14 Day Perfect Booty

14 Day Perfect Booty Program Guide Review

Alli Kerr has come up with this 14 Day Perfect Booty program guide.

You might be wondering what is the purpose of reading this book? It helps and guides you with respect to getting a tight, toned and shapely derriere. The important topic highlighted in this topic is “Saggy Butt Syndrome.”

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In this Syndrome, your main glute muscles, and lower back, upper thigh muscles become too tight or too weak to activate.

14 Day Perfect Booty Program Guide – Complete Review

14 Day Perfect Booty Program Guide

Most importantly, this 14 Day Perfect Booty guide is a hybrid product. You get a downloadable book right in PDF format. And also be able to access all of the videos that you can view online.

This program guide comprises 55 pages and there are a total of 52 workout videos and also 3 bonus videos present in it.

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It is claimed by Alli Kerr that in just 14 days, you can get a tighter, shapelier butt. She as disregarded the need to get engaged and involved in long and boring workouts.

Most noteworthy, this specific guide is targeted and designed in a way as what exercises and what order should be followed to get a toned booty.


The mentioned exercises are quite and extremely simple, safe, secure and effective.

All of the suggested workouts work and tone your booty and leg muscles.

They even strengthen your Erector Spinae. This is the main and primary muscle group which is responsible for making and defining the curvature of your lower spine.

In addition, it is this curvature of the spine which controls and lift your booty.

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Criteria to Follow The 14 Day Perfect Booty Workout

The only and single equipment which you need to make use in your workout sessions is a chair. Most certainly, the chair will give you extra and additional support and balance.

If you think that you are completely new to these exercises or you are at the beginner level, then make sure to only use a good supportive chair. Get that sturdy chair which has a non-slip surface.

In addition to, avoid using a folding chair. You can now start doing these exercises once you buy this eBook. Feel free to buy it from here.

Total Number of Workouts Part of Booty Workout Challenge

Total 8 workouts are the part of this 14 Day Perfect Booty Program. Every single workout is composed of 6 exercises. The three bonus videos are titled and named as “Booty Blast,” Yoga Booty Flow 1,” and also “Yoga Booty Flow 2”.

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These videos run for 10-13 minutes each. Besides, this whole program is relatively short. And along with that, it is to the point.

You can call it a workout book which claims and guarantee to give you a toned and well-shaped booty.

Beyond, the overall bulk section of the book reveals and explains how to do each of the exercises.


The detailed explanation is mentioned in the book. Every exercise is displayed and showed by a full-color photo. And Alli is demonstrating and explaining how they’re done!

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How Easy and Simple These Exercises Are?

14 Day Perfect Booty Program Guide Review

Want to know the best part of this perfect butt challenge? It is that its exercises are fairly and comparatively straightforward.

They are easy to do.  If you fail to understand as to how to do these exercises, then you can directly take help from the videos.

You can view these videos online too. Or you can download them to your smartphone.  In addition to, these videos are available in 15-20 MB size range.

Alli Kerr has professionally shot these videos. They are of excellent quality.

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Why Become The Part of This Butt Shaping Challenge?Flat Butt

It is claimed and guaranteed by Alli Kerr that this 14-day booty shaping challenge permanently builds and tone your butt.

It tightens and also tones your thighs.

This is very important for you to melt away the cellulite present on your butt, this is how a curvaceous bum shape is attained. All these exercises and the content present in this book focus on the fact as to how to melt away this cellulite.

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This overall challenge and workout plan is kept simple and easy. There is no complicated or tough kind of butt and leg machines involved to perform this bum shaping challenge.

Most importantly, the person does not has to perform and carry out crazy lifting exercises. While becoming the part of this challenge, it is not expected from you to lift big bulky weights.


Thus, if you are in the habit of wearing butt pads to give natural curves to your butt, then stop doing that. This 14-day butt shaping workout challenge may give you a toned and curvaceous butt in less time,

Positive Side of Alli Kerr – 14 Day Challenge for Toning Butt

14 Day Perfect Booty Program Guide Review

Talking specifically about the positive side of this workout program! Alli Kerr has explained this fact again and again that this book is designed and written by keeping in mind the woman’s body structure.

Besides, this system and the mentioned workout challenge is tested on hundreds and thousands of clients consisting of different butt genetics.

Those women who think that their butt lacks a naturally curvy look, then they should become part of this challenge.

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A single workout is just 12 minutes duration. And that is a suitable and enough time limit for women to complete a single exercise.

Besides, another positive and the best part about this program guide is that you will never get bored from it.


As soon as you observe that your booty is getting back in its full and toned look, you will gradually get more excited to perform this challenge.

However, if you tend to make booty building mistakes, then do follow this simple guide designed and made by Alli Kerr. By following this simple workout plan, you can directly know which of the booty building mistakes to avoid!

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How to Get The Best and Required Results After Reading The Perfect Booty Guide eBook By Alli Kerr?

Perfect Booty Guide

Once you read this book written by Alli Kerr, then the first thing which you have to do is to perform these exercises in a sequence. Make sure to follow the exact order so that you can receive and see the best results.

You need to understand all of the keys and elements mentioned in this book. Understand the purpose as to why you are performing these butt building exercises.

No doubt, if you have a tighter booty, then you will automatically look 10 -15 years younger.

Your problem of flat spine curve may get solved as well. Furthermore, this mentioned workout by Alli Kerr can be performed and done anywhere.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery vs Alli Kerr 14-Day Butt Shaping Program Guide eBook

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery vs Alli Kerr 14-Day Butt Shaping Program Guide eBook

You may have heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery procedures. Such butt lifting procedures and method are extremely expensive and costly. Moreover, these procedures come with undesirable consequences.

If you do not want to put your health all at risk or in jeopardy, then avoid such kind of booty shaping and butt-lifting procedures. However, opt for natural procedures like mentioned and provided by Alli Kerr.

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  • This book is the name of boosting your self-confidence, making you feel sexy.
  • Buying this eBook is a great investment as it gives you toned and sexy look butt in only 14 days.


In other words, we can say that the person will get the highest return on investment upon correctly following the details and guideline of this eBook.

Hence, if you are interested in lifting and shaping your booty permanently, then here is an effective solution for you. Most probably, the correct follow up of this eBook and workout plan guide may double or triple lift your butt.

2 FREE Gifts Upon Buying This Alli Kerr EBook

Alli Kerr EBook

Gift # 1: Workout Video Related to Booty Blast

The very first gift which you may get is this workout video which is about Booty blast. Alli Kerr has come up with this bonus and free video so that your results can get a kicking effect.

It is recommended and suggested to add up and perform this Fat-Blasting Workout session each week.

Most importantly, this free and bonus gift is included with the complete workout guide.

Lastly, this video helps you burn your booty fat in less time. It keeps your bum toned no matter how stubborn fat is stored on it!

Gift # 2: Workout Video Related to Yoga Booty Flow

The other gift which you will get is this Yoga booty flow workout video. Most probably, this video can shape your butt muscles if you are going to follow the step by step process of this video.

This specific exercise allows your bum muscles to reshape, tone and restrengthen them in the best way.

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All in all, this complete Yoga Flow video will be able to lift your bum in a maximum way.

Moreover, for your daily training program, make sure to incorporate this exercise as an integral part and important part of your workout session.


Note down that this 2 part full follow workout is designed and explained by

Yoga Expert named as Nicole Juhl. These free gifts are the perfect addition right to this 14 Day Perfect Booty Program.

Price and Money Back Guarantee Option

This eBook by Alli Kerr offers a Money Back Guarantee option. It is just in 15 dollars that you buy this guide.

Hopefully, you will see the positive results after reading and following the instructions of it.

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Why Women Do Not Get A Perfect Booty?Perfect Booty

Explanation Given by Alli Kerr

It is explained and stated by Alli Kerr in this eBook that when women tend to overlook and ignore their main butt muscle group which is Erector Spinae, then they usually get saggy looking bum.

Most importantly, this main muscle group consists and composes of three columns of muscles.

They are named as Iliocostalis, Longissimus, and also Spinalis. Each of them run parallel on either of the outer sides and zones of the Vertebra.

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And then they extend themselves from the lower backside of the skull. And ultimately reaches to the Pelvis/hips.

This eBook by Alli Kerr has focused on the aspect that one should keep on toning this main bum muscle group.


If this specific and particular group of booty muscles are not properly activated. If this muscle section of yours is weak, then your butt and thighs shall eventually become dysfunctional.

Besides, these deactivated and dysfunctional bum muscles give you sagging and loose skin. This condition only gives you increased appearance and presence of cellulite on your bum. You get saddlebags also flatness in your bum.

This is an important and main reason as to why women get saggy butt shapes.

Who Can Follow This 14 Day Butt Shaping Workout?14 Day Butt Shaping Workout

Women of all butt shapes can follow and be part of this workout video. It is true that women naturally carry more amount of fat and cellulite in their hips and thighs as compared to their male counterparts.

For the reason that they need to perform exercises on a daily basis for the sake of activating their main muscle group. Hence, no matter what bum shape you have, you are free to follow the workout plan as mentioned by Alli Kerr.

This eBook is made and designed for all women categories regardless of the fact what bum shape and body shape they have!


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  • Affordable.
  • Exercises are easy to follow.
  • No special equipment is needed to perform these exercises.
  • 2 free gifts.



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  • Exercise videos are not optimized for mobile.
  • A couple of upsells.




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Our Verdict

This 14 Day Perfect Booty program challenge designed by Alli Kerr has got a bunch of thumbs up.

This is a straight forward booty shaping program. And manages to give the desired results in 14 days. Moreover, this book is easy to read and remains to the point.

A couple of great reviews are received by it. However, if you want to shape your butt, then do try out such kind of 14-day butt shaping challenge.

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It’s Your Time Now!!

Get this Alli Kerr 14 Day Perfect Booty program guide ebook by clicking on the link and share with us how this guide helped you.



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