Best Butt Bras Review In 2020 – ( Top Pickups)

Best Butt Bras Review In 2020 – ( Top Pickups)

Bum bras are generally and specifically designed to shape as well as lift and tone your booty. They make use of strategic padding and fabric so that your bum can look perfectly toned.

You can call them as Wonderbras for your booty. To begin with, let us check out the reviews on the best butt bras options. Furthermore, you will get more in-depth information regarding this undergarment type.

To get a bigger better butt, you are free to wear these sorts of panties. They instantly give you a bigger better backside which all women wished and longed for! Moreover, most of the celebs have these Internet-breaking booties shape.

Though those celebs opt for specialized and intense workout plans. But you can get that exact butt look by wearing these bum bras. Hence, now let us have a look at what benefits are given by these hip bras. And which one are the top picks so far:

What Are Butt Bras?

Butt Bras

Butt bras are a seamless and sexy looking undergarment type. This is breathable and comfortable to wear panty. Most importantly, it looks invisible under your outfit.

The purpose of wearing these butt bras is to make your hip shape a lot bigger and also sexier. It instantly and automatically increases the shape of your bum size.

At the same time, booty bras give an extensive range of abdomen and waist control to you. Your hips, waist, and abdomen get a toned effect.

To give a natural lift to your bum and to make it curvy looking, then these boyshorts padded panties can be worn by you.

Most noteworthy, these sorts of bum bras have the potential to give an hourglass and sexy figure in less time. You can wear this undergarment underneath any kind of clothing of yours.

All in all, these bras are the name of giving beautiful and sexy curves to your booty. Lastly, these bras get attached to your hips in a perfect ideal way. They do not slip off or move away from their place.

So, to add up a little bit of dimension in your hips, you can try wearing these bras which are made for your bum. High-quality hip bras are encompassed by high elasticity designs.

And they never allow this shapewear to roll down

Benefits of Using Butt Bras

Butt Bras

You might be wondering what are the benefits which are offered by these hip bras? We will tell you. No doubt, these butt bras have come out as one of the amazing and beneficial products introduced exclusively and only for women.

Reduce Back Bulge

One of the essential benefits offers by these booty bras, it is that reduce the back bulge areas of your hips. It controls and tones your tummy. Besides, it gives back support to you.

In other words, it acts as in the form of a waist cincher and flattens your tummy. It is because of its moderate control features that your bum gets an ideal toned effect.

Premium quality bum bras are encompassed by high elasticity and durability aspects. That is why they can easily hide your flabby looking skin. And gives you a reduced waistline and also back bulge.

Enhance the Shape of Your Hip Curves

In addition to, these bum bras or you can say butt lifter panties enhance the shape of your hip curves. They make your hips more and extensively curvy looking.

Beyond, these bras made for your bum lift it naturally and instantly. And you instantly get to notice that your butt start to look bigger, sexier as well as toned.

Makes Your Bottom Bigger and More Attractive

Lastly, these butt bras shape your butt in a way that it instantly starts to bring natural curves on it. Most probably, wearing these bum shaping bras makes your bottom bigger, sexier.

They eventually turn out your bum more attractive. These booty bras do not roll down and remain to stay soft, comfortable and also breathable.

For club, wedding times, dating, party times, work, cosplay or for social outgoing, these hip bras can be used.

Where Can I Buy a Butt Bra?

It is from all sorts of undergarments clothing stores that you can easily find a correct booty bra for yourself. Some women like and prefer to have a lace version of them.

Others like to wear a simple and plain looking bum bra. The choice is up to you. Make sure to get it in the correct size. Wear and try that bum bra before you finally purchase it.

What To Look Before Buying a Butt Bra?

There are certain points and factors which you have to keep in mind before buying butt bras for yourself. Below we have explained and mentioned all of the points which you need to consider before buying a hip bra:

Easy to Wear

Most certainly, make sure to pick that bum bra which is easy to wear and convenient to take off. It should be able to enhance the shape of your butt in a sexy manner.

High-Quality Fabric

Look for the hip bra option which is made of high-quality materials. Any padded panty should be made of breathable and also elastic material.

It fabric should not irritate or pitch your skin at any cost.

Suitable to Wear During any Occasion

Shop for that booty bra which is suitable and ideal to wear for all kinds of occasions.

If your bum bra is comfortable, adjustable and also breathable, then you can conveniently wear it every day.

It is their breathable and comfortable fabric which let you wear these booty bras all day long.

Stays Firmly in their Exact Place

Moreover, your purchased fake buttock enhancer padded bra should give a nice, comfortable and soft feel against your skin. It needs to stay firmly in its exact place.

This is how your bum can get the desired oval definition and sexy shape. Such hip bras are usually worn under jeans, lingerie or if you have worn a sultry little dress.

Thus, if your hip bra stays firmly and ideally in place and if it blends seamlessly with your skin, then that is great!

Top 7 Butt Bras

Generic Butt Lift Booster Booty Bum Bra Generic Butt Lift Booster Booty Bum BraCheck on Amazon
Momo&Ayat Fashions Ladies Panty Bum BraMomo&Ayat Fashions Ladies Panty Bum BraCheck on Amazon
CURVEEZ Women’s Booty Shaper Hip BraCheck on Amazon
YIANNA Women Hip BraYIANNA Women Hip BraCheck on Amazon
MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer BraMISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer BraCheck on Amazon
MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer BraMISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer BraCheck on Amazon
MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer BraMISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer BraCheck on Amazon

1- Generic Butt Lift Booster Booty Bum Bra 

Generic Butt Lift Booster Booty Bum Bra 

Buy Now

Want to know the best part of this Generic Butt Lift Booster Booty Bum Bra? Here you are! This booty bra is made of 100% brand new, premium and high-quality fabric.

It instantly lifts your booty and disappears your hip dips as well. Now, shaping and toning your bum has become simple. Put on this bum bra and give a flattering look to your hips.

Furthermore, this same bra made for your hips flattens your stomach and waist. It tones your thigh area too.

Moreover, it has an open buttock design which looks extremely sexy and unique looking. The fabric used in this hip bra recommendation is simply soft, comfortable and breathable.

You can say that its fabric is purely skin-friendly. It is with the induction of Chinlon and nylon material that this bum bra is made of! And you can have it in lots of colors.

Thus, try this hip bra and let us know what difference you feel in your hip shape.


  • Instant butt lifting job.
  • Flatten your stomach and waist.
  • Open buttock design.
  • Fabric is skin-friendly.


  • None.

2- Momo&Ayat Fashions Ladies Panty Bum Bra

Momo&Ayat Fashions Ladies Panty Bum Bra

Buy Now

How about trying this Momo&Ayat Fashions Ladies Panty Bum Bra? This option guarantee to work every single day. It claims to show you wonders and the right kind of results which you want!

Most probably, this padded panty or hip bra may work for you because it controls your tummy and waistline too. This Panty Push-up Brief lifts your bum and positions them up in a sexy style.

You just have to slip these bum lifting pants on your booty. And position them in a way which makes you comfortable. The best part about them is that this hip bra lays flat in a seamless way against your skin.

Note down that these Premium Silicone Booty Pads are offered and available in a total number of 8 sizes. This is an exceptional looking high-quality bum lifting bra which will always give ultimate comfort to you.

Hence, the person will experience and see a realistic booty boost job. And no doubt, your hips will look completely real. This is the brand which you can trust as they have always made and come up with quality and realistically designed products.


  • Lifts your bum naturally.
  • Controls your tummy.
  • Guaranteed to work.
  • Available in 8 sizes.


  • Expensive.

3- CURVEEZ Women’s Booty Shaper Hip Bra

CURVEEZ Women's Booty Shaper Hip Bra

Buy Now

CURVEEZ Women’s Booty Shaper Hip Bra comes on the third spot. If one wants to see a magnificent volume and curvy look on her hips, then do try out this hip bra.

Most probably, this product will get your thumbs up as it is surrounded by a hip hugger design. It covers and hugs your hips completely.

Most importantly, the presence of pre-formed built-in kind of foam padding gives your booty a magnificent and alarming kind of volume, shape, and form.

This is one of the recommended big booty padded panties so do give it a try. By wearing it, you get a fantastic and sexy looking bum which you always wanted and wished.

You can wear and slip it on with jeans, pants or skirts, shorts. It is with any kind of clothing that you can accompany this bum bra. Lastly, this hip hugger bra is made of spandex polyester fabric.

This fabric makes sure that this bra touches your butt in a comfortable manner.


  • Hiphugger design.
  • Contains pre-formed built-in foam padding.
  • Gives a magnificent volume to your hips.
  • Comfortably fits and adjust to your body.


  • Available in a few colors.

4- YIANNA Women Hip Bra

YIANNA Women Hip Bra

Buy Now

Besides, YIANNA Women Hip Bra is another suitable option for you. This bum bra is made of cotton and spandex material. It means that this fabric composition is breathable and contains moisture-wicking properties.

This is a lightweight booty shaping bra and thus makes you comfortable all day. This ideal looking body shaper controls your lower abdomen at the same time.

It tightens your bottom part and molds your hips shape in a sexy style.

Just the thin padding is used in this bum shaping bra. For the reason that 100% comfort will be experienced by you. Your hips get a natural look and an instant boost is given to them.

This is the main function performed by this booty shaping bra. In other words, a great boost and also a perfect looking rounding effect is given to your bum area.

Hence, do buy this product as this is a seamless Butt lifter shapewear. Its only job is to give you beautiful hip curves anytime.


  • Breathable and Moisture-wicking.
  • Lightweight.
  • Controls lower abdominal and tighten bottom.
  • Gives sexy buttocks.


  • Absence of hip-hugging design.

5- MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer Bra

MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer Bra

Buy Now

Also, we have MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer Bra for you. This is a remarkable looking hip shaping bra which can turn out your bum and buttock area look sexy and bigger.

You can call it a hi-waist hip enhancement and hip shaping control panty as well. In addition to, it is packed with thin, soft and comfortable padding.

These pads are specifically upgraded so that this hip bra becomes invisible under your pants, jeans or leggings or dresses.

The USP part of this bum shaping bra is that it molds the excess fat present in your stomach, belly as well as abdomen, waist, and back. Moreover, it flattens your tummy.

And at the same time, it manages to shape an hourglass figure for your body. Lastly, the fabric mix of 90% nylon and 10% spandex makes this hip shaping bra to become extraordinarily stretchy and comfortable to wear.


  • Soft and comfortable padding.
  • Controls your stomach, belly and also abdomen.
  • Tone your waist and back.
  • High elasticity.


  • None.

6- MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer Bra

Paskyee Women Padded Butt Lifter Bra

Buy Now

One should not miss out to try out this Paskyee Women Padded Butt Lifter Bra. Excellent material is used in it. Like, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex combination is present in this bum shaping bra.

This overall fabric composition gives a good stretch to this bra. And makes it more breathable and comfortable. So, to get bigger and sexier hips, this is an ideal booty shaping bra version for you.

This hip bra looks unnoticed and invisible under your clothing. Its pads get fixed in an ideal way and look seamless. Its other main functions are to control the lower abdominal area of your body.

Even more, this hip shaping bra tightens the bottom. Thus, for dating and dancing times, put on this hip bra and shake your hips in a sexy style.

As soon as you put it on, it is going to instantly make and turn your butts look sexy and bigger.


  • Great Material.
  • Gives a good stretch.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Unnoticed Under Clothing.


  • Limited size range.

7- MISS MOLY Women Hip Enhancer Bra

SKYFOXE Butt Lifter Bra

Buy Now

Moving to the last recommendation, we have SKYFOXE Butt Lifter Bra for you. This is the highly recommended underwear for big butts. It defines the shape of your hips in an ideal way.

Moreover, it gives an overall natural, sleek and also slim look to your body. If you wish to minimize or reduce those bumps and bulges present on your hip, then wear this hip shaping bra.

It adds the right amount of hip dimension and makes you look more confident.

Consequently, buying this booty shaping bra is a great idea because it is breathable and comfortable to wear for all day long. It delivers a sweat-free comfort and suitable to be worn for any occasion.

Lastly, get excellent customer service and your queries will be answered within the time frame of 12 hours. And get a lifetime warranty too.


  • Makes you feel confident.
  • Add the ideal amount of hip dimension.
  • Contains high elasticity design.
  • Gives sweat-free comfort.


  • None.

Best Butt Bras Review – Buyer’s Guide

Best Butt Bras

Gives an Instant Bum Lifting Job

Choose that bum bra which gives a 360-degree sexy look to your hips. Or you can say that it should make your bum and buttocks area bigger, toned and rounder in less time.

Stays In Place and Made of High-Quality Fabric Materials

However, if your chosen bum bra is made and encompassed by high-quality fabric materials, then it will remain to stay firmly in place. And instantly gives you natural-looking hip curves.

Offers Sweat-Free Comfort

Pick that hip bra which gives a sweat-free comfort and moisture-wicking experience. It should carry antibacterial properties in it. In this way, you can safely wear such a hip bar for hours and hours.

Multiple Uses

Lastly, always buy that kind of booty bra which offer a multiple numbers of uses. It means apart from lifting your bottom, it should also flatten your stomach.

This is completely possible because high-quality and premium booty bra models are packed with double layer elastic fabrics. And this property manages to hold your stomach in.

It is this specific and exclusive kind of bum bra design which pushes your booty up-and-out. And gives a perky, round and also voluptuous looking butt.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Hence, what’s the bottom line? These padded panties truly work in a great way. Buy any of these butt bra top picks and share your feedback with us.

If you are born with butts which do not look sexy and hot. Then try out these suggestions. Moreover, they are a far better option instead of pursuing surgical procedures and butt implants.

Try out this economical solution and give a magical and sexy looking shape to your butt.


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