Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

The Secret to Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

The ultimate and classy secret to make your butt look good and extremely sexy in jeans is mentioned over here.

If you have managed to get the ideal looking jeans for yourself, then your bum will look immensely hot in it.

There are certain types of jeans which accentuate your hips shape.

If you are about to shop for new denim or a pair of jeans, then look for and keep in mind certain buying tips.

You might miss a million number of things while finding the right and perfect pair of jeans.

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Most importantly, it is the yoke shape of your jeans which highly count for you.

If you have got those specific jeans which comprise the suitable yoke shape in it, then your bum will look nice and decent enough in it.


Note that the yoke is basically and primarily the patch of jeans which is present between the waistband and butt pockets.

Make Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

A Complete Guide to Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

It is the yoke shape which will bring a major and prominent effect on your bum shape.

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Eventually, your hips will look flattering if your pair of jeans have got the appropriate back yoke shape.

One should remember that one of the flattering and sexy yoke details, it is this classic soft V-shape.


So, when you buy jeans for yourself, look for such soft V– yoke shape. With the presence of this yoke shape, a simple pair of jeans of yours will come out to be the most flattering pair of pants.

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Variety of Yoke Shapes

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Firstly, we have this straight yoke shape. In this shape, your jeans will fall straight and boxier lines will come on your hips. All in all, jeans have this yoke shape will make your booty sexy looking instantly.

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Those jeans which have a deep yoke, they will give your hips a relaxed kind of look. In other words, we can say that a low slung look will come on your buttocks.

A few of the jeans come with an upward arc. Upon buying such kind of jeans, the presence of traces curves will come on your bum and it will automatically come in its sexy, hot and perky look.

If you plan to buy a pair of jeans which has a soft V-shape then such jeans will also make your booty perky looking.

This is the most flattering jeans type which will instantly accentuate the top section of your butt.


The last yoke shape we have for you, it is this inverted yoke. Jeans carrying such a yoke shape successfully and seamlessly outline your hip area.

Furthermore, your hip shape and hip curves get more highlighted. This is the kind of jean that will emphasize a lot on your butt curves.

More Secrets to Make Your Bum Look Good

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Moving to some more secrets which will help you in making your bum exceptionally hot and lifting, they are written down below:

If you want to show off and flaunt your perky butt then make sure you buy jeans which carry busy prints. Look for the pants which have light washes.

Such jeans selection will add more volume on your butt.

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Those who have a small but, this trick will work on them a lot. By wearing jeans which have busy prints, you will be able to trick the other person as if you have a curvy and sexy bum.

Those women who want their butt to look well toned, shapely enough and a little bit smaller in size then they need to get that kind of jeans which comes with dark washes.

Such jeans will streamline their hips shape as well. At the same time, prefer to wear flared silhouettes so that you can give the temporary illusion as if your hips shape is perfectly balanced.

The next secret to making yourself and your booty look good in jeans, it is to wear midrise jeans. This trick will work for those women who want to enhance their bum curves.


So, to fix this problem, one should always choose and buy midrise jeans which comes with a contour waistband too.

This contour waistband will prevent any kind of gapping in your backside hip area.

A few of the jeans have wider-set pockets, they also highlight your butt curves and give a feel as if your bum shape is in a balanced proportion with your body figure.

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Picking The Right Pair of Jeans

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Some women are eager to make their bum higher and firm looking. This look can be achieved if you manage to buy those specific jeans which are made of lycra and cotton blend materials.

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Such jeans materials do not lose their elasticity at any cost and you automatically get firm looking and higher butt.

Moreover, such jeans give a longer shape to your hips without giving it a saggy and baggy look.

How about making your bottom all bloom looking! To acquire such look, you can search for the brands which make jeans featured with “liquid-shaping technology.”


It means such jeans will elongate your legs and shall give the right number of curves to your booty.

Jeans With Back Pockets Flatter And Accentuate

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Those jeans which are accompanied by back pockets, they eventually and automatically accentuate and flatter your booty figure.

No matter whatever bum shape you have, if you have chosen the right jeans then your clumsy looking bum will look sexy too.

Moreover, avoid buying such sort of jeans which completely and wholly lack back pockets.

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How to Make Your Flat Butt Sexy Looking in Jeans?

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Those who have a flat butt or you can say that flat-bottomed girls who have these pancake looking booties, they can transform their butt shape by getting the jeans which are packed with back pockets.

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Such girls should avoid and stop wearing baggy boyfriend jeans. Instead, it is recommended for them to wear and go for snugger fitting kind of denim styles.

Such jeans style will lift and shape their bottom. The other tip for you if you want to look bootylicious, it is to buy the pair of jeans which comprises flap-style sort of back pockets.


We have seen that these flap pocket jeans will make your hips perky looking and more emphasis will come on the top half section of your bum end.

How to Look Great in Jeans if You Have a Big Butt?

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

A big butt is a big problem! There is no point of carrying a big butt if it lacks a proper shape and curves. You can amend this shape by wearing the right and suitable jeans.

These big butt girls should choose what kind of jeans pair which lack details on its backside. Skip the flap back pockets as well as heavily embroidered designs.

Most importantly, look for the jeans which have bigger back pockets. These bigger pockets are going to balance your big butt shape and thus give it is a maximum amount of overage.

How to Look Flawless in Jeans if You Have a Saggy Bum?

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Now, we are going to reveal the secret that how are you going to look in any jeans pair if you have a saggy bum.

If your rear end looks droopy, baggy and saggy, then choose the jeans pair which contains back pockets. And those back pockets should be positioned higher too.

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Such a jeans pair will make your upward buttock section prominent looking and your saggy bottom line will hardly look prominent and noticeable.

It is because of the higher back pockets that your backside will look more and further fit and compact.

Furthermore, saggy bum girls can prefer to get jeans for themselves which have detailed pockets.

Open Butt Jeans

Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

The trend of open butt jeans is one of the cheekiest denim trends so far. This trend was basically introduced by Vetements.

These jeans come with a zipper, they are also called as bare butt jeans. We have seen that this trend is still questionable and let us see how far it will go and survive in this world of fashion.

People are still confused as to how to feel about this cheekiest denim trend. These bare butt jeans basically show off your bare butt.

These jeans are the part of Vetements X Levi’s collaboration and most of the people have termed these pants as questionable pants.

This label Vetements is known and popular for its envelope-pushing kind of designs and Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are the genuine admirers of this label.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

You can share your feedback with us regarding how much you score these bare butt jeans or open butt jeans.

Apart from that, follow and implement all of these secrets and manage to make your butt look good and decent enough all the time in any kind of jeans pair.

Let us know how you carry your bum in different jeans styles and what styling tips you want to share with us.

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