Get Hips And Curves

How To Get Hips And Curves? – A Step by Step Guide

If your ultimate goal and target are to build around and curvy looking hips, then this target can be achieved.

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Just follow a specific workout routine and get a curvy looking bum. You have to focus while working out on your gluteal muscles.

This gluteus medius is one of the hardest gluteal muscles which you need to hit and target during your workout.

Just follow a quick routine and here we have shared the guide with you which will not require any of the weights, equipment, accessories to be used from your side.


Those who want to add up extra resistance in their workouts, they can use dumbbells. This adding up of extra resistance to your glute workout sessions will give you better results.

The Curvier Hips Workout

The Curvier Hips Workout

Here we have discussed the different workouts for you which are all focused on targeting and hitting your gluteus medius and also your gluteus minimus.

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Your rest times should not be longer than that of 20 to 30 seconds.

Shorter rest durations will help you to keep up the intensity level of your workout modes.

The other important thing is that while performing and doing these exercises, you have to go and move on a controlled pace.

You should not rush and hurry all through the exercise sessions.


Get rid of all distractions while you do a workout, turn off your phone notifications and only focus and concentrate on your workout.

Side Step Squats Gives You Curvier Hips

Side Step Squats

Acquiring curvier hips is easy if you will regularly do these side step squats.

This workout routine of yours should be kicked off with this specific move. This is a compound squat variation that will lift and strengthen your buttocks.

This exercise will also be able to strengthen your every single muscle which is part of your lower body.

Stand yourself with shoulder-width apart.

Move-in a squat position. Start to move slowly towards the right and then lower down your body completely into the squat position. You need to hold and keep up this position for about 1 to 2 seconds.

Return back to the starting position. Once you will do this side-step squat with your right leg, then you can use a left leg.

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Performing Plank Leg Raises

Get Hips And Curves

This workout comes with extra and additional perks. By doing this, not only your lower body will get toned but also your core muscles and your upper body will get the right amount of benefit.

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This is a perfect exercise to shape your glute muscles and to get curvier hips.

First, you have to enter in a plank position. Make use of a resistance band and place them around both of your ankles.

Start raising your left leg as much higher as you can and then hold that position for around one second.


You need to feel that tension in the band while you are going to slowly return back to your initial and starting position. Do this same move with your other leg.

Squat Side Leg Lifts

Squat Side Leg Lifts 

This exercise should be performed at a moderate pace. To see curves on your hips instantly, you can do this exercise.

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Make sure not to be too slow and not too much fast while doing these squat side leg lifts.

Place the resistance band around your ankles. You need to stand up by keeping your shoulder-width apart. Slowly squat yourself and bring both of your thighs parallel to the ground.

Move your left leg in a sideways position and meanwhile, you should raise your body as high as possible.


This exercise will let you feel a maximum amount of tension in your resistance band. Now, return back yourself to the squat position and perform this same move by using the right leg of yours.

Hip Thrusts Exercise

Hip Thrusts Exercise 

For most of the people, this is their favorite glute exercise which they love to do.

This powerful exercise gives you a good focus and stimulates your bum muscles growth as well as add up maximum mass to your glutes.

To see more perfect results, you can add up a dumbbell in this exercise move of yours.

By doing these hip thrusts, you will be able to explore and enhance the size of your glutes by following the right set of routines.

You have to get into a position of side step squat first. Your back should be placed on the edge section of a bench. Hold the dumbbell on your hips.

And your hands and thighs have to be wide apart.

Start to slowly and gradually brace your bum and squeeze your glutes for about 2 to 3 seconds. Once you will finish the squeezing move, then you have returned back your body to the starting position.

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Lateral Single Leg Glute Bridge

Lateral Single Leg Glute Bridge

By doing this exercise, you will feel the maximum amount of fire in your glutes.

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This exercise can be performed well and extremely better by using a resistance band. One should move on a slow controlled pace while doing this lateral single leg glute move.

Get yourself in a glute bridge position. Brace your hips in an upward position and your glutes should be several inches off and away from the ground.

Start lifting your left leg completely towards your chest.

Hold this pose for about one second and then you can extend the same leg of yours entirely forward. Swing and shift this position to your left leg.


Hold this same position for about one second and return back to the previous initial starting point.

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Conclusion – Wrapping it Up!!

Now getting curvier hips have become easy.

These recommended workout sessions are going to maximize your strength and intensity and you will get flawless curves on your hips. Start doing these short workouts and share your feedback with us.

Keep in touch with us.

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