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4 Moves To Grow Wider Hips (Hip Dips Exercises)

Let we all face this fact that not all of us are blessed with sexy and hot looking bum shapes. One has to pour an intense and immense amount of effort to get wider hips.

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Here we will share the 4 best moves which will help you grow wider hips.

These are the hips dips exercises which will surely give you a shapelier booty. This goal can be accomplished and possible if you will do hard work and perform your workout sessions with consistency.

Wider hips cannot be attained overnight, such an accomplishment requires a bit amount of a long time.


To achieve a firmer and rounder look of your butt, do try out a variety number of moves and poses as well as complex exercises.

A Complete Guide To Grow Wider Hips

Wider Hips

Note that wider hips can grow on a condition if you will perform targeted moves. There is no need to follow or move on any kind of complicated training routine.

Wider hips are gained if you will efficiently target your gluteal muscles.

These muscles will help your butt grow wider and sexier.

You should also try to lower down your body fat percentage if it is extremely high. Best results are going to be witnessed if you will grow and target all of your gluteal muscles.

Now, let us all have a look at the details of these 4 moves which help you in getting wider hips:

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1- Side Lunge with Dumbbells

Side Lunge with Dumbbells

This is an effective hip toning exercise which will naturally give you wider hips at the same time. If you will perform the workout from different angles and planes, then such a routine will transform your booty to get sexy in shape.

All of you might know that your body comprises three different planes and angles of motion and they are sagittal, frontal and transverse motion.

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So working out on these motions is essential for you.

As we are talking about side lunge move which will be performed by using dumbbells and this specific exercise will perfectly work and target your frontal plane.

To perform it, stand straight, your feet have to be together. Hold a light- to medium- weight dumbbell in both of your hands.

Lead your right foot and start to step out wide. Start bending your knee and keep on pushing your hips back.


Now, you can drop your arms in a way that they sandwich your right leg. You have to look forward until and unless this move gets finished. After that, you have to push off yourself by using your right foot.

Start to shift your whole weight towards your left leg. Perform 12 reps of this pose on each side in the form of 3 sets.

2- Side Leg Lifts

 Side Leg Lifts

Doing side leg lifts will also give you wider hips. You can try out doing this pose on a regular basis and see the miracle with your own eyes! This pose is done in a similar way likewise you are performing side dumbbell abductions.

This move is going to target your hip and glute more easily and directly.

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Firstly, you have to lie down on a mat, do that on your right side. Make sure that your head, neck as well as your back should be in a neutral position.

Start to rest your head exactly on your arm. Your arm needs to be extended all and completely above your head.

Now, you can stack your legs right on top of each other. Raise your left leg as much higher as you can and meanwhile you should brace and engage your core muscles.

Pause at this specific move and slowly return back your body to the starting position.

You have to perform 15 reps with each leg and do that in 3 sets.

3- Squats


There is no doubt that squats do give you wider hips. It is the fundamental move to shape and tone your lower body. This is the basic move that guarantees healthy and perfect results all the time.

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So, to perform squats, you have to get into the upright position. Your feet should be slightly wider and also shoulder-width apart. Keep your toes point out a little bit.

Start bending your knees, push your hips back and get in a position as if you are sitting on a chair.

Keep up your chin completely tucked as well as neck neutral. Dropdown your body until and unless your thighs get parallel in form to the ground.


Keep up your whole weight in your heels and then return back to the upright position.

4- Sumo Walk

Sumo Walk

The last and best move we have for you to get wider and sexy looking hips, it is to perform the sumo walk pose. This is a great move which will strengthen your quadriceps too.

This is easy to perform and no additional stamina is needed from your side.

First, you need to assume as if you are in a squat position.

Comfortably bend your arms in front of you. Maintain and get in a squat position. Start to step out towards the right side. If you want to feel an intense burn in your thighs and hips section, then you should try to stay low for as much longer time as you can.

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Make sure to walk at least 10 steps to the right side and then to the left side. Perform this sumo walk pose and share with us your miracle results.

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For beginners, they should only use their body weight to perform these moves. On the other hand, professionals can perform these moves by using light or medium-weight dumbbells.

These exercises should be performed every single day and you can take a rest of 30 seconds to 1 minute in between your performed sets.

As soon as these moves start to get convenient and easy for you, then you can add up the weight so that you can more and further challenge yourself.

This is how sexy booty shape can be gained. Try out these moves and share your feedback.

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