Best Butt Cushions Review In 2019

Best Butt Cushions Review In 2019

These highly recommended butt cushions can serve you in extensive number of ways. To begin with, we have shortlisted the best butt pillows for you.

They are designed in a way to lift and shape your butt. Furthermore, they are immensely firm and comfortable to use. They help you with respect to buttocks augmentation as well.

Moreover, if you have gone through some sort of Brazilian lift surgery procedure, then this is the kind of pillow or cushion which your booty needs.

They are made of heavenly soft foam and always give a perfect balance and also comfort to your bum. You might be wondering which butt cushion you should buy, check out the reviews and make this job easy for you.

And if you are eager to buy the best Butt Lifters and Booty bands, then check out these recommendations.

Benefits of Butt Cushions

Butt Cushions

There are lots of benefits which are given by these butt cushions likewise tremendous functions are served by butt masks.

These are one of the exclusive pillows which can give you the desired amount of ultimate comfort. Those who have passed through any surgical butt procedures, then it is a must for them to use this sort of pillow.

Most importantly, these booty lifting pillows comprise unique designs in them. Most of them are embossed with three quality foam layers so that you can experience the best use of them.

Even more, they offer a faster recovery time without bruising or hurting you.

It is because of their specially designed shapes that it becomes easy for you to enjoy maximum comfort as well as fast recovery mode.

For cases like that of Brazilian butt lift surgeries, doctors have exclusively recommended and suggested to use these sorts of bum cushions.

These pillows get easily adjusted on all sorts of chairs. You can even place them on your driving seat. It is seen that high and top quality bum pillows, they are always made of eco-friendly fabrics.

In this way, it gets easy and convenient for you to maintain them.

Types of Butt Pillows

Butt Cushions

One can easily see lots of variations when it comes to different kinds and types of butt pillows. Some butt pillows are made which can be used on a chair only.

Others carry foam material in them. On the other hand, a few of the bum recovery pillows comes with straps. In this way, you can adjust those cushions as well.

Butt pillows normally encompass functional design in them. Multifunctional recovery pillows and cushions are available in the markets which are ideal for backside support too.

Some of them are made of 100% premium natural latex material. And some are manufactured by using 100% pure foam material.

These days manufacturers are also using pink velboa fabric as one of the premium materials while making these bum pillows. This material type is 100% polyester.

Or you can say that this is a new and updated foam type which offers high resilience and completely support your body weight.

10- BBL Pillow Brazilian Butt Lift PillowBBL Pillow Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow

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BBL Pillow Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow is the right and ideal kind of pillow for your butt if you have just passed yourself through the butt augmentation surgery.

It gives fast and immediate recovery time. Most importantly, it further helps you to tone and shape your booty. It is designed and made in a large number of shapes and sizes.

And it can hold up to 250 lbs of weight without sinking. Its foam material offers a slight kind of softness so that your butt gets an elevated look.

Lastly, upon buying this product, you will get a free drawstring bag so that you can take this cushion anywhere you want to.


  • Designed in a large number of shapes and sizes.
  • Holds up to 250lbs without sinking.
  • Comes with a free drawstring bag.
  • Recommended by the top Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons.


  • None.

9- Bootilicious BBL Pillow Bum Lift Recovery CushionBootilicious BBL Pillow Bum Lift Recovery Cushion

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Bootilicious BBL Pillow Butt Lift Recovery Pillow comes on the ninth spot. Most probably, you may buy this lightweight and easy to carry butt cushion.

It comes with a carry case and that is the best thing about it. Furthermore, this cushion can get fit and adjust on any chair, airplane seat or on any car seat, or office chair.

It does not lose its shape at any cost. Its weight bearing capacity is up to 250 lbs and that is pretty maximum.

Thus, if you just had the Brazilian Butt Lift surgical procedure, then do use this pillow.


  • Comes with a carry case.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Ideal for people who have done Brazilian Butt Lift.


  • Available in a limited number of sizes.

8- Firm Bum Bum Brazilian Butt Lift PillowFirm Bum Bum Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow

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Most certainly, this Firm Bum Bum Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow will get your thumbs up. This is durable and comfortable to use a butt pillow.

It is designed in a way and manner to support your body weight thoroughly. New and high-quality kind of foam material is used in it so that you ca experience smooth and fast recovery time.

It is made with the help of pink velboa fabric and 100% polyester so that high resilience can be provided. Hence, this is a Risk-free post-op pillow that can give you a perfect butt.


  • Made of premium materials.
  • Free portable carry bag.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • Expensive.

7- Royal Comfort Brazilian Butt Lift Support CushionRoyal Comfort Brazilian Butt Lift Support Cushion

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Also, we have Royal Comfort Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Support Cushion for you. This bum cushion is the name of giving high comfort and also high value.

In addition, it marks and identifies itself as a highly effective pillow. For your operated booty, it can give you 100% comfort.

Even more, this pillow gives excellent and extremely ideal support to your legs and thighs. Feel free to use it in your home. You are free to use and sit on it while you are driving or if you are in your office.

This recovery pillow is accompanied by a free drawstring bag. Thus, this is a Doctor Approved booty pillow, so go and get it for yourself.


  • Comfort and value.
  • 3 layer design.
  • A free drawstring bag.
  • Approved by top doctors.


  • None.

6- Licious BBL Bum Pillow SeatLicious BBL Bum Pillow Seat

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Licious BBL Pillow Seat is assigned the sixth spot from our side. This pillow is cushioned enough; it means you can sit on it for an extensive number of hours.

Most importantly, its support is completely resistant and this butt cushion is made and built to last. For your post-surgery phase, this is a must-have product that you need to buy.

Most noteworthy, it is compact and easy to carry. It means you can use it everywhere. Its dimensions are 7.5×16.5×4.7in and this cushion can get fit in all kinds of regular chairs.


  • Extremely cushioned enough.
  • Offer faster recovery.
  • Fit on all regular chairs.
  • Machine washable.


  • Absence of 3 layer design.

5- WYN Essentials Premium BBL Booty PillowWYN Essentials Premium BBL Booty Pillow

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This WYN Essentials Premium BBL Booty Pillow is made of high-end foam and we can say that this is the USP unique selling point of this pillow.

If you want to recover from the Brazilian Booty Lift post-recovery stage as soon as possible, then do use this booty pillow. In addition to, it also elevates your butt and relieve pressure from your newly implanted fat booty cells.

Lastly, as it is made of high-end foam, for the reason that you will find this butt cushion neither hard nor stiff.

So, try out this product because it is also offering guaranteed and unparalleled comfort.


  • Elevate your butt.
  • Relieves pressure from the newly implanted fat cells.
  • Made of high-end foam.
  • Free and extra drawstring bag.


  • None.

4- YESINDDED Butt Lift CushionYESINDDED Butt Lift Cushion

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Besides, many people have shown their highest amount of satisfaction towards this YESINDEED Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow. This BBL support pillow contains magical memory foam in it.

Moreover, it is its velvety exterior which is going to give you extreme soft feel. This is quite a lightweight butt pillow. Its weight is only 2 pounds.

You are free to carry this BBL driving pillow everywhere. Make sure to demand for a free pillow bag as well which comes with drawstrings if you plan to buy this product.

Do share your reviews too.


  • It props up your bottom.
  • Made of magical memory foam.
  • Fused with a velvety exterior.
  • Free pillow bag.


  • Limited size options are available.

3- My Booty Pillow Butt Lift Recovery PillowMy Booty Pillow Butt Lift Recovery Pillow

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Another recommendation we have for you, it is this My Booty Pillow Butt Lift Recovery Pillow.

This is a lightweight pillow that seamlessly supports your thighs and does not put any of the pressure on your newly transferred fat.

Most probably, you will like the usage of this butt cushion because it carries so many plus points in it. It is machine washable and ideal for travel, work time.

Its only drawback is that you cannot use this pillow for more than 20 minutes.


  • Does not apply pressure on the newly transferred fat.
  • Machine washable.
  • Ideal for travel, work.


  • You cannot use it for long periods.

2- Bootyful Curves Booty CushionBootyful Curves Booty Cushion

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Moving to the next recommendation, we have Bootyful Curves Booty Pillow for you.

If you want to perfectly contour your butt and also to smooth out your butt lifting recovery phase, then this is the needed pillow which you should use.

You will also get a back cushion along with the actual product. Furthermore, you can attach the back cushion with the butt cushion in two different positions.

This pillow is made of 50D memory foam and the back cushion is filled and packed with 100% polyester.


  • Gives an ideal butt contouring job.
  • Comes with a back cushion.
  • Made of 50D memory foam.


  • None.

1- Bombshell Booty Pillow Butt Augmentation Recovery PillowBombshell Booty Pillow Butt Augmentation Recovery Pillow

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Lastly, we have Bombshell Booty Pillow Butt Augmentation Recovery Pillow for you.

Its dimensions are 16 x 8 x 4.5″ and note down that this butt pillow can hold up to 250 Lbs. Even more, there is a handle attached to it so that you can easily carry it.

Do not worry about its washing part because of this machine washable. Before using it, do consult your physician as to how much time you can use it.


  • Support your thighs.
  • Machine washable.
  • Ideal for travel.


  • None.

Best Butt Cushions – Buyer’s Guide

Butt Cushions

Offer Better and Fast Recovery

Make sure to buy that butt cushion which offers a fast and better recovery time. There are lots of substandard and low quality butt cushions that offer delayed and prolonged recovery time.

So, avoid buying and purchasing such kind of butt pillows. Furthermore, your chosen butt pillow should be available in the extensive number sizes and shapes.

This way it gets easy for you to get the pillow which is according to your butt size.

Holds Maximum Weight

Moreover, look for the butt pillow which holds and withstand the maximum weight. As an example, your chosen bum cushion should hold 250 lbs weight range without sinking itself.

Lots of cheap quality butt pillows; they sink themselves immediately without holding and tolerating even the minimum weight range limit.

Made of Eco-Friendly and Lightweight Materials

In addition, if your butt pillow is made of eco-friendly and lightweight materials, then that is great. With the help of this material, you will always experience a fast and immediate recovery process.

Ultra-Comfort and Unique 3 Layer Design

Lastly, search for that butt cushion that offers ultra comfort and also composed of a unique 3 layer design. Such a pillow is going to give excellent and ideal support to your legs and thighs.

Conclusion – Wrapping I tUp!

Hence, what’s the bottom line? Try out these butt pillows if you are in need of them because our recommendations work in the best manner.

We have also collected for you, check that out from here.

Besides, if you have gone through the Butt Augmentation Surgery, then do use this pillow or cushion so that you can easily relieve all of the pressure from your butt area as well from your thighs.

Stay tuned with us.


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