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This is a plain and the most valid truth that a curvy body always look sexy, appealing and attractive. It is known and marked as the epitome and basic symbol of beauty.

To begin with, here you can get to know as to how to get a curvy body. We have also mentioned three effective and easy steps that can help you in acquiring a curvy body.

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No doubt, the presence of curves on the female body, they look extremely and immensely feminine. Or you can say that they appear to look mesmerizing always.

Furthermore, to have an hourglass figure or curvy body type, it has turned out to be the most sought after shapes these days. Moreover, a curvy body is all about how much healthy as well as strong you are.


Thus, to sculpt your curves and also to uncover them, check out this guide which is about how to get a sexier body.

What Does a Curvy Body Type Mean?

Curvy Body

You might be wondering what does a curvy body type actually and specifically mean? Here is an explanation for you! A curvy body type is said to be stated that kind of body type which comprises an hourglass figure.

Most importantly, curvy body type women have wider hips, wider thighs and also wider bust. However, they have a narrow waist. You can call such women as full-figured women too.

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Curvy women are often marked as healthy, robust as well as active. Their overall physique looks extremely attractive. Most noteworthy, in a curvy type, your hips and breasts are immensely well-defined.

If you have keenly observed the celebrities like that of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian, then you may have clearly understood what do we mean by a curvy body type!

When we talk about the epitome of femininity, then normally and generally curvy women come into our minds.


It is because of this aspect that a curvy body type is mainly marked and identified as coveted and too attractive. Lastly, there comes a minimum degree of curviness if you also want to count your body type as “curvy”!

The technical definition of a curvy body is pretty simple and straight forward. As an example, if any woman has a 36″ hip and her waist is 27″ or less, then it means her body type is curvaceous.

Experts have also eliminated all of the plus-sized women from this curvy body type pool.

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3 Easy Steps To Get A Curvy Body

Curvy Body

Below we mentioned basic and main three steps that can help all women to get a curvy body type. Giving you a general explanation, firstly, you have to shed and trim all excess weight.

Then you have to focus and give your whole concentration to trim your waistline. And the final step should be to tone and work both of your upper and lower body sections.

Experts have recommended this guide. Just follow this sequence and let us know your feedback.

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Step 1- Shed Your Excess and Extra Weight

Shed Your Excess and Extra Weight

The first step is to shed excess weight. To get true curves, lose all the excess body fat which is hiding within your body. One of the effective ways to complete this step is to do cardio.

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You have to understand that shedding excess weight is only possible if you are going to burn more calories as compared to the quantity you consume.

As an example, you can do walking, sprinting and also jogging.

Keep it a goal that you will regularly perform high-intensity workouts. No doubt, cardio exercises speed up your fat-burning process.

And they help out the person to trim away and shed all the excess fat present in their bodies. In your initial shedding excess weight routine days, you can try doing some simple and less tough cardio exercises.


And once you get used to this routine, then you can pursue tough, hard and intense cardio exercises.

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Step 2-  Slim Down Your Waist

Slim Down Your Waist

The second step is to slim and trim down your waist. To amplify your curves, you have to slim down your waist as much harder as you can!

It does not have a well-toned belly and also a small waist, then you cannot get an hourglass figure. Make sure to avoid getting a super tiny waist, Furthermore, shed just the excess fat present on your waist.

You can perform strength training to get a small waist, Moreover, one should go for a healthy diet too.

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Strength training is going to strengthen your core, waist and tone your abs at the same time.

Moreover, plan out and write up an effective workout plan. And think of different ways as to how to trim and sculpt your whole waistline.

Thus, this is how to get a curvier waist. Now, let us move on to the third and last step of this guide.

Step 3- Tone Your Upper Body and Perform Butt and Thigh Targeted Exercises

Butt and Thigh Targeted Exercises

Once you shed extra weight and trim your waist, the last step is to tone your upper and lower body, Your upper body has to be in excellent shape if you love getting an hourglass figure.

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With respect to toning your upper body, you can increase and boost your lean muscle mass. Involve your body in strength training, cardio sessions. Do push-ups and tricep dips.

And to bring the hot look into your butt, legs, and thighs, you have to start doing bodyweight exercises. It is not easy to grow your butt, thighs and leg muscles.

You have to do a lot of effort. However, overworking your muscles is not at all a good idea. It is for 3-4 times a week that you can perform 30 minutes of bodyweight exercise sessions.


In addition, you can do weightlifting. This will further tone your muscles. This same bodyweight exercises clearly show how to get curvy legs. Hence, this is how a perfect curvaceous look can be attained and acquired.

Different Types of Curvy Female Body Shapes

Curvy Female Body Shapes

Now, you have to come to know about the main steps as to how to get a curvy figure. The next part is to talk about different types and kinds of curvy female body shapes.

This curvy body type is not at all limited and restricted to one body type and one body shape only. Here we are going to talk about and discuss major and basic curvy body shapes.

Mango Curvy Female Body Shape

Mango curvy body type states that the concerned women have full hips and full thighs. In other words, the mango body shape composed of a curved-V shape created by thighs at the bottom section of your body.

Thus, for mango shaped women, their hips and thighs remain always in limelight.

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Spoon Curvy Female Body Shape

Curvy Body

Besides, we have another curvy body type and it is a spoon body type. In this curvaceous body type, your waist is going to be well defined.

This curvy body shape has got full hips and it is similar in shape like we have a pear-shaped body type.

Thus, the general rule of thumb is that you can count your body as a spoon body type if your hip measurement exceeds among your waist, hip and also bust measurements.

Pear Curvy Female Body Shape

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In addition, most of the curvy shaped women carry a pear-shaped body type. In this body type, your waist and bust dimensions are almost and approximately equal.

On the other hand, your hip measurements come out to be larger. Thus, those who have full hips, less defined waist, less defined breasts, it means their body type is purely pear.

The drawback of flaunting such a body type is that it comes out to be tricky to dress up in this body type. Lots of dresses make pear-shaped women hips to look extra bigger and extra prominent.

And thus makes your overall figure and body look unbalanced.


Curvy Hourglass Female Body Shape

Most probably, the common and popular of all curvy body shape types, it is this curvy hourglass body shape.

So, in this body type, your chest and your hip measurements are almost equal and the same. However, your waist-dimension is comparatively much lesser.

These dimensions and measurements automatically and eventually lead your body to get an hourglass shape.

Strawberry Curvy Female Body Shape

Female Body Shape

Lastly, we have Strawberry Curvy Female Body Shape for you. This body type composes and consists of a bigger chest measurement as compared to hips and waist measurements.

Furthermore, this body shape is quite rare to see! Just a few of the celebs are spotted carrying this body shape. However, this body type is easier and quicker to dress up because your hips and tummy do not look prominent in any of the dress types.

5 More Exercises To Get a Perfect Curvy Body

Now comes the last part and these mentioned important exercises are going to clearly tell you as to how to get hips and curves naturally.

These important and easy to do exercises shall give you a perfect curvy body in less time.

1- Side plank lift exercise

Side plank lift exercise

To do this exercise, you have to lie on your side. Position your whole body on your bottom elbow and also on the side of your foot. Start to lift your hips completely in the air.

Furthermore, you have to form and make a straight line in between your ankles, hips as well as your shoulders. Lastly, brace and hold your abs and then you can finally squeeze down your glutes.

As your whole weight is going to be supported on your elbow and also on the side of your foot, then during this pose, you have to lower down your hips and set them on the floor.

Finally, pause for a minute and get back to the starting position.

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2- Plank with Hip Drop Exercise

Hip Drop Exercise

The next exercise which you can give you a curvy body look, it is by doing a plank with a hip drop. Bring your body in a forearm plank position.

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Most importantly, keep your elbows completely under your shoulders. Also, maintain your feet hip-width apart.

As soon as you are going to form a straight line of your body, you have to wholly engage and involve your core, quads as well as your glutes.

Most noteworthy, keep the upper body section completely and entirely still and start to drop your hips to the left side.


Thus, return back to the starting position. And drop your hips to the right side and again come back to the starting position.

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3- Twisting V-Up Exercise

Twisting V-Up Exercise

Besides, you can try doing this twisting V-up exercise too. To perform this exercise, you have to lie face up. Lift your left leg to about and around 45 degrees.

Also, lift your upper body off the floor. Your right arm needs to reach and touch your left leg at the same time. Bring back your body all in the starting position and repeat this same exercise for 10 to 15 times.

This time, you have to lift your right leg and reach it to touch your left arm.

4- Classic Squats Exercise

Classic Squats Exercise

This is another easy to do exercise which naturally gives you a curvy body look. Firstly, you have to stand up straight. Your arms have to be directly in front of you.

Moreover, the person has to gently and slowly squeeze her glutes. Meanwhile, squat down and perform three sets of 15 reps.

5- Jumping Squats exercise

Jumping Squats exercise

The last exercise which can help all women to get a perfect curvy body, it is by doing and performing jumping squats exercise. Firstly, bring your body in a stand up straight position.

Bring both of your arms in front of you. You have to jump your body all into a wide-legged squat pose. And then finally, jump back completely into the starting position of yours as quickly as you can.

This is the simplest of all curvy body shape gaining exercise. You can do 10 reps at a time and then after a few of the days, you can increase your stamina and workout routine.

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What is Considered Curvy Body Type Measurements?

On average notes, curvy body type measurements are comparatively larger as compared to the skinny body shape measurements.

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One can clearly see a big difference with respect to waist, chest and hips measurements. However, to define and explain curvy body shape, it is yet not discovered at all. Most probably, one can say that 42-38-46, 36-34-42 or you can say that 34-24-38 measurements count as curvy body type measurements.

These are the “breast-waist-hip” measurements that curvy women normally carry and embrace. Most certainly, skinny body types have hip measurements reaching 36 inches or less.


And curvy ones have hip measurements reaching to 37 inches or more (inches).

Am I Curvy or Fat?

How to know if you are curvy or fat? Most of the girls fail to discover their exact body shapes. They get really confused about whether to call themselves fat or curvy!

It all depends on your body fat percentage which makes you a fat girl or a curvaceous looking girl.

If there is a lot of fat accumulated and gathered in your hips, waist and tummy section, or if you have bulging hips, it means you are fat and need to shed down this excess fat from your body.

Besides, more fat means you are not naturally curvy. But this does not restrict and limit your tendency to get a curvy body.

Fat women can try to tone their bodies by doing tough cardio related exercises. Incorporate dumbbells and leg raise in your exercises. Do crunches and planks.

Thus, what’s the bottom line? Absence of bulging tummy and bulging hips differentiate and set apart a curvy woman and fat woman.

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How to Dress for Curvy Body?

Curvy Body

Want to know the best part if you have a curvy body type? It is that you dress up yourself in lots of sexy and hot ways. Curvy is definitely marked and counted as a little bit extra and different body shape type.

You can do lots of experiments with respect to deciding which dress suits on you and which outfit looks hot on you.

Most importantly, for full-figured women, they can wear and flaunt just about any kinds of outfits.

However, to maximize your curves and to minimize that bulk aspect of your body, you can wear dresses which emphasize your waist. Your overall goal should be to enhance and highlight your hourglass figure.

Wear form-Fitting Dresses

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Most probably, form-fitting dresses look lovely and amazing on women who have a curvy body type. You can ever wear form-fitting skirts.

Make sure that such dresses and skirts should have a diagonal cut. This dress type is hence an excellent choice for all curvy body women.

Most certainly, these diagonal cut and diagonally styled dresses are going to hug your hips and waist perfectly.

However, to downplay the lower half section of your body, you can wear and put on some loose clothing over on your thighs and calves.


Avoid Wearing Extremely Tight Dresses

Though you can wear fitted dresses, it is not advised and suggested to wear extremely tight dresses if you have a curvy body type.

You need to strike and maintain the perfect balance between too tight and too form-fitting. Make sure to play with different cuts and textures and also layers.

In addition, choose that form-fitting dress that let you move and walk with ease.

Do Not Forget to Wear Supportive Undergarments

Wear Supportive Undergarments

For curvy body women, every single dress has to be accompanied by supportive undergarments. This is the golden principle which all curvaceous body women have to follow.

To look sexy and hot in this body, get form-fitting lingerie for yourself too. These supportive undergarments are going to give the right support and right shape to your lovely cleavage.

Moreover, there are many and lots of neutral tone supportive undergarments available in the market.

Pick the best lingerie for you and show your curves confidently. As these bras come and packed with some extra thickness, for the reason that they will give a better hold to your breasts.

Go for Skinny Jeans and Wrap-Around Dresses

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Furthermore, it is best to go for a skinny jeans option instead of wearing tights if you have a curvy body. One of the classic and clever ways to show and flaunt your curves and overall figure is by wearing a pair of skinny jeans.

This is how your curves will look more fabulous. Even more, to make your curves look more beautiful, do wear the right wrap dress then! Such a dress brings a textured look on your overall curvy body.


However, curvaceous body women love wearing cross-body dresses too. If your weight is somewhat focused and concentrated in the midsection, then do put on something on your shoulders.

This will give a balanced and complete look to your body shape.

Other Dress Types Specifically Made for the Curvy Body Type

Lastly, curvy body women can prefer wearing flared skirts and gowns made of light fabric. They are free to wear fitted tops and palazzos as well as hip-length tops.

Moreover, you ca out on A-line midis, shift dresses, fitted pants, off the shoulder tops.

Curvy body shaped women look lovely if they wear fitted pencil dresses, pencil skirts, button-up shirts and too wrap dresses, high flow dresses.

Other options which you can pursue, they are to wear long tops, skinny jeans, long cardigans, and empire waist dresses, bodycon dresses, tank dresses

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

To summarize, the complete guide on acquiring a curvy body shape is mentioned to you. Still, if you have any ambiguities or confusion, you can ask from us.

No matter you have bulky curves, you can still flaunt them by toning them up. Also, do share with us what kind of curvy body type you have! And in what ways and dressing styles you generally and commonly flaunt it. Stay tuned with us.

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