How to get an Hourglass Figure? – Easy and Fast

Nothing can come out as much feminine, sexy and appealing looking like an hourglass figure.

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If you want to know how to get an hourglass figure, then check out the easy and fast to apply tips.

It is the wish of every woman to get a small waist, well-toned thighs as well as curvy hips.

Moreover, these are one of the common attributes and characteristics which explain the concept of a perfect hourglass figure.


It is now easy to get a dream body in the quick, fast and shortest time possible.

A Complete Guide To Get An Hourglass Figure

Hourglass Figure

Read out this guide thoroughly and set your goals, mission and target lines realistically. If you will remain consistent and dedicated to your set and assigned workout plan, then you will get success.

This hourglass figure is a kind of body type in which your bust and hips become relatively and generally wide.

It means your bust and hip size gets bigger and your waist size gets smaller.

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Most of the fitness experts have argued on this fact that your genetics determine the overall size and shape of your body.

hourAt the same time, if you will consistently perform and follow a good workout plan, then you can win against this genetic factor.


A Basic Workout To Get An Hourglass Figure

Below we have penned down basic exercises for our readers. These exercises will help them to tone their butt, thighs, legs, waist in one single time. Fingers are crossed! Let us see whether these moves and poses will give you the dream body or not:

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Scissors Lift

This is one of the easy to do workouts which will eventually give you an hourglass figure. To perform this move, you have to stand sideways. And rest your left hand exactly on the back side of the chair.

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Now you need to slowly and gradually raise up your right led in a sideways direction.

Do this pose until and unless your right leg touches your right hand. Then you can slowly return back your body to the starting position.


Do at least 3 sets of 25 reps of this specific move and get a dream body in less time.

Bulgarian Squats for Toning your Butt and Thighs

One can perform Bulgarian squats if she wants to get an hourglass figure quickly. To perform this specific exercise, first, get a chair for yourself. Rest your left leg on the chair. Make sure that you are standing on your right foot.

[su_quote]Now you need to slowly lower down your body.[/su_quote]

Make a pose if you are squatting. Put all of the pressure completely on your right leg. This is it! Feel free to return back your body to the initial position.

It is advisable to do three sets of 25 reps for this specific exercise.

Side to Side Kicks

You can perform this side to side kicks move if you dream and wish to have bigger hips and a smaller waist. So, to perform this subjected pose and move, you have to enter in a squat position. Stand with your legs by keeping hips-width apart.

Now, the next step is to slowly lower down yourself.

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Do that until and unless your thighs section gets parallel to the ground.

Meanwhile, you will return back to the standing position, make sure to kick to the left side. You will perform this kick by using your left leg. The last step is to squat down again. And then you can slowly get back up by kicking your leg to the right side.

Free Butt Lifter

Work Your Rear Deltoids with The Help of A Seated Dumbbell Raise

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This move will for sure give you sexy body shape. Firstly, you have to sit down with your feet all flat on the floor. Keep your spine straight as well as neutral. You need to start bending from your hips side.

Make sure that your check rest on your knees wholly and completely. In both of your hands, hold 5 pounds of weight. Face your palms each other and too in front of your shins. Keep up your arms straight. Then slowly and gradually raise the dumbbells.

The final step is to open your arms and thus managing to keep your back straight.


Performing Cardiovascular Exercises

You will always gain benefit if you will perform cardiovascular exercises in order to acquire a hot looking body shape. Pick the kind of cardiovascular exercise which you want to do regularly and remain stick with it.

You can do jogging, brisk walking or elliptical training or you can perform step aerobics. Aim and target to perform these cardiovascular exercises for at least 30 minutes on three nonconsecutive days.

Later on, you can increase the span and perform these exercises for about 45 or 60 minutes.

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Target Your Shoulders and Glutes Simultaneously

The dream of getting a curvy looking body is possible if you will manage to target your glutes and shoulders in one single time. You can do that by performing a sumo squat with an upright row. Like, stand with your feet wider and hold a barbell.

Extend your arms and start turning your toes out at 45 degrees angle.

Lower down your body and stop yourself when your thighs reach parallel to the floor. Now, you can stand back up.

Raise that bar completely in front of your body until and unless it reaches to your neck height. Finally, you can lower that bar and down and repeat this same for 10 to 12 times.

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One should not forget that as soon as you will involve your body in a consistent workout routine, then lots of changes will take place in it. So, wisely prepare your body for this specific job. Make sure that you get enough amount of sleep.

Acquiring a dream body wish is possible if you will sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours per night. Moreover, if you are in the habit of watching lots of Tv shows, then skip off that routine. Take the maximum amount of rest and sleep after performing intense workout sessions.

This sleeping and rest time will make your workout results more productive and desirable.

It is best to set an alarm to get the notification that now is the time to take rest and to have a proper sleep. Taking proper sleep and performing different workout sessions regularly will give you surprising results. An hourglass figure is not attained just because of the workouts.

Other factors count as well and among important ones, we have enough sleep and rest time factors for you.[/su_box]

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Work on Your Diet for Acquiring Sexy Looking Figure

The other important point is the matter of high consideration as well.

It is to clean up your diet meal plans if you eagerly want to improve your body shape. Eating healthy will give you the desired body shape. On the other side, eating unhealthy will make your body shape further clumsy.

Upon making some great changes in your diet will make your body tough and rough. And eventually, you will perform your high-intensity workout routines with perfection.
Most importantly, you have to make some of the smartest food choices.

It means that you have to reduce your sugar intake content. Avoid taking all sorts of processed foods.

Star taking more fruits and veggies. After a workout, if you feel hungry, then get some fresh fruits for yourself and have them as snacks. Start preferring these kinds of foods like avocado, carrot sticks and berries as well as kale chips and nuts.

Change Your Dressing Sense to Accentuate Your Curves Prominently

Despite the fact that some of the women have an hourglass figure but they fail to shot it off correctly. It is better to change your dressing sense and overall styling since then!

Moreover, prefer to wear horizontal stripes.

Such dresses which have stripes on them, they will make your body look rounded and less lean, long. Such outfits will also amplify and accentuate your largest body parts which generally include your butt and thighs.
Most probably, to get sexy curves, you can cinch your waist to give the illusion as if you have an hourglass shape.

The rule of thumb is that you should cinch at the thinnest section of your waist. Such a trick will help you pronounce and enhance your curves. The other easy and fast way to flaunt your body curves, it is to wear a belt just like a peplum.

Furthermore, we have seen that wearing maxi dresses, tulip skirts, layered skirts give you a curvy look too.[/su_note]

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, these are overall one of the fast, easy and quick methods which will ultimately give you a natural and sexy looking hourglass body shape. Try these ways and transform your body shape from top to bottom.

Share your body type with us and we can further recommend you great ways of toning them further.

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