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Booty Waxing Guide – Women’s Guide

Booty Waxing GuideIt is true that butt hair is not at all a rare thing these days.

Here we will talk about every single aspect of booty waxing guide which will immensely help you.

It is one of the important body hair removal processes and there count lots of reasons why you should remove your butt hair.

Do you know that body hair tends and prone to grow more and intensely and heavily in men as compared to women, this is true!

On the other hand, the hair on the bum develops and grows to some extent and degree in everyone.

It is according to the dermatologists that women have these vellus hairs which are also called with the name of peach fuzz. These hairs are usually and generally present on the cheeks of their bum.

The butt hair on women is commonly darker, these are the terminal hairs that slowly and gradually develop quite closely to your anus.

Researchers have always pinpointed and highlighted the functions that hair serves and deliver on every single part of your body. Furthermore, there is also an explanation for why women have bum hair.

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It is observed that women have hair in their genital areas and around their buttocks all due to evolution.

It is penned down in the theories that hair present on such body parts protects women’s genital and buttock areas from potential microorganisms attack and all kinds of infections.


Now, without wasting any single minute, you can have a look at the details of the booty waxing guide.

We hope this exclusive women’s guide will sort out your confusion and all queries regarding bum waxing.

Different Types of Body Wax

Types of Body Wax

There is no doubt that body waxing has become an extremely and incredibly popular trend over the past few years. Women are now eager to wax their bodies, bikini sections, booty areas. It is for so many good reasons that they have opted this routine.

As you know that there are different types of body waxes and here we will tell you four basic types of them.

These waxes will remove your unwanted body hair in less time. It is because of waxing that your skin will look entirely smooth and refreshing enough.

Your body parts will look attractive eventually. Every single body wax type comes with its own methodology and it targets specific body parts of yours as well.

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Cold Wax

Cold Wax

One can easily go and pursue the cold waxing method. This is the kind of wax that gives you less pain.

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This is a semi-solid kind of wax that is applied right on the wax strips. These wax strips are then applied to your skin. As soon as the strip is pressed against your body section, you can take it off or pull it off strongly and hardly.

One of the plus points which is offered by cold wax, is that it is far more effective and gives great results even after the first application. There is no need to apply the wax strip on that same body part again and again.

This cold wax strip application process will give you the perfect results in the first attempt.


Another benefit that is packed with this cold waxing method is that it is generally less painful as compared to the hot waxing methods.

Hot Wax

Hot Wax

The other common body wax type we have for you, it is hot wax, This hot wax method is a painful method. Firstly, hot wax is applied to your skin and then the wax strip is applied. After that, the strip is pressed against your skin and then finally it is pulled off.

Results that you will get after using such a wax are longlasting.

This method will always give you great and accurate results.

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We can say that this is an ideal method even if you want to wax your eyebrows. The hot waxing method is the name of giving instant results. It just requires one application and your unwanted hair will be pulled off completely and wholly.

Unlike other kinds of body shaving and waxing methods, you do not have to repeat this waxing method on the same body part.

Soft Wax

Soft Wax

If you are comfortable in using hot or cold waxing methods, then you can go for the soft wax application process. A large number of salons offer this sort of body wax type to their customers. This method is applied when the wax turns out to be super and ultra-soft.

Once you will apply this wax on your body part, then you need to promptly and instantly cover it with the help of a muslin cloth.

Let this wax dry and then you can pull it off.

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This is a time-consuming body hair removing method as this soft wax needs some time to dry up.

Moreover, this waxing type is suitable and appropriate for large body sections of yours. Like if you want to wax your hands, arms or your legs and thighs, then such a wax type is commonly used.

Hard Wax

Hard Wax

The last basic type of body waxing is hard wax. This is one of the recommended body waxing types as you will not need any cloth or strip to pull it off. Just apply this hard wax on your skin where your unwanted hairs are present.

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As soon as it dries up, you can peel off that wax. Its drying process just requires a second time frame. You can apply this wax with the help of your fingers.

Make sure that you should only use the high-quality hard wax version. Low-quality hard wax types fail to get stick to your skin and your whole waxing routine becomes a mess.

Even more, there is another extensive and varied number of wax types as well and they are bikini waxes, Brazilian waxes, Hollywood waxing.


These days, such kind of waxing procedures are introduced and available which cater and target specifically to men.

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Reasons You Should Remove Your Butt Hair

Butt Hair

It is high time to put down razors and all kinds of shaving techniques and start to wax your booty as soon as possible.

Here you will know about the five main reasons which will explain to you why removing butt hair is highly important and essential for you.

These days women are going hairless and especially they prefer to get rid of their buttock and bum hairs.

For years now, they are using a service which is called full Brazilian wax and this service makes you totally and completely hairless.

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Reason # 1

It is crucial for all women to remove their booty hair frequently so that they hardly get that peach-fuzz look on their bum. If you are a bikini person then it is extremely essential for you to keep your bum hair-free.

Waxing it frequently and regularly is vital for such women who love to flaunt their bodies on beaches. Upon carrying out the booty waxing routine on a frequent basis, you will gradually notice that your bum will become hairless sooner.

Hair will eventually grow on your backside less and ultimately softer.

Reason # 2

Women should remove their butt hair because this job will save their time whenever they have to plan a bikini party time. Or whenever they have to set a beach time with their friends on an emergency basis. Regular waxing will eliminate the need and requirement to shave your bum every single day.

It gets really tiring when you have to maintain your bum on a daily basis. Hence, it is advisable to wax your butt always.

Reason # 3

Waxing your booty will let you get rid of all kinds of smelly and nasty hair removal creams.

Women are now getting frustrated whenever they have to use these smelly hair removal creams just for the sake of removing unwanted hair from their bum.

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It is suggested to prefer waxing overusing such sort of chemical formula hair removal creams. Such creams are highly toxic and they can even damage and sensitize your butt skin. As bum skin is extremely sensitive, tender and soft.

So, waxing is a preferable technique which you can regularly follow and pursue. Waxing does not contain any unpleasant odor or any harsh chemical formulas in it.

Reason # 4

Those women who highly prefer and favor to remove hair from their booties, they will not get bumps on their butt. This is absolutely true! Waxing will not give you a single bump and you will not experience one percent of itchiness or irritation.

It is wholly true that waxing and other hair removal techniques manage to eliminate all bad stuff for you.

You no longer get itchiness or any of the painful ingrown hairs. No razor bumps appear on your hips.

Reason # 5

The last reason which will surely convince you to get rid of your butt hair! With waxing or opting for any of the hair removal routines, you will not get a five o’clock shadow. It means hair will get removed from your root sections and they will come out again after some days.

It means you will remain hairless at least for a few days and this is a great relief which all women can experience.[/su_note]

Why Do We Have Butt Hair?

Butt Hair

Here are a few of the common causes which result in the hair on your booty. Check out the details of them and get to know which one is that cause which is mainly responsible to bring excessive hair growth on your bum and other body parts.

Genetic Factors

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It is mainly because of the genetic factors that you get hair on your bum.

It is your genes that will primarily and specifically determine how much body hair you are going to get and have! At the same time, your genes will determine what color and texture of body hair you will have.

So, if you have noticed that you have abundant and plenty of hair on your bum. Then there are high chances you have got this trait from your parent’s side.


Medications Result in Your Booty

There are a few of the medications which cause and result in an increase of bum hair. Like those women who heavily consume testosterone danzol, they get more hair on their bum.

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Those who consume my apron and Prozac, they will experience a heavy amount of hair growth on their booty.

Other Causes Which Give You Butt Hair

It is noticed that adrenal diseases result and arise this booty hair condition as well. Most importantly, it is our adrenal glands which produce and make androgens.

These hormones eventually trigger and activate the growth process of body hair.

Those women who are affected with any sort of ovarian diseases, they usually get hair on their bum.

[su_quote]It is observed that ovaries play an essential and important role in balancing up your hormone levels.[/su_quote]

There are certain conditions that negatively affect your ovaries.

And thus result in giving your excessive booty hair. It is due to polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS or ovarian tumors that this condition occurs. Or it is because of the hyperthecosis condition that women tend to see hair growth on their butt.

Permanent Ways of Removing Hair From The Booty

We have come across a few of the permanent ways which let you get rid of booty hair on a permanent basis and terms. If you always prefer and favor hairless buttocks, then you can opt any one of these popular hair removing ways.

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They are electrolysis and laser therapy.

Laser therapy is a recommended booty hair removal treatment. In this treatment, a doctor usually passes out a special kind of laser beam over your bum skin.

This special laser beam instantly damages your booty hair follicles. And thus manage to inhibit and stop hair growth on a permanent basis.

The electrolysis method does remove your bum hair permanently at the same time. In this method, a doctor inserts a needle into your bum skin.


This needle is packed with the element of the electric charge. A single needle is inserted into the single bum hair follicle. This process ultimately damages and destroys your bum hair follicles.

As no follicles will again grow. It all means no hair growth will ever come and appear on your buttocks.

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Waxing Your Booty Hair At Home

Below we have written down the waxing method for you which you can follow at home:

Step # 1

If it is your first time while doing a booty waxing then make sure that you schedule an appointment with a professional. As hairs that are present around your bum, they are quite difficult to remove. For the reason that you will need the help of another person too.

So, it is advised to wax off this area by taking the help of a professional. If women are going to opt for sugaring and hard waxing techniques, then such techniques will fail to remove their butt hair efficiently.

Tiny hairs are present around your buttocks, that is why it is suggested to use wax strips.

Step # 2

You should exfoliate and also clean your bum area before you start performing this waxing task. Make sure to remove all dead skin from your bum area thoroughly.

Step # 3

Before waxing, you can trim your booty hair so that they can roughly come out in 0.25 inches in length. The trimming process helps the booty waxing process become smooth and seamless.

Trimming beforehand will not let the wax to cling or stick to your bum hairs.

Step # 4

The next step is to test the wax temperature.

Avoid applying too cold or too hot wax.

If it is too cold then it will fail to pull out your bum hair. And if it is too hot, then your bum skin might get hurt or damaged. This is a rule of thumb that you should apply the wax exactly in the same direction that your bum hairs usually row. And when it comes to pulling off the wax then you have to pull it off the other way.

Step # 5

After pulling out the wax, you should remove and also pull off all residue from your bum section.

After waxing your bum you can moisturize your bum. You can apply baby oil on your booty or you can apply olive oil.

It is very important for you to moisturize that specific area where you have removed the unwanted hairs right after waxing.

In this way, it will look smooth and fresh enough. One should only use that lotion that suits her skin after completing a booty waxing job.

This oil or lotion application process is vital for you so that you do not feel any irritation or itchiness later on.[/su_note]

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

More elaborated details on the booty waxing guide are coming up.

If you have not opted for the routine or habit of waxing your bum, then try to become used to this routine from now onwards. We are sure you will feel great and refreshing both from inside and outside.

You can share with us which wax you use and apply on your bum and what results in you normally get!

There are lots of scientific pieces of evidence which prove that waxing your bum area increases and enhances your hygienic side.

Lastly, share your waxing routine with us. And let your other fellow readers which wax type you use on your arms, thighs, legs, underarms and under legs section.

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