Hips Dips: 11 Easy Steps To Get Rid of Them – ( Guide )

Hips Dips: 11 Easy Steps To Get Rid of Them – ( Guide )

Hips dips are actually the inward curves which are present just below the hip bone of yours. These hip dips are present on both of the sides of your body.

In some of the people, they are specifically and commonly pronounced as well as noticeable as compared to other others.

Furthermore, you may call them with the names like that of high dents, violin hips or even shelf hips.

Here you are going to get the details as to how to get rid of hip fat and what are the easy steps to reduce the look of hip dents.

What are Hip Dips?

Hips Dips

You might be wondering what are hip dips? Here is an explanation for you. They are the inward depressions which are located along the hip side of your body.

Most importantly, their actual and commonplace lies below your hip bone These hip indentations might be slight and also barely noticeable.

Or on the other hand, they can be rather and much prominent. All in all, one should consider them as a normal and general part of their body structure.

What Causes Hip Dips?

Causes Hip Dips

Most of the people do not have a clear idea regarding what causes hip dips? Most noteworthy, this kind of condition occurs and happens when the femur gets attached and linked to the acetabulum. Some people are born with such kind of skeleton.

Males do have hip dips too. However, women are the common and big target of this condition. Hip dips are more noticeable, clear and prominent among women because their hips are generally and comparatively wider.

Moreover, hip dips are caused because of your skeletal structure or muscle structure and even due to the factor of genetics.

When you notice that your skin is attached to some of the deeper section of your thigh bones, then always be prepared to get hip dips.

Lastly, it depends on your hips width and shapes how much more or how much less prominent hip dents you are going to get!

Does Everyone Have Hip Dips?

No, not everyone has hip dents. These violin hips are more noticeable in some people. For a few of the people, they are less prominent. And some do not have hip dents.

However, it is completely and wholly natural to have such kind of hips. In addition, hip dents are not at all a sign and symbol of being healthy and unhealthy.

They do not show how much overweight or underweight you are! At the same time, the amount of body fat which is residing in your body, they let your hip dips become more noticeable.

Thus, hip dents are the natural part of your bone structure. And you can get rid of them through performing strength exercises and taking a healthy diet..’

11 Easy Steps To Get Rid of Hips Dips

Hips Dips

Most probably, there is a certain guide plan which you can follow to get rid of hop dips. Below we have mentioned 11 easy steps for you which eventually help you to reduce the look and appearance of hip dents.

Step 1

The very first step to get rid of hip dents, it is by doing and performing a proper workout. Most certainly, if you are going to follow specific exercise regimes, then such a routine may help you to reduce and decrease the prominence of hip dents.

In addition to, these strength induced exercises may fill out your hip dips. What you need to do is to fill out your butt with more and more muscle mass, this is how you can easily eliminate this annoying issue.

Lastly, it is all your muscles and also the bone structure which is going to decide how prominent and noticeable your hip dents will come on your body.

There are just two muscles which are present near your hip dips. And they are gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. So, do target them properly.

Step 2

Furthermore, opt for good fashion choices. Wear the right clothing to hide your hip dents. You can easily make your body flattering looking upon wearing the right and ideal kind of outfits.

Choose those clothes which can eliminate and disappear the visibility of unwanted hip dips from your body. Even more, one should avoid wearing low-rise and also tight-fitting jeans.

Such kind of jeans makes you look bulkier and thus makes your hip dents more visible. Thus, always avoid and stop wearing high waisted jeans too.

Moreover, it is always safe to wear mid-rise jeans.

Step 3

Besides, to get rid of hip dents, you can go with the option of wearing compressor panties. They are known as padded panties as well. These compressor panties have the potential to smoothen and even out your love handles.

They can even play down and make your hip dips extremely invisible. Hence, go with the option of padded underwear or hip paddings if you want to fill your dips.

Step 4

Some of the people like to apply creams and go with other medications to fill their dips and dents on their hips.

Before you plan to pursue these options which include hip dents filling medications and creams, always consult your doctor beforehand.

Most probably, you have heard about this topical cream Volufiline. It is extracted from a Chinese herb and made to fill out your hip dips.

Step 5

A healthy lifestyle helps you a lot to disappear the presence of dips and dents from your body. Upon eating well and taking extremely good care of yourself can ease down this problem of yours.

To solve this dips problem, you can increase your water intake. Do always make sure that you are eating enough calories.

It is also by eating lean protein that you will be able to build and produce more muscle mass on your hip dent zones Thus, fill these dents and dips by taking lots of healthy fats, calcium, and to fiber.

Step 6

Your workout should not only focus with respect to filling your violin hips. Try to come up with that sort of workout routine which strengthen and tone your whole body.

Balance your fitness routine in a way which tones your body and fill your dips at one single time. Furthermore, perform a variety of exercises and remain to stay dedicated to your fitness workout routine.

For more help and guidance, you can contact your doctor, nutritionist, or any of the fitness professionals.

Step 7

Most importantly, to eliminate thee annoying hip dips presence from your body, one should stay focused while toning his thighs. Meanwhile, you have to make an effort to lose all excess belly fat as soon as possible.

Your only target and goal are to make your violin hips less noticeable. However, it is not possible to completely get rid and eliminate hip dips. But still, you can make them somewhat less noticeable.

Thus, op for strength training and tone your hips and legs,

Step 8

The next step which you can for sure pursue is to regularly follow the best wider hips workout plan. It is only this wider hips workout which can fill out the hip dip section of yours.

Most noteworthy, perform and carry out such a workout routine at least 3 to 4 times a week. Lastly, remember the golden rule, work on your hip muscles and let them grow.

This is only how you can fill that specified section.

Step 9

It is recommended by the experts to focus and concentrate on your calorie intake routine as well. Most certainly, this is another easy and convenient way to transform your violin hips all into curvy looking one.

If you want your butt to stay away from having indentations, then try to increase your calorie intake content. In addition to, this consumption will help to gain more weight on your booty.

And thus no dents are going to appear on your bum. As an example, you can have 500 calories per day to be included in your diet.

Step 10

Always eat healthy foods like that of starchy vegetables, boiled sweet potatoes as well as fruits, whole grains. You can have dairy products, unsaturated fats and lots of protein.

One can only see zero indentations on her hips if she is going to strictly follow this diet plan routine. We can give you an exact example as to what kind of diet plan you can have!

Like, have two slices of whole wheat bread and you can top them off with 2 tablespoons of almond peanut butter. Have a cup of freshly sliced bananas.

This is mainly how hip muscle development process is carried out and you no longer get violin hips.

Step 11

The last step of this guide plan is to have protein shakes. Upon boosting your protein intake, there are higher chances that dips may become less noticeable on your hips.

Focus to build your leg and hip muscles. Tone your upper body area as well. As your upper body is exactly and ideally proportional to your lower body, that is why you can only get rid of hip dents if you are going to perform a full-body workout.

How To Reduce The Look Of Hip Dips or Hip Dents

How To Reduce The Look Of Hip Dips or Hip Dents

Below are the recommended hip dip exercise options. You are free to opt them and automatically reduce the look of hip dents in a less and minimum amount of time frame:

Perform side lunges on both of your legs. This exercise helps you to define and tone your buttocks, thighs, and legs. The simple rule to perform this exercise is to keep both of your toes feet facing forward.

Moreover, you are free to add dumbbells while doing this exercise.

Side curtsy lunges work your thighs and also tone the side section of your buttocks. This exercise is all about staying low to the ground for the whole time.

Even more, it is better to perform side curtsy lunges while holding a dumbbell.

Glute bridges are another easy and simple way to reduce hip dents. This specific exercise work and tone your buttocks and thighs. Also, it engages your abdominal muscles thoroughly and completely.

Padded Underwear For Hip Dents

Underwear For Hip Dents

1- DODOING Butt Padded Panties

DODOING Butt Padded Panties

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Want to know the best part of this DODOING Butt Padded Panties recommendation? We will tell you. This padded underwear is exclusively made to hide your hip dents.

It carries an enhanced padded design. These padded panties are easily removable, washable and also reusable. They can instantly and immediately give you a sexy hourglass figure.

Apart from reducing your hip dents, this padded underwear can visibly reduce your waistline as well as your back bulge.

Thus, these panties are designed for those women who have violin hips, small hips or flat hips.


  • Enhanced and improved Padded Design.
  • Shape Your Buttock.
  • Suitable and Ideal for Any Occasion.


  • No lace design.

2- KDODOING Butt Padded Panties

IWI RATA Padded Lace Underwear

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KIWI RATA Padded Lace Underwear looks invisible underneath and this is the part of this padded underwear. It is comfortable and breathable to wear.

If you want to give a natural lift to your hips and also wish to reduce your hip dents visibility, then do wear this padded underwear. These boyshorts padded panties give you an hourglass figure:

Get a 100% Money Back Guarantee upon buying these Padded Lace Panties. And share your feedback too.


  • Comfortable and Breathable.
  • Seamless look.
  • Visibly reduce the back bulge.


  • None.

3- DODOING Butt Padded Panties

Sliot Butt Enhancer Padded Underwear

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Sliot Butt Enhancer Padded Underwear comes on the third spot. This padded panty contains a Sexy Butt Lifter design. It has the capacity to enhance the shape of your buttock area.

It is designed in a manner to naturally hide your hip dips section. Moreover, its overall composition is 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex. It looks invisible under all kinds of clothing.

Try out these butt lifting pads and share your reviews.


  • Sexy Butt Lifter design.
  • Looks invisible under any kind of clothing.
  • Gives a thigh control job.


  • Expensive.

4- NINGMI Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear

NINGMI Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear Enhancer Control Panties Body Shaper Underwear Black

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NINGMI Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear is easy to wear and instantly gives you reduced visibility in terms of hip dips. Even more, it tightens your bottom and enhances the shape of your bottom curves.

To experience a perfect shaped butt and also lightweight tummy control job, then do try out these underwear panties. It is for all kinds of occasion that you can use them.

Wear them if you are going out for dating, wedding or for any other social outgoing gathering.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Flexible and Breathable.
  • Removable butt lifting pads.


  • None.

5- HelloTem Butt Lifter Padded Underwear

HelloTem Butt Lifter Padded Underwear

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Lastly, we have HelloTem Butt Lifter Padded Underwear. This padded panty comes with a breathable mesh finish. It is its sexy lace work which makes it more eye-catchy looking.

This high-waisted padded panty disappears your hip dips presence. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear. Besides, it gives you that kind of bum shape which you always want!

Thus, wear it every day, like for dating, social outgoing gatherings or dance party times.


  • Breathable mesh finish.
  • Sexy lacework
  • Comfortable to wear


  • None.

Exercises that Minimize Hip Dips

Leg kickbacks Exercise

Leg kickbacks Exercise

Leg kickbacks exercise lifts your butt and reduce the visibility of hip dents at the same time. This workout is all about engaging your core. Make sure that you do this exercise slowly.

Feel free to use ankle weights if you want to!



Squats are an easy way to minimize the visibility of hip dents. They even tone and shape your thighs, hips, and butt. To get the best results, you should also engage your abdominal muscles firmly.

Standing Side-to-Side Squats

Standing Side-to-Side Squats

These squats help you decrease your hip dents appearance from your body. This is an excellent exercise for your toning and strengthening your legs, buttocks, and hips.

These squats can be performed by using ankle weights to get up to the mark results.

Standing Side Leg Lifts

Standing Side Leg Lifts

Lastly, standing leg lifts help you build and grow the muscle mass around your hips. This is the natural way to fill the hip dents too. This exercise should be performed in a steady and controlled manner.

These are a few of the exercises which open doors for you with respect to getting rid of hip dips. Try following any of them and naturally transform your hip dents to become curvy one.

Why Hip Dips Get Such A Bad Rap?

Hip dips have got such a bad rep because people believe they are a sign of being overweight and unhealthy. This is not the case at all! It is normal to have hip dents.

The best way and solution is to get rid of this problem is to embrace your hip dip. You can work out on them or tone them up. But do not feel guilty about them.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Now, you have come to know why do I have hip dips! So, do follow the above-written workout plan, Start doing all the exercises which we have mentioned to you.

Hopefully, you will get the positive and the best results sooner or later. Moreover, share with us if you have ever experienced the presence of hip dents?

How did you tackle this problem and what measure you opt for!


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