Grow Your Hips In A Day – Step By Step

It is true that wide and bigger have always been immensely popularized by the celebrities which include Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

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If you want to get bigger hips in a day then you can follow the below-mentioned strategies and simple ways.

There are certain steps which you have to opt and take in order to make your bum look bigger and wider.


Exercising the muscles which are present on your upper, middle and also on your lower body and along with that, if you are going to keep on eating a healthy diet, then your butt will look at its best.

Wearing Flattering Clothing

Wearing Flattering Clothing

It is absolutely true that by wearing flattering clothing, you can lift and enhance the look of your hips.

You should look for easy and simple ways to make your waist look appealing and slimmer and this way in return will enhance and draw more attention of other people towards your hips.

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You can wear a belt completely around your waist, in this way, you will get a small waist and your bum will get a prominent look and shape.

By wearing a belt perfectly around your waist, your bum curves will get further highlighted and your body will get a natural hourglass shape.

It is also seen that high-waisted clothing which mainly includes these high-waisted jeans as well as high-waisted skirts, they can easily make your hips look sexier, wider and bigger.

These dresses are going to slim down your waist and your butt curves will be accentuated.


During the winter, you should go for flattering sweaters. Such sweaters are going to simply bring more and higher attention to your body figure.

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Flattering Clothing To Options To Get A Sexy Looking Bum In A Day


It is much possible to get bigger hips in a day and this you can do by wearing shapewear.

You can wear shapewear all underneath your clothing, this way your waist look extremely smaller and your butt shape will be lifted.

Bigger hips look can also be created if you will pick and choose vertical striped clothing for yourself.

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It is always seen that vertical stripes look extremely slimming on the person and manage to create a sexier and slimmed down look. These dresses carrying vertical stripes make your hips look wider and ultimately your figure looks more flattering overall.

On the other hand, if you want to further emphasize the job of making your bum bigger, then try wearing pastels.

Like carrying and wearing a combination of the light blue skirt along with a black top will automatically emphasize your hips, makes them wider and bigger looking and too slim down your waist.

Trying pencil skirts can be another option if you want to instant accentuate the look and shape of your bum.


These pencil skirts are normally wrapped around your hips and thus let your hips to become more highlighted.

Just wear a pencil skirt and let us know whether this clothing type enhances and heighten the shape and look of your hips or not!

We are sure pencil skirts will highlight your bum look, shape and its curves in an extremely sexy and hot avatar.

Strengthening Your Buttocks And Core Muscles Gives You Toned Bum


Even if you are going to perform a dedicated exercise workout session while targeting your buttock muscles, then you will see a lot of promising difference in your overall hips shape.

It is suggested to do squats regularly.

We know that squats are one of the classic exercises if you ever want to strengthen your hips as well as your body core section. In your regular workout routine, it is must for you to perform any version of squats.

While performing squats, you will feel and notice a lot of strengthen in the muscles which are around your hips.

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One should select a weight which she feels comfortable with the help of the dumbbells if she is performing squats. If you are a beginner, then you should start off this workout routine by using and carrying a lightweight.

Like it should be something in between 2 to 5-pound range.

You can also consult your trainer or your doctor so that you can correctly figure out that which is the safe weight range for you.

Performing lunges can give you bigger hips in less time or you can expect this miracle to be accomplished in a day. Lunges is a great one hips and thighs strengthening exercise moves which are going to improve and heighten the appearance of your bum.

It is better to carry a dumbbell if you are doing lunges and make sure to choose a weight in which you are comfortable carrying and using it.


You can enroll yourself in a yoga course if you want to seriously see a difference in before and after pictures of your bum shape. During yoga, you can involve yourself in a variable number of stretches and poses.

Rest, you can try and go for planks.

These planks are also great and hence the best way to tone and shape your core muscles. Planks will give you a flatter stomach and instantly your hips seem to look wider and bigger.

Make sure that when you workout, you do planks as well for a couple of times.

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This is how in a day or to extend it a little bit further gives you bigger hips in less time. So, always focus on the exercises which strengthen your buttocks muscles and rest focus on taking and eating a healthy diet.

Wear flattering clothing and accentuate your hips look and shape in as much sexier and the hotter way you want to! Let us know what kind of hips shape you want to acquire and which ways you mainly follow this achieve this target.

Stay tuned with us as more ways of building up bigger hips in a day are arriving sooner.

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