutes.

Lift up your left foot and the next step is to move forward by dropping yourself into a lunge and continue to keep on walking forward in the same pose.

The Squat Hold & Pulse Bum Toning Exercise

The Squat Hold & Pulse Bum Toning Exercise

To bring a natural lift on your bum, you can do this squat hold and pulse pose.

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Stand with your feet hip-width all and completely apart. Push your hips back and bring down your weight all and entirely into your heels once again.

Squat down yourself to a 90-degree angle and stand back up while you are going to press down yourself through the heels.

Start making tiny kind of up and down movements and you will feel a burning sensation on your bum.


This is a sign that your bum is getting toned.

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Conclusion – Wrapping it Up!!

There can be many other bum toning exercises which you can do and follow as well. But the above-mentioned moves and exercises can easily be done in your home without the help of a trainer.

Let us know which exercises you are going to perform first and what results you acquired and gained from them! Stay tuned and more of the bum enhancing exercises and moves will be shared with the readers.

Look for a tiny corner in your home and start doing these exercises with focus and attention.

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