8 Tips to Build Better Glutes – [ Step By Step Guide ]

You might have heard lots of tips and ways of strengthening your backside, so here we are again to tell you about some more great tips which will help you to build better glutes.

These tips are going to give you fuller and rounder bottom.

A better and sexy looking butt can be created if you will keep in mind certain strong tips.

A Step By Step Guide To Build Better Glutes


It is true that building a strong and firm butt, all of this does not happen by accident. One has to do hardcore and toughest exercises to achieve a sexy looking bum.

These days glute training is getting immensely popular.

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You can also become part of these gluteal glory days if you want to lift your bum.

Your buttock muscles and glutes are one of the important muscle groups which surely and genuinely deserve attention from your side.

We have no doubt about this convincing statement that a strong butt eventually makes you stronger and safer and also more capable in your life.

Your lower back remains protected as well.

So, do follow these tips if you think that you deserve a great bum.


These glute-blasting tips will give and show you instant results. Trust on us and follow these rules as utmost positively convincing rules in order to transform your bum sexy and hot looking.

  1. Double Up And Intensify Your Leg Training Workout Sessions

Leg Training

You can surely build better glutes if you will double up your leg training workout sessions.

If you think that your glutes are somewhat lacking a full and round shape then it is time to prolong and intensify your leg training sessions.

On your calendar, you should mark glute days on an alternate basis and perform these training sessions whole-heartedly. To involve your glutes, you can perform squats, deadlifts as well as lunges, hip thrusts hammer.

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On a per week basis, there have to be two leg days. Like one can simply be a leg day and then another one can be a leg day in which you can place an extra emphasis on your bikini booty too.

It is this booty leg day which will accentuate your hips shape. Always focus on the glute-specific exercises and then see the difference. This approach will help you in making some serious kind of progress.

  1. Use The Approach of Mind-Muscle Connection


If you will work on the approach of mind-muscle connection, then you will surely get success in getting a sexy looking booty.

You should not only focus on the motions. Instead, involve your mind as well. While you are performing an exercise, think about it too.

Do not lose focus while you are exercising and remain to concentrate. Notice which of your muscles are burning and which one of them are been activated.

This mind-muscle connection will keep you motivated to achieve the target of getting a hot butt.

No matter you are doing unilateral training or bilateral training on your leg, your mind has to remain active and present.

You need to feel that burn and activation. All your movements and exercises will give double great results if you will move on the mind-muscle connection mechanism.

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  1. Perform Booty-Strengthening Cardio Exercises

Cardio Exercises

There is another great tip to build better glutes, it is to perform butt strengthening cardio exercises. It is true that women often store more fat in their booty, hips, and thighs.

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For the reason that these butt strengthening cardio exercises are recommended for them.

So, try to use cardio machines a lot.

On a per week basis, you should be on these machines for at least three days. Just perform any kind of cardio activity which are of duration 20-40 minutes each.

It will be best if you use the stair mill or the treadmill.

You can walk at a decent speed while you are on the treadmill. This way you can easily engage your hamstrings and glutes.


Make sure that in your leg workout sessions, you need to add that extra burning element. Only then a hot booty shape will come out!

These cardio exercises will work exceptionally well for you all the time.

  1. Pre-Exhausting Your Buttock Muscles and Glutes

Buttock Muscles

If the individual will learn the mechanism of pre-exhausting her buttock muscles and glutes then she will surely get a super sexy looking bum. You can perform a high-rep and low-weight glute exercises before you normally and actually start your workout routine.

For each leg, you can perform 20 cable kickbacks. Perform squats, sumo squat, plie squat, deadlift, and sumo deadlift.

You can even do one-legged deadlift, curtsy lunge, reverse lunge, cable kick back and kettlebell swing sessions.

Pre-exhausting your glutes can be done by performing side lunges, frog hop, hip thrust, step up, walking lunge, side lunge on cable and one-legged squat.

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  1. Vary Weight Lifting Ranges and Keep The Weight Completely In Your Heels

Weight Lifting Ranges

It will be a big mistake if you will wholly allow your glutes to become used to and accustomed to a certain and specific weight range. On the other hand, you should neither allow your buttock muscles to become used to the same rep amount.

Vary your weight range and rep amount range on often basis.

To get a toned butt, it is always recommended to switch things up. You have to keep on surprising yourself during workout days. Such a routine will become a mental refresher for you as well.

Then it is also important for you to keep the entire weight in your heels.

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Push your weight entirely through your heels. This way, you can significantly and easily increase the activation process of your buttock and glute muscles as well as of your hamstring muscles.

  1. Always Be Prepared And Keenly Follow Your Workout Routine

Workout Routine

While you go to the gym, you have to be fully prepared. Regularly follow your workout routine.

This is the only way to build and shape up your glutes. You need to make a set plan before you go to the gym center.

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Like prepare your mind wholly and fully that this is the workout you will follow for a set number of hours and these are the specific exercises and number of reps which you will be performing.

Booty strengthening exercises need maximum attention and focus.

A sexy bum and accentuated looking butt can be acquired if you will make a solid outline of your workout routine.

You have to pre-decide which meals you will have, which of your workout routine will be your leg days, how many of them will be unilateral and bilateral training days and other important aspects like these!


A hot bum shape can be acquired by you if you will maximize your efforts completely in the gym.

  1. Doing Heavy Kick-Backs and Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges

There are also a couple and several types of particular poses and movements which you have to prioritize if you want to lift your booty. Doing heavy cable kick-backs will be great for you. This is a serious exercise which will strengthen your glutes.

You can even be including any kind of variations of squats and deadlifts.

You can perform any of the old standard lifts with serious weight.

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Talking about the potential of walking lunges, they can make your butt perky as well. These exercises will add up a big-time improvement in your butt shape, size and also in its roundness.

It is advised by the expert trainers to incorporate plyometric exercises in your booty workout routine too.

These exercises will tone and tighten your glutes. This sort of workout is convenient and easy to perform. They are one of the efficient pre-exhaust exercises for toning your bum and thighs.

  1. Squat Wide and Go Deep As Much As You Can


The last important tip of getting sexiest looking bum, it is to perform wise squats as much deep as you can!

Like if you are doing a barbell squat, then this specific exercise will put up more focus as well as an emphasis on your buttocks and glutes. Such a hip-width pose or wider stance pose will let the person involve her glutes intensely.

In the same way, if you are performing Smith-machine squats, then such a pose will naturally put up an extra emphasis on your glute muscles.

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If you want to know how much deep should you perform a squat, then make sure it largely depends on your hip levels and also on your lower-back stability mobility aspects.

Your glutes will only get toned and receive the required benefit if you will bend your knees at 90 degrees.

This is how deep down squats can instantly give you toned and lifted bum.


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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Always finish your glutes toning workout routine by doing some kind of superset burnout combo. Make sure to prepare yourself physically and mentally and always finish strong!

This is how a completely and perfectly toned bum can be gained.

More tips will be shared with respect to butt toning routine.

Let us know how you build better glutes, share your own created tips with us and enlighten the rest of the readers over here.

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