Types of Butt

5 Types of Butt and Effective Exercise For Each of Them

Types of ButtIt is our skeletal structure which mainly and specifically determine our body shape the main framework.

Here we are going to tell you the five types of butt and effective exercise options for each one of them.

Note that the overall body shape of yours, it is primarily determined by the distribution of muscles and fat content present on the top section of your skeleton. On the other hand, your bum shape is largely dependent on your pelvis.

[su_quote]At the same time, genes also determine your buttocks shapes.[/su_quote]

These butt shapes are defined by the cosmetic surgery field, so let us have a look at their details.

If someone is not happy with her butt shape, then she usually consults the cosmetic surgeons and goes for the procedures like that of buttocks augmentation and liposuction.

[su_note note_color=”#fceeb8″]Five main booty shapes are recognized and approved by plastic surgeons and they are square shape, round and heart shape, inverted shape, upside-down heart butt shape.[/su_note]

Now without wasting any time, let us have a look at the main details with respect to main booty shapes and effective exercises that each one of you can easily perform.

What Your Butt Shape Says About Your Health?

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The shape of your butt actually says a lot about your health.

Like if the person has excessive fat on her butt then that is a sign and symbol that you are having a poor health status. On the other hand, it is this fat presence on your hip area which will keep you away and safe from all kinds of harmful fatty acids that normally attack your vital organs.

These fatty acids generally attack your liver, vital arteries as well as your heart.

This fat content present in your hips protect you from minor hearth diseases and even from diabetes.

It is proved if you have bigger hips then you will be possessed with a higher intelligence level. It is seen that people having bigger size buttocks require more amount of Omega-3 fats and this consumption is automatically linked and associated with brain development.

Those women who have bigger hips, they actually contain a lower level of cholesterol range in them and ultimately their body manages to produce more hormones in order to process sugar.
The square-shaped butt reveals that a person has a hard butt but still she needs to do lots of exercises to further tone her booty.

Those encompassing a circle-shaped butt reveal and indicate that you are enjoying a good and stable health condition.

Heart-shaped butts indicate and signal that you are having an unwanted fat present in your upper body area. The good side of this bum shape is that you will eventually tend to lose fat quickly and fast.

So, all of these are the different bum shapes that reveal, signal and explains a lot about your health status.[/su_note]

Different Types of Butts and Effective Exercise for Each of them

Types of Butt

The Square Shape Butt

“H” Shape Butt

The first and basic type of butt shape, it is this square shape which is also called H shape. This particular bum shape occurs because of the higher or you can say more prominent hip bones structure. In this shape, more fat is distributed in your love handle butt area.

Your butt then manages to look completely square-shaped.

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Moreover, this shape transforms your bum to get into a straight up-and-down version as well as smooth curves appear on it.

It is largely because of your pelvis bone structure and femur bone structure that you get this sort of booty shape.

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Exercises for The Square Shaped Butt

“H” Shape Butt

You can do the leg raises if you have specified this kind of bum shape and look. Firstly, you need to lie down on one side.

Then you have to stretch out yourself completely in one straight line. Avoid putting your legs forward. Start to lift your upper leg until and unless it gets into a vertical position. Make sure that your toes should be fixed. For this pose, you should do 10 lift-ups.
You can even do step-ups if you want to tone your square-shaped butt. To do this exercise, you have opted for a high platform.

Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Start placing your left foot on the platform and press your heel. Now you can lift up yourself and touch that high platform with the help of your right foot toes. It is on your stepping leg that your whole weight should be concentrating.

You can add up the further intensity in this exercise by carrying a few of the extra weights in both of your hands.

The Round Shape Butt

“C” or “O” Butt Shape

The next one we have around bum shape for you. Furthermore, it is too known with the name of C or O hip shape. It means you have a bubble looking butt. This bum shape comes with a round appearance and it is mainly characterized and attributed by a fat distribution aspect.

It is on the cheeks of your booty that this fat is extensively distributed.

Even more, this fat is distributed in the upper portion of your hips cheeks which causes this kind of rounded effect.

All in all, these C or O-shaped butts give your bum a full and perky look.

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Exercises for The Round Butt Shape

The Round “C” or “O” Butt Shape

If individuals want to shape up their round butt shape, then there are certain exercises that they can do. First, we have sumo squats for you. To do this exercise, you have to spread your legs completely wide.

Then you have to place and keep your toes at a 45-degree angle.

Bring your thighs in a parallel position to the floor and you can do that by performing a squat.
The next exercise which can instantly tone your round shaped butt, it is by doing a bridge.

This is one of the common exercises which will bring a huge impact on your glute muscles.

To perform this move, you have to lie down yourself on your back. Now, start placing your legs a little bit more in a hip-width apart position.

[su_note note_color=”#f7dddb”]The next step is to lift up your pelvis and make sure to pause yourself in this lifted position.[/su_note]

If you want to make this pose more difficult, then you can carry a 10-15 lb weight right on your pelvis.

Heart Shaped Butt

The HeartPear “A” Bum Shape

The third booty shape we have for the readers, it is the heart or pear-shaped butt. Moreover, you can call it A bum shape at the same time.

This heart or pear-shaped booty is the feminine butt shape so far. It is due to the fat distribution present around the lower section of your butt and lower portion of your thighs that you get this shape.

It is proved that hormone estrogen present in your butt and thighs causes this sort of booty shape.

This butt shape is admired because it comes in the sexy shape category. If you have a heart-shaped butt then you are one of the lucky ones.

Exercises for The Heart Shaped Butt

The HeartPear “A” Bum Shape

The best way to tone this hip shape, it is by doing a dumbbell side bend. To do this move, the individual has to stand up first. Now you have to place your feet just a little bit wider than that of your shoulders.

Make sure to hold a 5-10 lb dumbbell. Start to bend yourself to your left side and then you can bend to the right-hand side of yours.

With each bend, you have to lift your opposite arm up.

The next exercise is for the people who have this specific hip shape, it is to do explosive lunges.

To do it, you have to stand up with your feet.

Hold both of your hands together and bend your elbows.

Then you have to lunge completely forward. Jump up by switching your legs and finally land on the floor all in a forward lunge pose.

Remember that when you are going to push your body off the floor, then you have to perform this move by using both of your feet.

The Inverted “V” Booty Shape

V-shaped bum is also another common bum shape among women. It is due to the lower estrogen levels which result in this butt shape. Your fat gets to store in your butt midsection part. This is the main reason that your hips get an inverted look.

Your base section of hips becomes less full and the top section turns out to be comparatively fuller.

This specific and particular shape is linked and associated with sagging. Most noteworthy, this V-shape butt contains a lack of volume in the lower butt cheeks.

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Exercises to Do If You Have The V-shape

The Inverted “V” Booty Shape

The first suggested exercise for those individuals who want to transform their V booty shape in a sexy way is to do deep squats.

To do this exercise, stand yourself in front of some big sized mirror.

Start placing your legs just a little less wide. Bring your body in a squat position likewise, you are sitting down on a chair.

Your body, face, and chin have to be straight. Stable your knees as well as straighten up your back.

By doing lunges on the move, you can well tone your V booty shape instantly and quickly.

It is best to perform this exercise in some big room or look for a big hallway. Or you can perform this move outside in your garden or lawn area too.

[su_quote]The person has to take wide steps as low as possible in this specific move.[/su_quote]

Then you have to stand up slowly and take another wide step.

You have to keep on repeating these moves for at least 10 to 15 times. To make this exercise extra challenging, you can carry a dumbbell or some weight in your hands.

Upside-Down Heart Bum Shape

Upside-Down Heart Bum Shape

This upside-down-heart-shaped butt is basically a round booty. It is on your outer hips section that you get curves. Those who have an upside-down heart hips shape, they usually and commonly see more volume in their lower part hip section.

Because of this butt shape, you need to wear hipsters or bikinis.

Try to wear a lower-cut leg opening undergarments. Look for that kind of underwear option whose leg openings are going to cup your buns.

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Exercises for People Who Have Upside-Down Heart Bum Shape

Upside-Down Heart Bum Shape

If you have this sort of hip shape you need to do a lunge rotation in order to keep your butt in shape.

This exercise will tone your hip shape largely and instantly. To do it, you have to hold a dumbbell. Hold them in front of your chest.

Start doing a forward lunge and go for a 90-degree bend.

Keep your knees all and completely aligned. Start to rotate your trunk as well as the dumbbell towards your front leg. Do at least 12 reps of this pose.
The next exercise which is appropriate for the individuals who have this upside-down-heart-shaped butt is to do curtsy lunge.

The individual has to cross her left leg completely behind her right leg. Go for a 45-degree angle. Do a lunge and then come back to the starting position of yours.

You must do at least 12 reps of this exercise according to experts.


Let us know which butt type you have and which specific exercises you follow and opt to tone your booty.

Notice the hip shape of yours and see if it needs toning and shaping improvement or not. Before you start any butt shaping workout, make sure to understand your hip shape and then plan out your workout accordingly.

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