Build Upper Buttock Muscles

How to Build Upper Buttock Muscles? – A Step by Step Guide

There is a specific upper butt workout that each one of you can easily follow. It is important for you to build up your upper buttock muscles if you want to tone your booty.

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Your upper glutes are going to get perfect curves if you will follow this guide.

You will notice a nice and sexy looking curvy lift on your upper buttocks. This is just the 6-minute workout which will help you in achieving your target.

Your upper glutes are made of specific groups of muscles which are gluteus maximus, minimus and also medius.


It is this gluteus maximus that makes up most of the portion of your upper and lower buttocks.

Build Upper Buttock Muscles

This upper butt workout is going to quickly and specifically hit and target all your butt areas. These below-mentioned exercises are going to absolutely stimulate and activate your gluteal growth.

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This is true for all those people who want to improve and polish their physique, they need to first focus on building up their upper glutes section.


You can do one leg balances or hip abductions as well as hip extensions which are going to tone your gluteus medius and also your minimus while enhancing your strength and balance levels.

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Performing Kneeling Squat

Build Upper Buttock Muscles

This kneeling squat workout is going to take your upper buttock muscles to another next level. You need to start off this workout by all going up vertically.

Get yourself completely in a kneeling position. Hold both of your dumbbells right on your shoulders.

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Make sure that your glutes need to be resting exactly on your feet and you have to maintain yourself in a sitting position. Start pushing your body in an upward position.

While you will move your body upwards, you have to keep on contracting the glutes as much tighter as possible.

Keep on holding this straightened position for about one second. And then you can return back yourself in the starting position.

As soon as you will shift your body in a straightened position, then at that time, you have to keep up your glutes tight.


Do this workout by first opting a steady pace and then in the latter days, you can increase the intensity of this workout to extensively build your upper butt muscles.

Doing Leg Extensions

Build Upper Buttock Muscles

Another way of building up your upper bum muscles, you can do and perform leg extension. These quadruped leg extensions are one of the effective exercises for strengthening your gluteus medius.

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Place your hands completely and directly under your shoulders. Your knees have to be placed directly under your hips.

You have to keep up your spine straight and keep on contracting your abdominal muscles so that you can prevent any kind of injury and also isolate your glutes easily.

Start lifting one of your legs to the hip level. Keep your knee bent at an exactly 90-degree angle. Then lower down your leg.


To add up the further intensity in this workout, you can squeeze a dumbbell all behind your knees.

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Performing Single-Leg Pumps for Upper Buttock Muscles Strengthening

Build Upper Buttock Muscles

This is the kind of workout that will take your body out from its comfort zone. This exercise all need the power of legs. To build your upper glute muscles, this is the intense exercise which you should perform.

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Here you will be launching your lower body all in the mid-air while maintaining yourself in a bridge position.

Just lie down yourself on your back. Keep your left foot completely flat on the ground.

Make sure that your right leg should be slightly and a little bit bend in mid-air. Start launching your lower body entirely off the ground by using your left foot. Launch it as high as possible.

Now you need to contract your glutes as much harder as you can while you will be launching your body off the ground.


Once you will complete this exercise by using your left leg, then you have to do this same workout by using the right leg.

Lifting Lunges Workout

Build Upper Buttock Muscles

We know that lunge is one of the upper buttock muscle strengthening exercises. This exercise just needs balance from your side if you want to see the great results coming out from this workout.

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This lunge exercise is going to significantly strengthen your medius.

To do this workout and specific lunge exercise, you have to stand up on your feet with all facing forward and your hips have to be a distance apart.

It is throughout this workout that you have to maintain the perfect form. Your head and spine need to be lifted throughout the exercise.

Start taking a large step forward by using your one leg. Now lower your back knee wholly close to the floor and in the meanwhile, bend your front leg.


Keep on holding this position for about a second and then you can return back yourself to the starting position.

Doing A Reverse lunge with the Help of Dumbbells

Build Upper Buttock Muscles

The last effective exercise to build your upper bum muscles, it is to do a reverse lunge with the use of dumbbells. This is quite a popular workout and going to hit your upper glutes perfectly.

Stand in a position by keeping your shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbells exactly at your hip. You can use either your right feet or your left feet as you are about to perform a reverse lunge.

Your knee should hover above the ground while you are going to transform yourself into a lunge position. You can use both of your feet on an alternate basis.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!!

Feel free to follow these simple workout sessions which will bring a dynamic change in your upper glute muscles. Always remember that while performing these exercises, your form and posture should be correct.

It is your form which is going to absolutely makes a ton amount of difference in gaining the desired results. Share your feedback with us if you try any one of these above-mentioned upper buttock muscle workouts. Keep connected with us.

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