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Get Bigger Hips Naturally and Fast – (Just By Doing This)

Just a few of the women, they are extremely lucky and fortunate enough as they have a natural hourglass figure and sexy looking butt.

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We know that these days surgical options are available which lift your bum shape.

This is done by using creams and lotions as well.

But these options have side effects too.

To get a bigger butt and to get the curves which you have desired, healthy eating and muscle strengthening exercises are the only options.

Below you will come to know about the exercises which can you give a curvy body and curvy hips in a natural way.


Both of them are definitely and absolutely attainable.

A Short Guide To Get Bigger Hips Fast


A good diet and hard-core exercise, these are the two elements which you have to critically keep in your mind.

If you are not having a good diet, then how on earth you can build up a single muscle of yours.

If your day lacks exercise, then how can you put on weight on your bum. Here is the guide which all comprises natural ways and tips and helps you in strengthening your hips, butt, thighs.

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Single-Leg Squat

Single-Leg Squat

This move should be done and performed in two sets and you need to do 10 reps on each and every side.

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First, sit on the chair and extend your right leg completely in front of your body. Start to lift yourself a few of the inches off the floor.

Note that this will be your starting position. Now, you can start driving your body through left heel and stand up without at all lowering the right foot of yours.

Pause at this top position, push your hips back so that you can sit down.


This is how single leg squat can be performed and this is how you can have bigger fast and naturally.

Curtsy Kick

Curtsy Kick

This curtsy kick move is another exercise if you want to get and acquire bigger and sexy looking hips in the less and minimum range of time. Make sure that you do two sets of 10 reps each of every side.

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To perform it, you have to hold weights which are up to eight to ten pounds range.

It is up to you if you want to go with the heavier weight range. Hold these weights completely and accurately in front of your body and they should be reaching to your shoulder height.

Step up your right leg diagonally and bend your knees until and unless your front thigh gets in a parallel position to floor.

Keep up your spine long and your shoulders have to be rolled down and back, keep your abs tight.


Push your body through the left heel so that you can stand up.

Sweep your right leg out along with foot pointed. This is how this move and particular exercise can be carried out and you will get bigger hips all naturally and flawlessly.

Circle Hydrant Move

Circle Hydrant Move

This move will also successfully give you wider and bigger, better in shape hips. Firstly, start on all fours, your wrists should be placed directly and completely below your shoulders.

Have your knees entirely below hips.

Now, you need to place one weight behind your right knee.

While keeping your abs tight as well as spine long, start to lift your right leg towards the ceiling and then you need to circle your knee out. Your right foot will remain in a flexed position.

Make sure to squeeze your leg so that the weight remains to get locked at its place.

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5 O’Clock Lunge Move

5 O'Clock Lunge Move

This is another effect lunge move which can possibly give you accentuated, sexy looking butt.

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To do and perform this specific move, stand with your feet together and hold one weight in front of your body.

Keep up the weights at your chest height. Now, take a bigger step with the help of your right leg. Rotate it away from your body in a five o’clock position.

You need to keep your left foot flexed and maintain your chest all and completely lifted.


Finally, bend your right knee into a side lunge and push your body through right heel in order to stand. Rotate back yourself to a starting position so that you can perform the second set.

Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat

If one wants to get a lifted bum look fast and naturally, then she can do this Somo squat move. To do it, stand with your feet wide. Keep your toes entirely pointed out.

Hold weights and palms should be facing each other.

Lower your body by entering into a pose of wide squat and keep the spine long. Have your chest upright and drive yourself through heels to get in a standing position.

Advanced Step-Ups Gives You Bigger Hips Fast

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We have Single-Leg Hip Thrust move for you which lift your buttock muscles in an accentuated way.

You have lie yourself all face up. Your left foot needs to be resting on the seat chair. Extend the right leg towards the ceiling and push your body through the left heel.

This way you will be able to drive your hips off the floor and then pause yourself at the top.


This exercise and the specific move will be finished once you will slowly lower down your butt towards the mat.

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Conclusion The Bottom Line

So, above are the natural, extremely fast and intense strengthening ways which will give you bigger hips quickly. More tips on toning glutes and buttock muscles are coming up. Are you satisfied with your bum look and shape?

Do you want to get a bit further lift?

If yes, then try doing these exercises and naturally lift your buttocks. More of the latest moves on highlighting your butt size and shape is yet to arrive, if you have created your own butt-toning move, then share that with us as well.

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