Lift Your Butt

How to Lift Your Butt in 2019: The Ultimate Guide

One should be thanking their buttocks for an enormous and immense number of reasons.

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Do you know that you can easily perform all of your physical actions just because of these buttock muscles of yours, it is true!

Your entire physical actions taking place every single day, they are possible due to your glute muscles.

From moving to running, from rising to shifting yourself in a sitting position, from climbing to standing in an upright pose- these actions are accomplished by your butt muscles.


These buttock muscles are one of the hardest working muscles present in your body and they will eventually become soft if you will not perform suitable exercises for them.

A Complete Guide To Lift Your Butt

Lift Your Butt

Here is the ultimate guide for you to Lift your butt.

First, you will know to about different butt shapes. We will further tell you which protein powders you should buy to lift your bum and which of the butt enhancing creams you can use.

Furthermore, you will be explained about some of the effective butt and glute muscles lifting workout exercises.

So, check out and have a look at this informative ultimate guide if you want to lift and shape up your buttocks.

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Knowing Your Butt

Knowing Your Butt

You should be aware of this interesting fact that glutes are the largest and one of the most powerful muscle groups of your body.

These powerful buttocks comprise and compose of total three gluteal muscles and they the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and also gluteus minimus.

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These muscles will help you in preventing all kinds of injuries. If your glutes are strong then you can prevent these injuries seamlessly. There are many butt shapes.

Each one of us has a different and unique looking butt shape.

Below we have explained for you all extensive and different types of butts.

There is a heart shaped butt which is shaped in an upside-down form. Such a butt shape has more volume present in the lower part of your hip and thighs.

If you have such a bum then you should not wear high-cut leg holes, such garments will not give enough coverage to your butt.


Instead, you should wear and go for briefs or boy shorts.

Then we have round butt shapes. For such a butt, fat is distributed around the cheeks of the bum. We have seen that round butt shapes usually and mainly give a fuller look.

Knowing Your Butt

To choose the best underwear for such a butt shape, you will always need and require a little extra coverage. You can go for briefs or be it boy shorts so that you can easily contour your round butt shape.

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Moving on to the V-shaped butts, these butt shapes comprise of an inverted appearance. Such a butt shape is excessively common among women who do have broad shoulders as well as slender hips.

You can be wearing high-cut leg hole undergarments so that you can get in a position of giving enough coverage to your bum cheeks.

Some of the people may have a square, H-shaped bum shape. It is because of the higher and due to the more prominent hip bones that you get this shape. The general appearance and look of this butt shape is mainly and usually straight up-and-down.

Some of the pear-shaped” women who so have curvier looking thighs, they tend to have A-shaped butts.


For such kind of booty, you can have the underwear styles which comes with high-cut legs, larger leg holes, high-cut panties.

Now, below comes the interesting part regarding bigger butt workout. Below exercises will help you in activating and strengthening your glute and buttock muscles.

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Activating The Butt To Lift

Activating The Butt To Lift

There who wants to get a perkier bum as well as smoother thighs and those who want to reduce and eliminate those saddlebags then here we have mentioned the perfect workout routine for you.

This workout is designed so that you can lift your booty and also tone your legs. Note that 60 percent of your body’s muscles, they are present in your butt and thighs.

So, our recommended exercises will strengthen, tighten and also tone and shape up your butt, thighs. and at the same time strengthen your quads, hamstrings and your calves.

6 Workouts to Lift Your Butt

Now you can have a look at the six great and highly suggested workout sessions which can naturally lift your hips size.

These are easy to do and designed for all advanced and beginner level individuals.

#1: Curtsy Kick

Curtsy Kick

This is one of the best exercises to make your butt bigger. To perform curtsy kick, you have to stand tall with all your feet hip-width apart.

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Step up your left leg diagonally just behind the right leg of yours.

Bend your knees, lower down your body into a lunge pose move. Keep your spine long, abs and back should be right and roll down your shoulders.


Push completely through right heel so that you can stand and then sweep your left leg out to the side.

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#2: Goblet Squat

Golden Squat

To perform this goblet squat, you will need and require a dumbbell or kettlebell.

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It is up to you to go for a medium to the heavyweight range to perform and complete this workout. It is at your chest that you have to hold and carry the weight in both of your hands.

Stand with all feet hip-width apart and shoulder-width apart.

You have to engage your core and make sure that you do stand tall. Then drop your butt back and keep your chest up.


Now, you need to sit all and completely back onto your heels. Drive through heels and return back your body to a standing position.

#3: Skater Hop

Skater Hop

To get a perfect looking booty, you can do a skater hop.

You can do that by lightly doing the squat and jumping to your right side as far as you can. After this, you have to land on your right foot.

While you are going to bend your knee, make sure you do not touch your left foot.

It is just like that you bring yourself in a mini squat position. Then you can land yourself on the left foot by jumping back across the left side. Just stay balanced and jump as far as you can.

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#4: Reverse Lunge With Twist

Reverse Lunge With Twist

This is the next recommended workout which can give a toned look to your bum.

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To do this move, stand up with your feet hip-width apart completely. You need to hold up a medium-weight dumbbell exactly at your chest height.

While taking a big step back with the help of your left foot and meanwhile bending your knees, lower your pose into a lunge and twist your torso over the right leg.


Repeat the same pose and move with the opposite leg by first getting back into the standing position.

#5: Warrior Balance

Warrior Balance

Warrior balance can give you a toned looking butt if you will perform this pose on a regular basis. Firstly, you have to stand up on your left foot.

Start to lift your right knee and match it with your hip height.

Start reaching your torso forward, extend your right leg. Slightly bend your standing leg and keep on extending your arms in an overhead pose so that you can maintain the balance.

Reverse this same movement.

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#6: Marching Glute Bridge

Marching Glute Bridge

The last workout which can lift and accentuate your bum and gives you a perfect booty, it is this marching glute bridge. You can do this exercise by lying flat completely on your back.

Bend your knees, keep your feet hip-distance apart.

Start to lift your hips in an upward position. Count this position as your starting position. Make a 90-degree angle and bend your left knee.

Meanwhile, you have to lift your left foot wholly and entirely off the floor.

Now you have to return back your left foot to the ground. Repeat this same with the right leg.

2 Best Protein Powder For Butt Lifting

Below we have mentioned two of the best protein powder options for our readers. These protein powders have the potential to lift your hips naturally.

Taking them on a regular and consistent basis is a must for you. These protein powders are normally and generally meant to strengthen your hips and thigh muscles.


Lift Your Butt

This is a highly recommended OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder for you for accentuating your bum shape.

This is a High-Calorie Weight Gainer which comprises 1,250 Calories on the basis of per 2-Scoop Serving. For butt lifting, you can use and have this protein powder as it contains 50 Grams of Protein per serving and 252 Grams of Carbohydrates per serving.

It also contains 25 Vitamins and Minerals as well as Creatine & Glutamine.

You can even add fresh fruits or frozen fruits in this protein powder. It is up to you if you want to add peanut butter, nuts in it or not.

If you want to put extra mass on your booty, then try to get and buy this protein powder for yourself. This food content is going to give you a bigger and highly- active metabolism.

You can supercharge your serious mass by consuming it.

No doubt this Serious Mass protein powder works on one of the ultimate weight gain formulas which are recommended for booty lifting job. It is better to use this powder for your post-workout sessions.


  • High-Calorie Weight Gainer
  • 25 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Perfectly target and hit your buttock muscles


  • None

2: Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder 

Lift Your Butt

Another protein powder which you can try to get a slim waist big booty, it is Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder. This is a high-quality and 100% protein source which can give you 25g per serving to support your buttock, hips and thigh muscles.

It comprises zero carbs in it.

This is the best protein powder which can support and encourage you to live an active lifestyle. It is best and great to use it for your post-workout routine sessions. You can even have it between your meals or take it along with your healthy breakfast.

This protein powder can gradually lift your booty in a few days.

This is a keto friendly option for you and it is also lactose-free and gluten-free. To support your weight management goals and to bring a healthy mass on to your bum, have this protein powder then.

It builds your thigh and hip muscles quickly and on healthy notes. Your daily protein needs will be fulfilled. So, have this protein powder to instantly build your buttock muscles.


  • A high-quality protein source
  • Zero carbs
  • Keto friendly


  • It is available in less number of flavors

[su_box title=”Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes”]

Below are common mistakes which you should avoid if you are involved in the process of toning your booty. If you are making these mistakes, then all your butt toning workout routine will be wasted.

You have to move in the right direction while shaping up and lifting your bum.

Correct workout routines, correct posture, lifting heavy weights, mixing different workout sessions, taking the right nutrition- all are needed to get perky looking hips.

#1: You Are Not Maintaining a Proper Form


You fail to get a toned bum because you are not maintaining a proper form while doing booty enhancing exercises. Like if you are doing and performing squats, then you have to maintain a proper form and pose all the time.

On the other hand, if one is toning her backside, then she has to understand the technique. For toning a bum, you should engage your glutes as much as you can. Be in a proper form and position, only then your squats will be done on point.

Keep your head forward and try to hold your chest up and open. Doing squats, your shoulders should not be in rounded form and your feet have to be hip-width apart.

#2: You are not lifting enough amount of weight


You will not ever get a sexier looking booty if you are not lifting enough amount of weight. Your glutes just act and work in the form of a workhorse. They can also easily handle and carry much heavier loads.

So, to get an accentuated bum, lift heavy weights. Your buttock muscles can get into a stallion-like shape if you will push yourself and your body completely beyond your comfort zone range.

#3: You are not performing different workouts

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The tip as to how to get curvy hips, you have to avoid doing the same workout again and again.

Try to mix up your workout sessions and avoid doing the same and similar workouts every single day. Such a routine will kill your progress to get a better and sexier looking backside.

One can get around and perky shaped bum if she will do and perform the different and extensive range of moves. Your workout sessions should be composed of multiple exercises so that you can develop your muscle mass strongly and quickly.


#4: You are not following the right nutrition plan


If the person wishes to get a perky, toned and sexy bum then she has to follow the right nutrition plan. Like, eat those foods which build mass around your booty. Avoid those foods which make your booty shape clumsy looking.

If you are busting and burning your butt whole day in the gym, then you have to eat properly as well when you get home. One should eat a clean diet if she wants to boost and enhance her workout results.

Stick yourself on eating fresh vegetables, lean proteins, good fats. Pass on your day without eating sugar and processed foods.

#5: You are Not Following the Other Restorative Practices


If you are not resting then you cannot ever get a toned and sexy shaped booty for yourself. Though you are lifting heavy weights and doing workout sessions every single day.

It is also recommended to back off and delay your training program for at least one day or for two days in a week so that you can also enjoy a healthy dose of yoga, foam rolling, yoga as well as massage.

It is always suggested to go for and opt these restorative practices so that you can perfectly and wholly tone your bum.[/su_box]

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Booty Lift Butt-Enhancing Cream You Must Need

Below we have mentioned two of the butt enhancing creams for our readers. They are safe to use and do not come with side effects.

Apart from involving yourself in glute strengthening exercises, you can use this booty lifting creams as well.

1- IsoSensuals Butt Enhancement Cream – Best Butt Enhancing Cream

Lift Your Butt

By using this IsoSensuals CURVE Butt Enhancement Cream, we are sure your butt will Get in shape. This cream comes with clinically proven results and your butt size will get increased up to 18%. This bum enhancing cream has managed to get and receive 90% of customer success rate.

You will get the 60 days money back guarantee time as well. This butt lifting cream is made of all natural ingredients. Note that it is made of Deionized Water, Voluplus and Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and also made of Coconut Oil, Vegetable Wax.

It further contains Glyceryl Stearate, Beeswax, and Soy Lecithin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice in it.

This cream is packed with Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate content in it.

Moreover, it has Phenoxyethanol and fresh cucumber scent in it. To get the best and perfect results, one should be applying this cream two times in a day and constant 6 months time frame.

We recommend you using this IsoSensuals CURVE as it is one of the natural butt enhancement creams. It will surely give you a firm and enlarge bum. It is because of the active ingredient Voluplus present in it which is clinically proven so that you can increase your bum size quickly.

Now do not involve yourself in any kind of dangerous surgery options and make your booty bigger, fuller as well as natural looking by using this cream. So, what have you decided? Will you buy this butt enhancement cream?

If yes then do share your rating and experience with us.


  • Clinically Proven Results.
  • Increases 18% of your hip size.
  • All Natural Ingredients.


  • None

2- Major Curves Butt Enhancement CreamDecent Cream

Lift Your Butt

Apart from doing Butt Lifting Exercises, you can use this Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream. This cream usage can instantly give you fuller and bigger buttocks and also toned thighs and hips. It is made in the USA and it is also FDA Registered.

This cream does not offer any of the side effects and it is made of 100% natural ingredients. This Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream is quiet and extremely uniquely formulated. It will genuinely help you in achieving bigger, fuller and plumper buttocks and also thighs.

This cream is the proprietary blend and name of all natural ingredients. It is packed with the content of LipidMaxx which can easily stimulate your adipose. This is a fat-storage cell and adds volume to your butt.

We are sure this cream will eventually give you bigger, better, perfect and faster results.

It is this topical cream which is going to enlarge your buttock fat cells.

It is also going to store a more and excessive amount of fat on to your butt as well as on your hips region. We can say that this cream is a phenomenal combination of best ingredients which an amplify your bum size.

If one wants to see permanent and maximum results then she should be using this butt enhancement cream for consecutive 6 months. If you plan to use this butt lifting enhancing cream, then share your feedback and review as well on this page.


  • Bigger, Fuller Buttocks.
  • Made in the USA.
  • It is FDA Registered.
  • No Side Effects!


  • None

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Conclusion – Wrapping it up!

So, this the ultimate and correct guide for you which will help you in achieving a perky looking bum. Your bum can only stay in shape if you will set and keenly follow butt goals.

We have explained every single aspect to our readers that what kind of bum shapes are there and which workouts you can follow so that your bum can get a lift!

We hope that you will find this guide beneficial for you.

If you are one of the persons whose bum is not at all in great shape and you want to accentuate your booty look, then try to follow this guide and bring a great difference in your

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You can let us know which measures you opt in order to strengthen and tone your buttock and glute, hip and thigh muscles. Further guide on an advanced level will be shared with you too.







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