Booty Training

Booty Type Training Printable Workout Ebook Review

Jessica Gouthro is the mastermind behind this Booty Type Training Program. If any of your desire to get a firmer as well as rounder butt, then follow this specific training.

This program guide is based on a 14-day challenge. Here the specific concept is used which is termed as Greek Goddess Ratio. Furthermore, this guide tells as to how to eliminate and get rid of cellulite present on your butt.

Moreover, this guide claims to tighten up your butt. If you are worried immensely about your cellulite problem of sagging skin, then try out this guide.

The author of this training guide assures that you may get rid of stubborn body fat present on your hips in less time. However, if you are eager to read this book, then you can get it from here Click on the link and get your copy.

How Does This Booty Type Training Program Work?

Booty Type Training

This 14-day training guide does not ask you to take crazy juices. There is no need to start consuming low-calorie diets or any of the butt lifting expensive supplements.

This simple workout training guide may help you directly and naturally getting a curvy looking. Most importantly, this guide works for all kind of women body.

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No matter you are size zero or you want to add up a few of the inches to your pancake and flat looking butt, this guide is made for you.

Want to know the best part of this guide? It is that it gives results in short and minimum time frame. This is an easy to follow guide. You will have great fun and a great time while doing these bodyweight workouts.

These workouts can be performed and done from the comfort of your own home. And zero equipment is needed to do this booty lifting challenge.


This Jessica Gouthro Booty Type Training Program is backed and supported by evidence-based medical studies and lots of research studies. It means you can pour all your trust and confidence in it.

This guide which is penned down by Jessica, it is designed in a way so that you can instantly shape and tone the appearance of your thighs and butt. In addition, if there is a bumpy cellulite present across your butt and thighs, then this guide may help you.

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Booty Type Training Guide is Made for Whom?

Booty Type Training

You might be wondering this training guide which is regarding butt lifting is made for which audience? We will tell you. All those women who have cottage-cheese kind of butt, they should immediately start to follow these kinds of guides.

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Besides, workouts written in this guide will make your legs look thinner as well as skinnier. And your butt will get a lifted look.

Also, to give your waist a sexy kind of hourglass cinch and to add up some of the inches of a firm and toned muscle to your bum, this guide shall play is crucial and important part.


Lastly, if you belong to that category of women who do not want to pass herself through these painful butt workouts, it is for such women that Jessica has designed this training workout plan for them.

Learning Extracted from Jessica Booty Lifting Training Guide

Booty Type Training Program work

One of the basic learning which is extracted from this training guide, it is that those women who often do endless sort of cardio, they usually and generally get flat-looking booty. For the reason that Jessica has advised those women not to do wrong cardio exercises.

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Upon doing the wrong exercises, you will only get lumpy, saggy and bulky cellulite.

There is this one study in which researchers came to know that upon doing cardio for 12 weeks and that too for 45 minutes consecutive, that routine bring zero effect on body composition and butt-lifting part.

Thus, Jessica, author, and mastermind of this guide have come up with a different and effective training pattern.

She has highlighted in this training guide how 100 squats in a day can give a worse look to your bum. Also, there are 3 ways mentioned in it to lift your booty.


And you will get to know about the biggest butt-shaping lies too. Even more, she has highlighted those three foods which you should never and ever eat. Upon eating those three foods, you get lots of cellulite dimples right on the next day on your hips.

And to know about the details regarding what never to eat pre and post your exercise sessions, for that read out this training guide.

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Interesting Details Given in Jessica Gouthro Booty Type Training Program

The author of this guide has talked and discussed the term “butt amnesia” in this guide. This is one of the new medical terms which you may have heard as well.

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Those women who have almost lost their functioning right in their glutes and experience poor circulation in their legs, they are the common victim of this problem.

The author of this guide has explained that this problem can even cause and gives rise to cellulite. Thus, in this book, readers can know as to how to prevent and fix this butt amnesia.


There is a bonus video present in it and that is going to teach and train you how to speed up and amplify your booty-shaping results.

Lastly, know about the “Saddlebag Slimmer” secret which can help you to shrink and reduce any of the unwanted fat presents on your outer thighs. And make sure to become part of “What’s My Booty Type?” Quiz so that you can discover and know about your exact Booty Type.

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What the Training Guide Entails In It?

Training Guide

Most certainly, you will be given a video package. In that package, all exercises are provided in the video format. By watching those videos, you can then know how those booty training exercises are performed.

It is with the help of this video section you can understand how workouts are done in a right manner

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You will also be getting a complete work out plan in this training guide. Most probably, in this reviewed training guide by Jessica, a total of four basic workout plans are mentioned and provided.

Simply choose the butt shape which you want and wish and then start off with your workout routine accordingly.

Besides, printable workouts logs are provided along with this training guide too. These workout logs track your progress on a regular basis. Lots of ways and techniques are mentioned in this book as to how to lift your booty without performing any of the tiresome exercises.


Lastly, this training guide entails and make you understand what is an ideal time to perform these exercises. Jessica has mentioned and elaborated about metabolic booty movements in this guide.

Upon doing these metabolic booty movements, you can shape your butt according to your desire.

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Short 10-Minute Workouts Designed by Jessica Gouthro

Workouts Designed

Jessica Gouthro has come up with short 10-minute workout videos in this guide. Most probably, these videos are going to but your butt on the Fat-Burning Mode.

Women avoid doing long and boring steady state kind of cardio workouts. For the reason that she has come with these short and intense workouts. Moreover, you can call them High-Intensity Booty Circuits.

Note down that these short workouts are bodyweight only. No equipment is needed. These short workouts are going to boost your metabolism. And naturally, turn and transform your body right into a fat-burning machine.

This Booty Type Training Program only Needs 10 Minutes Per Day

Booty Type Training

If you do not have a single minute to go to the gym, then what you can do is to take out at least 10 minutes from your busy life.  For tightening up your butt and also your legs and belly, these 10 minutes will bring a miracle in your life.

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Jessica has asked her readers to follow this guide and training plan for 10 minutes, three times per week. You can do these exercises anytime and anywhere.

No gym membership is needed. Read out the book so that you can understand more of the details. To order it, here is the link.


Results Delivery Time is 14 Days

Jessica Gouthro has claimed to show you the desired results in just 14 days. This guide is going to train your booty in a way that you naturally and immediately get a toned look.

Moreover, this guide completely guarantees to stimulate and activate all three heads of your glute muscles. Hence, getting a toned body look gives you a confident look no matter you are in a bikini or wearing the tightest dress.

These booty type movements, exercises are going to lift your tighten your hips in less time. They will change the genetic shape of your bum in a natural way.

However, if you have not tried such a kind of training before, then try following this guide plan.

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Should You Invest in This Butt Shaping Program Or not?

We know that many of you might be confused about whether you should invest in this Jessica booty type training or not, we will tell you. This is a genuine legitimate program.

You can trust this program for sure. This specific guide can guide you instantly how to get the best-looking booty. In addition, you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It means you have a total of two months time frame to refund and return this training guide program. In case of dissatisfaction, you can claim this money-back guarantee option.

Hence, this program by Jessica Gouthro looks quite real. It has got an extensive repute and fame in the training industry market.

Positive Side of Jessica Gouthro Booty Type Training Program

Booty Type Training Program work

Firstly, this program is extremely simple to understand. All of the techniques as well as strategies mentioned in this book, they are written in simple language, simple terms, and simple context.

This is a complete informative guide as it instructs and guides you which foods to eat pre and post-workout session of yours.

This is not an expensive guide. No extra and additional money will be charged by you.

Customers are protected by a time frame of 60-day money-back guarantee option.

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Negative side of Jessica Gouthro Booty Type Training Program

Booty Type Training

You may get delayed results because this training plan works in a different manner on all women. Every woman has a different physique, body structure as well as bone structure.

A single absence from this training workout plan may bring down your all efforts to zero scales.

Our Verdict

This bum shaping training guide by Jessica Gouthro, this program sounds pretty much genuine and real. You can give it a try to lift your butt.

Moreover, positive reviews are collected by it so far. And hopefully, many more strong and positive reviews and thumbs up are still to be garnered by this training guide.

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The amazing part about this Jessica Gouthro training guide is that it does not involve any of the risky procedures to shape and lift your butt.

No use of creams, injections, and surgeries are involved in this training plan. All in all, this guide is an effective and easy way to get a rounder and bigger bum.

The author of this training guide is an experienced trainee. She has already helped and assisted a large number of ladies with respect to butt lifting job.


Even more, the interesting part is that in America, she is often nicknamed and called America’s booty type expert. How cool it is! So, one can say that this author really knows about those secrets and golden rules which can give you a toned bum.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It up!

So, what’s the bottom line? Jessica Gouthro has come up with this effective booty lifting training guide. This is a genuine and hence one of the scams free programs.

Do not miss the chance to order this book from here. More updates and reviews are coming up. So stay in touch with us.

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