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How to Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles? – A Step by Step Guide

Glute stretches will give you tight buttock muscles in no less time.

Here are the ways to tighten up your hips.

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These glue stretches will help you in a remarkable way. If you do have tights hips then this is the thing on which you should be proud of yourself.

By doing heavy squats as well as burn-inducing lunges, you can achieve such a look for your bum. So, how can you loosen your tight buttock muscles, below is the guide for you.

You need to work on the aspect of flexibility for your hamstrings and quadriceps, hip flexors.


Do you know that it is because of the tight glutes that you experience a limited range of motion and limited performance, it is true!

Why Your Hips Are Tight?

Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles

You should know that glute muscles eventually become shortened over a certain span of time. It is due too excessive sitting that they become tight and you fail to use them in the full range of motion.

Remember that sitting is extremely and intensely detrimental to your glute performance.

Your glute muscles get weaker all because of extreme and constant sitting and this routine also shortens up the hip flexors.

It might lead to piriformis syndrome as well.

For the patients having piriformis syndrome, it is recommended to them to treat and cure their glute pain and tightness is to stretch that area.

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Powerful & Easy to Do Glute Stretches to Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles

Leg Swings

Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles

This is the perfect exercise to warm up yourself and your hips and glute. Before you plan to do and perform a deep stretching exercise, do this warm-up session in the form of leg swings.

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Stand with one hand all on a wall.

Start lifting your opposite leg and then you can swing it completely in front of you and then behind you.


It is just like a pendulum that you have to perform this exercise. Swing your leg by doing 10 to 12 reps and then you can switch your leg to the other side.

Front Lunge

Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles

You can be performing front lunges to loosen up your tight buttock muscles. Stand tall with all your feet together.

Lower your one foot into a lunge, your knee should be behind your toes during this exercise.

Start pushing yourself back completely through your heel and glutes by maintaining a standing position. Repeat the same workout with the other leg of yours and do 10 to 12 reps.

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More ways to Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles


This bridge exercise is going to get your glutes and tight buttock muscles all in a firing mode.

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This workout is also going to engage your core muscles and warm up your lower back. Have your face-up all on the floor.

Your knees have to bend exactly and accurately at a 90-degree angle.

Keep your heels appropriately on the floor and start raising your hips until and unless they make a straight line and straight form with your shoulders and knees.


Keep on holding your hips in a parallel form to the ground and maintain this position for a two-second count.

Pigeon Pose

Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles

This is also called a yoga pose. This is one of the powerful stretches which is going to release and loosen your glutes and also your hip flexors.

Get yourself in a tabletop position. Take out your right leg and have it in a forward position.

Now sink down yourself so that the outer edge may rest on the floor. Start extending your left leg and keep your hips completely and accurately angling towards the floor.

Hold this pose for about 20 to 30 seconds and repeat this same pigeon pose on your left leg.

Twisting Glute Stretch

Next, we have another exercise for you which can instantly relax down your tight bum muscles.

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You can do that by doing twisting glue stretches. Sit on the floor.

Have your legs stretched out all in front of you.

Bend one of your knees and keep the other knee extended. Start draping your opposite arm all across your bent knee.

Start to twist towards it until and unless you are going to feel and notice a stretch in your outer hip.


Hold this specific position for around 20 to 30 seconds and then later on you can switch this pose and do this exercise on your other leg.

Other Exercises to Loosen Your Tight Bum Muscles

Deep Lunge

This is a suggested exercise if you want to instantly loosen your tight butt muscles. Stand tall and extend your right leg.

Lower down yourself in a deep lunge position.

You can even touch your right knee if it is possible. Meanwhile, you will perform this exercise, the individual will feel a deep stretch in his tight hips. Hold this position for exactly 20 to 30 seconds.

Leg Crossover

Loosen Tight Buttock Muscles

By doing a leg crossover, you can naturally get rid of tight hips. Lye flats on your back and keep your legs extended. Start lifting your right hip and also your leg and cross them over on your left leg.

Your back and also your shoulders should remain flat on the ground.

This effective exercise is going to perfectly stretch your tight glute muscled and also your tight lower back and tight hips.

Couch Stretch

Lastly, you can try this couch stretch pose to immediately loosen your tight hips.

Stand up yourself in front of the couch with all facing away. You can even use a wall if you do not have a couch.

Keep your right knee up and it should be placed against the back side of the couch. Start bending your left leg and keep your glutes completely engaged and your torso should be straight.

Keep up your hips in line and inform with your chest. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

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Final Words

Loose buttock muscles mean more flexibility and better performance. So, start doing these stretches for your tight glutes and take out this tension and tightness which your hips are experiencing.

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