How To Increase Hip Size Quick? – A Complete Guide

These days most of the women seem obsessed on having a big bum and toned buttock muscles.

They desire to get an hourglass figure and curvy looking hips.

Here you will know the guide that how hip size can be increased fast!

A Step by Step Guide To Increase Your Hip Size

Increase Hip Size

When it comes to gaining weight in a few of the specific areas which include hips then you need to perform a targeted workout. This targeted workout will help you gain inches or centimeters all around your bum.

Try to create and set that kind of workout routine which specifically target your buttock muscles.

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Performing Aerobic Exercises

Among the aerobic exercises category, you can use the stair master, take large steps, hop right on the elliptical machine.

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Using the stair master helps you to perfectly perform your cardio exercises. By utilizing the stair master, you will build your buttock muscles in a great way.

By incorporating and availing the stair master in your cardio workout routine, we are sure your hips size will gradually get lifted and increased.

It is proved that the usage of a stair master makes your glutes and hip muscles extremely toned and stronger.


You can use this option of stair master one to two times a week and this session of yours should prolong at least for 30 minutes.

Performing Aerobic Exercises

You can even make and turn out this exercise of yours more challenging for your hips, thighs, and butt if you will lean forward while you will step on this stair master and do that without holding onto its side rails.

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Increasing the hip size is possible if you will opt for the habit of taking large steps.

Take the steps as if you are taking two steps at one single time. This routine will activate your buttock muscles largely and immensely.

The person can too hop on the elliptical.

This is a great cardio machine which can help you in toning your thighs, hips, and butt. This elliptical machine is going to recruit and increase the size of your hips and butt muscles up to the maximum range.

This is a slightly and little bit more tough workout as compared to using a stair master.


One should be using the elliptical for at least and round 30 minutes.

If you want to opt and follow a well-rounded workout routine, then you can set and fix 15 minutes when using a stair master and the next 15 minutes can be used and availed on the elliptical.

Performing Aerobic Exercises

Great positioning and posture of your body help you naturally as well as automatically to get the increased hip size. Create a posture while pressing down your foot and heel first.

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Ease down your hips in a backward position and pop out a little bit your hips section.

This specific position will help you specifically and significantly to target your glute muscles.

It is better to jog or walk by using the treadmill.

This great cardio exercise will firmly target your butt, thighs, and hips. Hence, this treadmill machine offers you a great way and platform while increasing and enhancing your hip size.

It is for at least 30 minutes that you should either jog or walk on the treadmill.

Another great tip is that if you want to only target your hip muscles, then you have to increase the incline zone on your treadmill.


This action is going to put up more stress and tension on your glute muscles and thus gives more definition to your butt.

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Doing Targeted Strength Training and Butt Toning Exercises

You can do bridges, this exercise comes in the extensive category of strength training exercises which are all about butt toning and butt enhancing.

This exercise will help you in building mass completely around your butt.

This move will give a genuine and sexy definition to your hips.

Butt Toning Exercises

Feel free to perform this butt lift exercise which is absolutely great for you. It will recruit and target both your butt muscles and hip muscles intensely.

In your workout routine, you can incorporate squats so that the hip size of yours can be increased and all enhanced up in less time. This is a classic exercise that helps you tone and shapes the lower section of your body.

Your hip and glute muscles get intensely involved and toned if you will do squats.

You can perform a side leg raise as well if you want to only target your hips section.

Then we have lunges move for the women who want to instantly add an inch mass around their butt section. Likewise, we have squats, lunges are one of the classic moves which target your hips correctly and on point.

Free Butt Lifter

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You should be increasing your calorie intake content on a daily basis. If you will consume calories, then they will help you in adding extra mass around your bum. On a daily basis, you can consume 250-500 calories.

You can take help from a food journal or you can download a journaling app so that you can clearly know which foods can give you increased butt size.

The other simple way to gain weight around your butt, you can do that by eating more often and frequently throughout the whole day. If you are having three meals in a day, then try having four meals in a day plus the snack time is a must from your side.


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We will share more measures with you which are about increasing and lifting the hip size.

The right diet, consuming correct foods, performing intense exercises, doing aerobic exercises- this is how the mass around your butt can be amplified.

Which routine you follow, what kind of aerobic and strengthening exercises you do, which foods you eat to enhance and lift your bum size, let us know and keep in touch with us.

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