Grow Bigger Hips and Bum In A Week? – Step By Step Guide

It is entirely possible for every single woman out there to get a toned bum in a week.

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If you will train, workout and exercise yourself with 100% concentration and focus then you will automatically and instantly see a toned butt behind you.

It is time yo train your glutes in as much challenging and the tougher way you want to!


By following this guide which is about getting bigger hips and bum in a week, we are sure you will see massive and prominent results in a week.

A Complete Guide To Grow Your Hips In A Week


Follow the below-written guide which needs and demand consistency and dedication from your side too. Get started with this routine by setting the right plan and taking the right nutrition.

For this specific workout session, you will require a resistance band and a 25-30 weight range dumbbell.

If you do not have a resistance band, then you can also get and use a pair of stockings and make a band out from them.

Hop Kicks Hop Kicks Gives Bigger Hips

This is a squat variation which you can perform if your target is to bigger hips and bum in just a week time frame.

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This squat variation will definitely and absolutely going to turn your workout extremely and more interesting.

In this move, you will be carrying out and performing a kicking motion.

You can call it a multi-joint movement and this move will burn more calories in your body. Such kind of workout where you will be engaging and involving your multiple joints, they naturally tone and shape up your butt.

Get yourself in a wide squat position.


Start to raise your body while you will be kicking with the help of the left leg, meanwhile you have to touch your right hand as well.

Land back your body and get into the starting position.

Do this same pose by using your right leg.

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Lateral Glute Landed Bridge Lateral Glute Landed Bridge

This is a compound movement that involves both of the hip thrust moves along with doing the leg extension move. By doing this exercise, you will be able to highlight the shape of your hips in a sexy way.

Use band while doing this move.

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This band will give you an extra resistance and you can then easily target your gluteus medius.

Enter your body in a wide squat position.

Make sure that the resistance band needs to be right above the section of knee caps. Just straighten up your right leg.

Move your body in the right-hand direction and keep on stretching the band as far in an extreme direction as you can!


Get back your body in the starting position and repeat this same mentioned exercise by using the other leg of yours.

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Doing Lateral Band WalksDoing Lateral Band Walks

The other way to get toned and highlighted lifted bum look in a week, you can perform this move and recommended exercise which is lateral band walks.

To perform this workout, you will be needing a resistance band.

Get your body to enter in a squat position.

Place the resistance band around both of your legs and it should be tied up completely right below the area of your kneecap.

Start to slowly and gradually walk sideways either to the left side or to the right side. You need to maintain this squat position until you finish this movie.

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Performing Chair Jump Squats

Performing Chair Jump Squats

If one is going to perform chair jump squats, then she will immediately and quickly get toned buttock muscles. This is the best workout which is going to hit and seamlessly target your whole lower body.

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The person can start off this without using a dumbbell. On the other hand, as soon as you become the master and experienced trainer of this move, then it is advised to start using dumbbells to perform these chair jump squats.

These dumbbells will add up extra assistance in your workout and will help grow your glutes immensely.

First, you have to get a chair or bench for yourself. Sit on it by making a wide stance pose. Now, you need to perform an explosive jump as higher as you can.


After that, land back your body to the starting position. Repeat this pose again immediately.

It is ideally suggested to use a 25-30 pound dumbbell for the sake of extra resistance.

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Doing 360 Kicks

Doing 360 Kicks 

The 360 kicks are one of the unique workouts which will tone your thighs, hips, and legs. This subjected and specific compound exercise strengthen your glutes and thighs on a high note.

First, the person has to enter in a wide squat position.

Your thighs should be parallel posed and positioned to the ground. While you are going to raise your body, you have to lift your right leg all in a circular motion.

Land back yourself again in a starting position. Perform the same and exact move by using the other leg.

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Standing Fire Hydrant

Standing Fire Hydrant

It is this standing fire hydrant pose which will help you immensely in achieving the toned bum look of yours.

Virtually, this specific workout and move look extremely simple and easy to do but this is not the reality.

So, to do it, enter in a wide squat pose. Start raising the left leg of your sideways and hold this pose and move for one second. Now, you need to slowly lower your body to the starting position.

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So, start setting up your workout routine from now onwards.

Follow the guide which is mentioned above and collected for you.

Tone your hips, legs, and thighs, accentuate and heighten your butt size and make your waist smaller by performing the above-recommended exercises.

You can share with us which butt enhancing and hips toning moves you daily and regularly perform!

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