Best Curvy Girl Shapewears Review In 2020

Best Curvy Girl Shapewears Review In 2020

For all curvy girls and plus size women out there, they can now give an hourglass look to their curvy body by trying out this shapewear.

To begin with, we have the best curvy girl body shapers for you. Try out them and give a sleek look to your body.

Curvy Girl Shapewears

Furthermore, these hot and sexy looking body shapers can make your body instantly look charming looking. Moreover, they do not roll down at your stomach.

A few of them also contain and compose light boning so that a tight shape can be given to your body. Hence, want to know the best part about this shapewear, read out their reviews:

Top Best Curvy Girl Shapewears

Nebility Curvy Girl Body ShaperNebility Curvy Girl Body ShaperCheck on Amazon
YIANNA Hourglass Body ShaperYIANNA Hourglass Body ShaperCheck on Amazon
SHAPERX Women Seamless ShapewearSHAPERX Women Seamless ShapewearCheck on Amazon
SAYFUT Curvy Girl ShapewearSAYFUT Curvy Girl ShapewearCheck on Amazon
Gotoly Curvy Girl Waist ShapewearGotoly Curvy Girl Waist ShapewearCheck on Amazon
BRABIC Body ShaperBRABIC Body ShaperCheck on Amazon
Spanx Curvy Girl Tummy Control ShaperSpanx Curvy Girl Tummy Control ShaperCheck on Amazon
Evenriver Curvy Girl ShapewearEvenriver Curvy Girl ShapewearCheck on Amazon
Ekouaer Steel Boned Body ShaperEkouaer Steel Boned Body ShaperCheck on Amazon
LODAY Curvy Girl Body ShapewearLODAY Curvy Girl Body ShapewearCheck on Amazon

10- Nebility Curvy Girl Body Shaper

Nebility Curvy Girl Body Shaper

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Nebility Curvy Girl Body Shaper will be loved by all curvy girls and plus size women. The best thing about it is that it has a zipper closure. This body shaper is made of 90%polyester and 10% spandex.

Both of these fabric types are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Most importantly, it is stretchable and flexible and also breathable.

Note down that its zipper corset is equipped and packed with three rows of hook and eye closure. There are two adjustable shoulder straps present in it so that a sexy natural curve can be given to your plus size body.

Most noteworthy, it is its U-type anti-droop design which will make your body more attractive looking. Hence, get a beautiful hourglass figure by trying out this body shaper.


  • Made of high quality soft fabric.
  • 3 rows of hook and eye closure.
  • 2 adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Gives an hourglass figure.


  • None.

9- YIANNA Hourglass Body Shaper

YIANNA Hourglass Body Shaper

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You might be wondering why to buy this YIANNA Hourglass Body Shaper? Here is the main reason for you. The minute you will wear this shapewear, it will give you an hourglass figure.

In addition, it consists of a Hook and Eye Closure so that you can easily adjust the size. The induction of 9 Spiral steel bones act as a waist cincher support.

Besides, its inner layers are made of 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex. On the other hand, the mid layer of this shapewear is made of 100% natural latex.

Hence, do try out and buy this body shaper because it can lift your underbust. At the same time, it controls your tummy and naturally give your body an hourglass figure.


  • Extremely flexible and durable.
  • Upgraded 3 layers fabric.
  • High compression.
  • Serves a quick postpartum recovery.


  • Limited size options are available.

8- SHAPERX Women Seamless Shapewear

SHAPERX Women Seamless Shapewear

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Also, we have SHAPERX Women Seamless Shapewear for you. Its unique selling point is that it remains to stay sweat free as well as breathable.

You can wear this body shaper for the whole day. Now, it is completely possible for all curvy girls to get a sexy and seamless look if they wear such a kind of body shaper.

In addition, it has removable and adjustable straps. It is composed of an open bust design. Also, it is because of the front open zipper design that you can easily wear and take it off.

Besides, it gives a firm tummy control job, relief your back pain and improves your posture. These are the basic functions that are offered by this SHAPERX Women Seamless Shapewear.

Now do not waste any time and buy this shapewear if you have a bulky or plus size body. Trim down your plus size body by wearing this shapewear on it.


  • Zipper closure
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Contains open bust design.
  • It offers a firm tummy control job.


  • Comparatively expensive.

7- SAYFUT Curvy Girl Shapewear

SAYFUT Curvy Girl Shapewear

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Get your hands on this recommendation as well which is SAYFUT Curvy Girl Shapewear. It gives back support and also midsection support.

If you are looking for one of the simple ways to relieve your back pain, then try using this shapewear. It can even improve your body posture.

Moreover, the makers of this body shaper have made use of high-quality fabric in it. This fabric is all breathable and comfortable to wear for all day long.

It is also sweat-free and too moisture wicking.

Even more, this shapewear instantly lift your butt to some new heights. So, are you ready to buy this sexy bodyshaper? Do try it out because it has a high waist design.

It creates a slimmer and feminine silhouette. Lastly, its light boning system does not let this body shaper to roll down.


  • Gives midsection and back support.
  • High-quality fabric.
  • Lift your butt.
  • High waist design.


  • None.

6- Gotoly Curvy Girl Waist Shapewear

Gotoly Curvy Girl Waist Shapewear

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Gotoly Women’s Waist Shapewear is one of the exclusive recommendations which can easily bring and give out double high compression right on your tummy.

This slimming bodysuit consists of a 2-layer design. In addition, it smooth your belly bulges. At the same time, it shrinks down your waistline.

All curvy girls can get sexy curves by wearing this shapewar for all day. Most probably, all plus size women will love using this body shaper because it is made by using the top grade material.

This fabric combination is very smooth, stretchable and also skin-friendly. Its anti-droop design makes and turns out your chest area more attractive.

Feel free to use this body shaper for postnatal maternity recover time and also for fat burning and weight loss targets.


  • Made of stretchable and skin-friendly fabric.
  • U-type anti-droop design.
  • Wide elastic straps.


  • Its straps are a little bit tough to adjust.

5- BRABIC Body Shaper

BRABIC Body Shaper

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BRABIC Body Shaper is assigned the fifth spot from our side. If you want to naturally give a firm compression to your abdomen, then here is a highly recommended body shaper for you.

It manages to give a strong tummy control job. Moreover, it reduces the belly fat and all of the bulges present on your tummy and waist.

However, this exclusive shapewear is ideal for those women who are passing the postpartum or C-Section phase.

This body shaper can easily and quickly help you out to reduce swelling and speed up the process of your incision healing. You can even call it a butt lifter shapewear because it lifts your hips and naturally makes your butt look bigger.


  • Hook and Eye closure.
  • Speed Up Post-delivery Recovery Phase.
  • Tighten Bottom.
  • Unique Design.


  • None.

4- Spanx Curvy Girl Tummy Control Shaper

Spanx Curvy Girl Tummy Control Shaper

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How about wearing this Spanx Tummy Control Shaper? If you have almost got failed with respect to buying a high-quality body shaper, then do try out this suggestion.

It is made of 85% Nylon and 15% LYCRA. This shapewear consists of an imported design.

If any of the curvy girls or plus size women want to look effortless in any kind of outfit, then this is one of the most appropriate body shapers which she should wear.

No doubt, this is the most comfortable and easy to wear body shaper. It controls your tummy size and tone down your thighs. Most importantly, this same curvy girl shapewear gives a flawless finish to your overall body.

Lastly, its patented design is going to smooth your legs and bum in a sexy way. You can adjust its length in any way you want to because it is packed with an adjustable leg band feature so that you can customizable length options.


  • Imported.
  • Comfortable.
  • Gives a flawless look to your body.
  • Adjustable leg band.


  • It comparatively takes more time while you take it off.

3- Evenriver Curvy Girl Shapewear

Evenriver Curvy Girl Shapewear

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Also, we have Evenriver Curvy Girl Shapewear for you. One of the exclusive functions performed by this shapewear is to give you a slimmer looking stomach.

Most noteworthy, this Butt Lifter Shapewear instantly tightens your bottom and naturally lift it as well. If any of the plus size women want to look skinnier and you want to feel tummy control, then try using this body shaper.

The promising part about this pull-up shapewear is that it instantly and naturally compresses your whole midsection. It even lift your butt and thighs. Along with that, it tightens your tummy.

It is during all sorts of functions that you can wear this body shaper, Just give the best look and shape to your body and put on this shapewear on yourself.

We guarantee you that your body will naturally and instantly get an hourglass look.


  • Tummy Control Shapewear.
  • Makes you feel confident.
  • It lift your butt.


  • None.

2- Ekouaer Steel Boned Body Shaper

Ekouaer Steel Boned Body Shaper

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Moreover, we have Ekouaer Steel Boned Body Shaper for you. The overall fabric composition of this shapewear is truly and genuinely amazing.

It is made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. The purpose of wearing this shapewear is to reduce and trim down your waistline.. In addition, it ideal for everyday wear.

It manages to boost your thermal activity and also gently lift and tone your underbust. This body shaper offers an easy and simple way to get an hourglass figure.

It promotes a quick and fast post pregnancy recovery time. What else you want from any body shaper? So, book this shapewear and get a waist cinching effect.

It gives strong support to your body because it is packed with 9 spiral steel boned feature.


  • High Compression.
  • Boosts thermal activity.
  • 6 rows of Hook-and-eye closure.
  • 9 spiral steel boned.


  • The design is less catchy.

1- LODAY Curvy Girl Body Shapewear

LODAY Curvy Girl Body Shapewear

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Lastly, we have LODAY Curvy Girl Body Shapewear for you. This waist shaper is featured and packed with durable high compression kind of fabric. Its fabric mode is all lightweight and breathable.

It is 28 cm in length and its main job is to give you a flat abdomen. Apart from it, it reduce your waistline and offers complete support during the postpartum recovery time.

In addition, the makers of this shapewear is quite confident that you will love it. It relieves and sooth down your waist pain and give a warming effect to your muscles as well.

Hopefully, 100% satisfaction will be enjoyed by you upon buying this LODAY Curvy Girl Body Shapewear.


  • Hook and Eye closure.
  • High compression fabric..
  • Multifunctional.
  • Gives 100% satisfaction.


  • None.

10 Best Curvy Girl Shapewears – Buyer’s Guide

Curvy Girl Shapewears

Premium Material

Always buy that shapewear which is made of soft, breathable, comfortable to wear fabric type.

Moreover, if it is made of moisture-wicking and stretchable fabric, then that is great.

Hook and Eye Closure

In addition, search for that body shaper which is packed and installed with 3 rows of hook and eye closure. There should be 2 adjustable shoulder straps on it.

All these elements will help you in getting a sexy looking curvaceous body.

Multiple Number of Uses

Besides, get that body shaper which not only gives you an hourglass figure. Instead, look for shapewear that helps you during postpartum recovery.

It should be able to reduce swelling and tighten your skin. Along with that, it should give a slim and smart look to your tummy.

Looks Invisible

Lastly, curvy girls and plus size women should choose and select that shapewear which looks invisible under their outfits. It should not give any hint as if you are wearing a body shaper.

That body shaper needs to give an invisibility effect to the other user.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, try and grab any of these body shapers and share your feedback. It is all a high time to get a hourglass figure by going for these kinds of shape wears.

The minute you wear them, you will get a flatter abdomen and reduce the waistline. Moreover, these body shapers support back and postpartum recovery.

They may help you in improving your posture and relieve waist pain at the same time. And read from here How To Get rid of Hips and Dips, we have penned down a short guide for you.


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