Hips and Dips

How To Ge rid of Hips and Dips? (A Short Guide)

The body is the most important thing which a person has in their life. It is essential to keep it healthy and fit for a longer duration of time. Everyone longs for a better physique which makes them look attractive and better.

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people work hard in the gym to get the perfect body.

On the other hand, many people do not even know what to do to make their body look good and stay healthy for a longer span.

People all over the world would log for a perfect body all their life. Well, this is your best chance to have it. It means that here we will help you with the best possible solutions for getting rid of the hips and dips in a proper manner.

We will also provide you with remarkable information and exercises.


These exercises will definitely help you to reach your goal and look amazing without a doubt. People also want to know the reasons behind it. This is why all the information about it will too, be in documented from here in this article.

Simple Exercises To Get Rid of Hips and Dips

Hips and Dips

 We will provide you all the information you need to know about the best ways to Get rid of Hips and Dips in this article.

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We will also tell you all the details associated with it. It will help you understand the processes to get rid of hips and dips in the least span of time.

Everything is well organized and will help you to understand every aspect of it. You will also get to know new exercises which might be helpful for you to get rid of hips and dips.

There will also be information about the hips and dips filler which might help you. You will be able to understand the solutions of the problems like a hip dent, hip dimples, square hips.

So, without taking more of your precious and valuable time, we will direct you towards the best ways to get rid of hips and dips easily.


We also have details about the exercises which will elevate your question, can you get rid of hip dips?

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What Causes Hip Dips?

Hips and Dips

The human body is a fine masterpiece of proper curves and roundness. This means that everything about it is quite extraordinary. But there are some things which depend on muscle growth and proper diet intake.

When it comes to the hip dips, they are basically the inward curves in the body of a person below the waistline. As a matter of fact, they are below the waist and between the hip bone. They are often known for various names like the hip dents or violin hips.

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They are natural in every manner and everyone has then but in some people, they are more prominent.

 This type of hip dents or squared hips can be due to lack of proper nutrition supply to the body. It is because this might be the result of slow muscle buildup in that specific region.

The hip dents or hip dimples are called ‘trochanteric depression’ in anatomical terminology. It is due to the bone structure of the human body. It is the place where Femur bone has a connection with the hip bone in the body.

The fat distribution in the body makes it visible in some people.


Even the most gorgeous Hollywood stars have them. Even the iconic star Merlin Monroe also had them.

Some of the people see it as a deformity. Well, it is not one.

So if you have Violin hips or we can say hip dimples then there is no need to worry about it. There is a wide range of exercises which you can perform to get rid of the hips and dips from your body in no time.

All these exercises are in the list further ahead.

Best Exercises For Hip Dips

Side Leg Raise

Side Leg Raise

The side leg raise is one of the best exercises to get rid of the hip dimples or thigh dents. It is so simple that anyone of any age group can perform it with great ease.

You need to lie down on the ground and turn your body to the side.

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You can support your head with your arm resting below it. This will help you get comfortable in that position. Keep your legs extended for a little while.

 Then you should raise your leg to the side which would be resting on your other leg. Put your other hand on your waist keeping your elbow raised high. Now bring your leg back to its original position in a slow manner.

Repeat this movement for a considerable amount of time on both sides.

This will help in strengthening your hips and thigh muscles and their build. It will result in filling the gap or the hip dimples from your body.


 Keep in mind that your legs should make a proper ‘V‘ shape for better results. It also makes sure that your muscles get the proper strain they need to build properly. You should not put more stress on the leg muscles than they deserve. 

Only perform this exercise as much as your body allows you to do.

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Squats is one of the best exercises you can do to get rid of the hips and dips from your body in a proper manner.

This exercise is one of the pioneer exercises which can provide the best result to you in getting rid of hip dents. It is one of the easiest exercises a person can perform to get rid of the hip dimples.

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This amazing exercise is the answer to the question which is can you get rid of hip dips.

This exercise is very simple but has amazing and long-lasting effects on the body, especially on the lower part.

 The first and the foremost step to perform the squats in an efficient manner, you need to stand properly. You should have an accurate distance of almost one and a half feet between your legs.

This will increase the base of your body and help you stabilize while you are moving in the exercise.


The second step is to lower your body using the force of your thighs for the balance. This will put pressure on your thighs and hip muscles and help them to grow in a proper manner.

 You should keep your back straight while lowering your body. Go down until your thighs come parallel to the floor and then pull yourself up again.

This means that you need to perform squats as such as your body allows you to do it.

Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges

This exercise is also considered to be one of the most amazing exercises for getting rid of the dips and hips. It also helps in strengthening your abdominal part which will help you to get rid of hips and dips from your body.

It will also help you in keeping your hips in a tone which will make the hip dimples go away. It will also make your muscles get stronger and their build will get faster.

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This amazing exercise also comes with an extra advantage. This amazing exercise is the best way to relieve tension and stress from your body.

It stretches all the muscles in your body and pelvic region and calms down the nerves at an amazing rate.

 It is really important to understand the process of performing the glute bridge. The first thing which you should do is to lie down straight on the ground.

It is preferable that you should use a soft mat.

This is because it will support your tail bone and spine.


The second step is to squeeze your knees inwards. Them last but not the least you need to raise your waist towards the ceiling. It will aid in making the muscles of your body and hips stronger and their build rate will speed up.

It will fill up your hips and dips, providing you a toned body. in the best possible manner.

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Side Hip Openers A.K.A (Fire Hydrants)

Side Hip Openers

As the name suggest it directly targets the sidelines of the hips which is the location you want to target. The side hip opener is also called the fire hydrant.

This is because of the position which the dogs take while they are peeing on a fire hydrant.

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This amazing exercise will not only tone your hips but also make your legs stronger than ever.

It is very easy to perform and you only need to follow three simple steps and repeat them as much as you can. This amazing exercise looks simple but it is one of the most effective exercises there are.

The first step to perform this exercise is to come into a cat pose. You should also make sure that your weight gets distributed in an even manner. This will lessen the stress element from your body.

The second step is to raise you one leg up in the air to the side.

You need to make sure that it would make a whole 90-degree angle while doing so.


You should inhale while you are raising the leg n the side.

The third and the final step is to bring the leg down in a slow manner, back to its original position.

 This will help you trigger the muscle build-up to the sides of your hips and provide you the perfect and toned body. If you find it easy then you can add a little weight on your leg to increase the difficulty of the whole exercise for yourself.

What is A Hip Dips Filler?

Hips and Dips

This question is one of the most asked questions in a common manner all over the world. The hips dips are not a problem or a deformity. It is based on the natural body structure of the bones to make sure that the pelvic bone gets the proper support.

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Some people like a fully toned body shape. So they want to get rid of these hip dimples which makes your body look like a violin. People nowadays want their body to be perfect like the hourglass.

Well, it takes a lot of hard words to do so.

 All the things which help the user to fill the gap between the waist and the hip bone are bound to be a hip dips filler.

It includes all the things like the proper exercise for the targeted muscles. It also includes the diet which speeds up the whole muscle build-up.


All these exercises help to strengthen the muscles to get into their perfect shape. The diet helps you to ease the muscle and fat growth and their accumulation in a specific region of the body.

All these things are considered to be the hips and dips fillers which help you to get rid of your hip dimples in an effective manner.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Like everyone in this world desire for a flawless body, so they want solutions for these problems too. This means that people will perform everything they can find to make things go away fast.

So, here are some of the best ways which may help you in getting rid of his and dips in a permanent manner. All of this includes proper exercises and better food intake.

 I am sure that you will love this article to the extent of your heart. It is because all the content in it is proper and authentic. All the information is also well researched for every aspect.

It means that everything here will help you to understand all the things you need to know.

I hope that after gaining all the information, all your doubts have come to a clearing point. But if there is still anything which is not clear then feel free to ask us anything you need to know about.

 We will go through all the questions you ask and the queries you have about the ways for getting rid of hips and dips.

Everything will be going through a process in a proper manner to provide you the best possible answers. So stay tuned with us for more amazing and updated articles on your favorite topics.

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