Butt Sweat

How To Get Rid of Butt Sweat?

You can easily and quickly combat this case of having a sweaty butt. Below we have listed down a few of the tips for you which will help you in getting rid of swamp butt.

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Luckily we have seen that unlike your underarms, a sweaty butt does not produce any odor or it does not stink.

All of you may know that your body mainly and generally produces two types of sweat glands.

They are eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. These apocrine glands are specifically and commonly found under your arms.


On the other hand, your eccrine glands which are present and located around your butt, they produce and generate a sweat which is odorless.

Butt Sweat

Moreover, it depends on your hygienic routine that whether you will get a sweaty butt or not.

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If you are not properly clean and hair-free down there then there are higher chances that you will always get a swamp butt. It is also because of the combination of hot and scorching environment that this condition arises.

This swamp ass has become one of the biggest problems these days. If you are tired of getting a sweat on your butt then follow this guide.


This condition might give you chronic itching as well as some kind of secondary infection. Let us all have a look at the tips and simple ways which are about preventing a swamp ass:

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Clean Yourself All Down There

Butt Sweat

Individuals should trim and clean themselves all down there! If you have hair on your pits, bum area, underlegs then it is a must for you to clean these sections on a regular basis.

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It is because of the unhygienic routine that individuals usually get a sweaty bum.

Even more, the odor-causing bacteria love to reside and stay on those areas of your body part which have more hair growth. So, never forget to trim your hair all down there.


This is how you can get rid of stinky but. It is not necessary that you have to go entirely and completely bare but at least you need to clean and trim those areas on a regular basis.

Wiping Your Butt

Wiping Your Butt

Then next effective and smart way to get rid of butt sweat, it is to make use of butt wipes. They are usually of 44 square inches in terms of their size dimension.

This is a large enough size to wipe off even if you have the biggest backside or big bum.

So, keep the butt wipes in your desk drawer or stash them up in your gym bag. These wipes will make sure that your bum remains clean and refreshing enough all the time.

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Wear Linen To Get a Sweat-Free Butt

Sweat-Free Butt

One should wear a linen undergarment fabric during the summertime in order to get a sweat-free butt. Such kind of fabric will let your bum to breath easily and hassle-free.

Though cotton fabric will allow your bum to breathe as well such kind of fabric will be going to take forever and a long time to dry.

For the reason that it is recommended to use the linen made undergarment clothes as it is the lightest material. It gives your bum the illusion as if it is sweat-free.

Wear Loose And Moisture Wicking Clothing

Butt Sweat

How about getting baggy if you desire to get rid of the sweaty butt as soon as possible, you can surely follow this simple remedy as well.

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Loose clothing automatically improves the airflow and your butt remains free from the presence of sweat.

Moreover, individuals prefer to wear wicking underwear as they are made of hi-tech fabrics and eventually tend to dry speedily and quickly.

On the other hand, you can wear such a kind of undergarment which is made of a microfiber blend fabric.


Such a fabric will wick all sweat and moisture away from your butt. Most probably, this trick of wearing wicking underwear will let your bum stay dry and shall give an anti-odor finish to you.

Use Powder


It is true that none of us wants to get a moist ass. If you are looking for the simple measure which can absorb sweat from your butt perfectly and seamlessly then use and apply powder on your bum, hips backside and frontside.

A high-quality powder will keep your ass swamp-free and all under control.

Stink or any odor will not come near to your butt. Most important, such kind of sweat controlling powders not only manages to absorb sweat but they also help you in fighting itching.

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Wear Dark Jeans Always


Wearing dark jeans will let the other person unaware about this fact whether you have a wet and damp but or not. So, if you often get a sweaty bum, it is suggested to wear dark jeans all the time.

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Most noteworthy, it is advisable to wear that kind of jeans which are partially elastane or polyurethane instead of wearing that type of jeans which are made of 100% cotton.

Synthetic fibers manage to wick moisture quickly and instantly.

They have the capacity to hold onto odors for a long time as well. Lastly, you can have shorts and chinos which are waterproof and made of synthetic fabrics.


Such a selection and wise choice will make your bum sweat-free.

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It is all because of the scorching temperature modes and oppressive heat which gives you summer grooming issues. And the biggest issue among all of them is this sweaty bum. So, if you have a swamp ass and you want to come out from this embarrassing situation, then follow the above tips.

This guide is all about moisture management and by following it, you will let your bum to stay dry and dignified all the time.

You can share with us how you handle and tackle this sweaty butt problem, share your own suggested remedies with us and keep in touch with us too.

More tips on sweat management with respect to sweaty bum and sweaty underarms will be shared with you so stay in touch.

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