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6 Best Exercise Machines To Tone Buttocks – Our Best Pickups

Exercise machines can be immensely and massively useful if you will use them to tone your buttocks.

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Here you can check out the best exercise machines which you can use to tone and shape your buttocks.

It is because of the guided motion of these bum enhancing machines that you can easily pinpoint and target your glute muscles.


You can use any one of these great booty building enhancing machines. If you build up and improve your glute strength, so do try out these best butt machines.

1- Standing Reverse Leg Curl Exercise Machine

Exercise Machines

This is exclusively one of the best machines to tone and shape your buttocks. This machine targets your glutes and hamstrings perfectly.

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It contracts your glutes in an upward position and thus lifts the look of your bum.

To use this machine, you have to make sure the top section of your ankle has to be completely and properly locked into the pad. As soon as you will lock down your ankle, then you can proceed yourself to push forward.


This machine will squeeze your glutes in a nicer and great way. Once you are done, come down from this machine slowly.

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2- Squat Leg Press Machine

Squat Leg Press Machine

This machine which is a butt-toning machine works in a similar and same way likewise we have the leg press machine available at the gym centers. This squat press machine comprises a larger platform.

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It allows you to experience a wider range of motion while you are going to bring yourself down. By using this machine, less tension will come and be brought on your knees.

Your glutes and hamstrings will get strengthened.

They shall become more focused and come out in better working modes.

You can use this squat leg press machine if you want to lift your buttocks. You will experience and get a wider contraction which is extremely beneficial and great for your glutes.


One thing which you should remember, your feet should be placed higher up as well as in a wider stance.

3- Glutes & Hamstring Muscles Extension Machine

Glutes & Hamstring Muscles Extension Machine

This exercise machine works in a way as if you are making and performing a reverse donkey kick.

The only difference is that this machine will let you kick all in an upright motion. The pad has to remain rested completely on your hamstrings.

This machine will lift and strengthen your hamstring muscles as well as your glutes muscles. You need to aim and target for 12 to 15 reps while you step up yourself on this machine.

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4- The Leg Press Machine

The Leg Press Machine 

This leg press machine, it is an underrated glute machine. Women hardly use this exercise machine as it is most of the time accompanied and crowded by men which they use and avail for their leg workout sessions.

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This glute building machine and highly recommended to you.

While doing the leg press, make sure the key element and factor which is feet placement.

While you are going to put your feet exactly lower on the machine, then this action will be able to generally work out and strengthen your quadriceps.

On the other hand, if you want to make your glutes and hamstrings more powerful, then you need to position your feet a little bit higher on the machine and then make use of a wider stance.


Lock yourself in this position and then finally proceed and move to come down slowly.

On this exercise machine, one should be doing and aiming for 12 to 20 reps.

5- Thigh Abductor Exercise Machine

Exercise Machines

Then we have thigh abductor exercise machine for you which can accurately target your bum muscles. This is a great and exceptional isolated exercise.

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Before you use this machine, you have to get the understanding as to how to use this machine and how to execute your movement.

In this exercise, your abductors and glutes will be targeted.

To use it, enter yourself into a starting position and lock down yourself.

Slowly press down yourself against the thigh abductor machine with the help of your legs and make sure that your legs should be moving completely away from each other.


As soon as you are going to feel any sort of contraction, then you need to slowly and gradually close down your legs and get back to your starting position.

Make sure to aim for at least 12 to 20 reps on this subjected machine.

6- Lying Leg Curl Machine

Exercise Machines

This highly suggested lying leg curl machine is a useful machine if you are a fitness freak and especially if you wish to see your butt completely toned.

[su_note note_color=”#f7d2d2″ text_color=”#000000″] This machine involves your hamstrings and glutes. Once you will lock down yourself into this machine and get to enter in a starting position, then you have to slowly raise up your calves completely upwards.

As soon as you will reach the top section, then slowly come back to the starting point.

While being in this position and using this butt toning machine, your feet have to be properly aligned and your toes have to be all pointing upwards.

You can use this same machine to do a reverse donkey kick.



So, to do this reverse donkey kick pose, you have to place your foot completely and accurately on the pad. Gradually and slowly make a reverse kick and try to go for 12 to 15 reps.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!!

Use any of the exercise machines which are penned down above to tone your bum and to list up your buttock muscles. More exercise machines made for toning glutes muscles are still to be reviewed from our side.

Keep connected and in touch with us and let us know which bum enhancing exercise machine you can perfectly use and which you find extremely difficult to use!

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No doubt these machines have really made it easy for us to tone, lift up and re-shape our bum.

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