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How To Get Rounder Hips?

It is now possible to get rounder hips just like that of Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara. You might wondering how all of this is possible?

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Here are super great tips for you that help you in getting a rounder butt. No doubt, those women who have an hourglass figure, they always look increasingly appealing.

If you have got a narrow waist, then it is essentially vital for you to increase and expand your hip size. This is mainly how you can get the curvaceous body.


Now let us check out the super easy tips as to how to get rounder, wider, bigger and toned hips. And feel free to read this 14 Day Perfect Booty Program Guide Review which is all about butt lifing.

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Do Exercises Which Only Target Your Butt

Do Exercises Which Only Target Your Butt

Most importantly, you should regularly perform those exercises which target your but muscles. You can do side leg raises, hip raises and also squat kicks.

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Furthermore, it is advised to got hip-enhancing and butt-lifting exercise regimen. You can consult any professional fitness expert regarding which kind of hip-widening exercises you should go for!


Moreover, it is observed that doing side lunges wide dumbbells always give you rounder hips.

Do Yoga

Do Yoga

In addition to, try doing yoga. There are lots of yoga poses that can make your booty look rounder, wider and bigger.

By doing yoga, you can easily build your booty muscles. Along with that, yoga makes your hip muscles immensely and extensively flexible.

Like you can try doing poses The Frog, the Pigeon or the Lizard and the Cow Face pose.

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Sir On Your Butt For Long Hours and Get a Larger Derriere

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Most probably, you can get and achieve a larger derriere if you will sit on your butt for hours and hours.

It is studied and proved that upon putting a lot of pressure on your buttocks, they eventually get wider and bigger.

Even more, too much sitting on your butt generate maximum and significant amount of fat on your hip areas.

It is researched that fat cells get too compressed by prolonged and extended sitting and this produces more triglycerides.


Use Hip-Enhancing Briefs

However, you can even use hip-enhancing briefs if you want to give a rounder and bigger look at your buttocks.

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By padding your hips, you give an illusion to the other person that you have more feminine and fuller hips. Besides, using hip-enhancing briefs or silicone hip pads smooth out your hips.

Some women prefer wearing body shapers or other kinds of shapewear to smooth and slim down their thighs, tummy, and midsection body parts as well.


Hence, wearing shapewear tights can instantly give a lifted and rounded effect to your bum.

Improve Your Posture

Improve Your Posture

It is by improving your posture that you can make your booty look wider and bigger. Keep your back straight and place your whole body weight on one leg of yours.

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Most noteworthy, adjusting your posture gives an S-shaped curve to your body and thus makes your hips look more accentuating. Furthermore, if you are sitting, then simply cross down your legs.

Or it is better to put your whole weight onto just one hip of yours. Lastly, keep your shoulders pulled backward, as well as your stomach should be tucked in.


And always keep in mind, your shoulders, and hips need to be lined up.

Wear Flattering Clothing

Wear Flattering Clothing

Those who wish to get rounder hips, they can achieve this goal by wearing flattering clothing. Wear those kinds of outfits which give your butt a tight and lifted look.

Put on those dresses which flaunt your butt in a impressive way. You can wear those pants, dresses, and also skirts that manage to get fit snugly on your body.

Most certainly, if you have large bust and slim waist, then prefer wearing A-line skirts. You can define and accentuate your waist by going for belted jackets.

And if you have an athletic body type, then you can wear tailored jackets or wrap dresses to make your butt further rounder.

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Eat Butt Lifting Foods

Butt Lifting Foods

Upon eating the butt-lifting foods, there are heavy chances that you may get rounder and bigger butt in less time.

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Instead of having white bread and pasta, you can have whole wheat as well as whole-grain alternatives. Consuming carbohydrates can help you a lot in maintaining your butt shape.

Always consume good fats. It is true that good fats always give a sculpted look to your body.

When it comes to good and healthy fats, you can have fish oil, extra virgin olive oil and also almonds, walnuts, and too peanut butter.


Hence, butt lifting foods can truly give a toned look to your hips.

Do Lunges, Butt Bridge and Planks

Butt Bridge and Planks

These are the effective exercises that automatically help you in getting a toned and lifted butt look. Lunges and Butt Bridge are highly recommended exercises for you.

They lift your hips, activate your glute muscles. Moreover, you can try doing single-leg squats. This is an intensely rich and power-packed exercise which amplify and enhance your butt size.

These exercises push your bum size to another next level. Lastly, if you are passionate enough to get a rounder and Kim Kardashian kind of butt shape, then do planks on a regular basis.

No doubt, all of these hip lifting exercises tone your thighs, glute muscles and important butt muscle groups as well.

They even make your elbows, forearms, fists toned and stronger.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, what are you still thinking? Do follow all these tips and get a rounder butt. Do not spend your money on any surgical procedures.

Follow these super easy ways and accentuate your butt in the most natural manner and style.

You can let us know what measures and tactics you follow to make your bum rounder, wider and all toned. Share your tips with us. And to get more best results, you can try out these Butt Enhancement Creams.

For any queries and questions, contact us any time you want to.

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