Perkier Bum

How to Get a Perkier Bum in Just a Week? – The Complete Guide

There are uncountable exercises which will help you in getting a perkier and toned looking bum.

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If you wish to tone your butt then you can apply these bum-blasting exercises on yourself.

By following them just for a single week, you will see and notice great results.

These butt-shaping exercises will give you a chance to look hot and sexy from behind as well.


Let us check out the details of setting and achieving the best-looking butt ever!

Perkier Bum

It is true that perky butts are not at all shaped, toned and build in a day. Such a job requires weeks and weeks’ time frame.

You need to work out consistently to achieve and acquire this goal.

One should note that gluteus maximus is the largest muscle present in your body. Target yourself on toning and shaping gluteus medius and minimus only.

Below are further details regarding getting a perkier bum in a week:

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Doing Cardio at Least 5 Times Each Week

If you set a week’s time frame goal in your mind to get a toned bum then doing cardio for at least three to five times every single week is just for you.

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Each of your cardio sessions should be able to last long for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Cardio will simply help you in shedding away and removing all excess fats from your body and especially the fat present on your buttocks.


You need to keep up your intensity level completely moderate and in the later on weeks, you can move and shift your cardio sessions to vigorous levels so that the best results can be acquired.

Doing Cardio at Least 5 Times Each Week

You can use stair machines, treadmill walking, simple running or you can even use the Arc trainers, ellipticals so that you can hit and target your glutes perfectly.

Starting a Perky Butt Workout by Doing Step Ups

You can get started off with your perky butt workout by doing step-ups on the first note. Firstly, hold up a barbell all across your shoulders.

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You can also make use of your own body weight for the sake of resistance. Look for a step or be it a bench. It needs to be high enough, in this way your thigh will remain to be parallel to the floor.

Now you can place your right foot exactly on the step. Start lifting yourself completely off the floor and push your foot onto the step.


Start to slowly lower down yourself all back down with the help of your right leg. Switch the position and lead up, bring yourself down from the step with your left leg.

Doing Step Ups

If you feel light-headed or you feel any pain, nauseated, then stop doing this bum toning exercise right away. If you are new to this specific exercise, then avoid using heavy weights in the beginning days.

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Saddlebag Slimmer Exercise Targets Your Butt, Inner & Outer Thighs

A perkier bum can be achieved if you will do and regularly perform saddlebag slimmer exercise. This exercise will target your butt as well as your inner and outer thighs.

To do this workout, you have to start and gear up yourself on all fours.

Bring your lower right hip towards the floor and make sure that your hips, knees, and to your ankles have to be stacked.

Bring down your left knee towards your chest by bending your elbows to the lower chest area of yours.

Saddlebag Slimmer Exercise

Straighten your left arm by extending your left leg which is behind you. Lastly, bring your left knee near to your chest and repeat. Keep on doing 15 to 30 reps and keep on switching sides and repeat.

Wall Kicking Helps you in Getting a Perkier Bum

Wall kicks tone your inner thighs and too your abs and butt in the most perfect manner. If you do not know how to do wall kicks, then we can tell you. Stand in a way by facing a wall.

Keep your feet shoulder entirely width apart.

Wall Kicking

Your knees have to be slightly bent and try to place your hands on the wall by keeping them at shoulder height.

Hinge yourself forward at hips. Start raising your left leg which is behind you towards the hip level. Bring your left knee into your chest and then finally extend your leg directly which is just behind you.

It is a must for you to do 15 to 30 reps of this exercise.

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What kind of Diet to be Maintained While Toning Your Bum?

You should avoid all kinds of simple carbohydrates.

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The main issue which is encompassed by these simple carbs, it is that your body will turn and transform them into fats and fail to burn them off as soon as possible.

So, it is advised not to eat a large number of simple carbs. In the category of simple carbs, we have molasses, corn syrup, honey, candies and also soft drinks, jellies, jams.

You should avoid to eat and consume anything which is white.


This is a rule of thumb that will make your job easy in getting a shaped bum. Under this white section, we mainly include white bread, all sorts of refined sugar.


Such food will not be going to offer you any sort of nutritional value. Fats present in these food items are going to attack your butt directly.

It all means that you should not eat white pasta or any of the stuff like that!

Try to eat good and complex carbohydrates. This includes fresh and green vegetables. Have oatmeal and brown rice.

These food items contain a few of the carbs in them and help in making your buttocks wholly toned and perfectly shaped.

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Final Words – Wrapping It Up

Now you know how to get a perkier bum! Follow this one-week routine guide and share your results with us.

If you think that your bum is out of shape then simply following these exercises and diet menu plan will tone your booty in a sexy manner.

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