Lose Weight But Keep Breasts and Bum

How to Lose Weight But Keep Breasts and Bum? – A Complete Guide

Our body is like a temple and we have to take care of it. If we take proper care of it, it will reward us with longevity and health for a longer duration of time.

This means that if you want to live a better life and want to stay healthy and happy you need to adopt a proper and better lifestyle.

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Everyone in this world wants to stay healthy and have a body that everyone admires. Well, now you can acquire one and especially for females who want that perfect hourglass shaped body to make them look attractive and desirable.

Following the right diet and exercising plan along with the best habits can help you in everything you need to know about the best ways to lose weight from your body but.

Keep the breast and the bum in proper chubby shape which will definitely help you reach your goal for a perfect body.


Targeting the fats from different parts of the body is not easy because our body does not work in that manner so it takes a real amount of discipline to follow specific instructions in order to lose fats from your body.

But keep your breasts and bum intact so that you can get the perfect body shape which you desire to have at any point of time you like.

Lose Weight

This means you just need proper guidance and practice to lead to a time when you can be able to cherish the satisfaction f having the perfect body in place.

So, without taking more of your times get on your feet ladies and start following the ways and tips which are discussed here and be ready to achieve the perfect level of fitness for your body by losing weight but excluding the bum and breast part so that it might stay chubby and healthy at all times.

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In this article, we will try our best to provide you with all the details and effective ways through which you could understand and use that information to lose weight but at the same time keep the breasts and bum in proper shape to look more attractive and radiant.

We will help you in every possible manner that we can to ensure your healthy transformation to get the body which you dream of.

This will also help you to closely monitor your diet and the ways to understand the exercises and habits which you can adopt in order to get that nice hourglass body shape which you desire the most.

Obviously, the extra fat would definitely be burned out keeping behind the perfect shape for your breasts and bum to put a little extra coverage on your assets.

We will also help you step by step instructions which you can easily follow to achieve your goal.


This information will help you understand everything you need to know about the best ways to lose weight from your body but keep the breast and the bum in proper chubby shape.

You will be elaborated on everything in such a manner that you will be mesmerized to know about the fact that you have understood everything without putting in so much strenuous mental effort.

So, without taking more of your precious and useful time, we will direct you towards the best and the most authentic information about everything you need to know about the best ways to lose weight from your body but keep the breast and the bum in proper chubby shape.

Diet is the eternal key

Lose Weight

Food is the most important and essential thing for a person’s body and especially for women. The women’s bodies are more complex than men as they are the bearer of the child and some other significant needs.

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So, if you are one of those women who want to lose weight but want to keep your bum and breasts in the perfect shape then this is the right spot for you.


You should start off by following these instructions about the diet you are taking in order to identify everything you need to know about the best ways to lose weight from your body but keep the breast and the bum in proper chubby shape

Low-Calorie Intake

The first and foremost thing in attaining a healthy and attractive body is to lower your calorie intake for your body which will limit the deposits in your body that will result in proper and timely weight loss from the body.

And helps you target the parts which you want to keep chubby and which you want to get toned. The low-calorie food will also keep you away from heart diseases.

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More Dietary Fibers in Daily Food

Lose Weight

Taking in more dietary fibers in your diet can also help in reducing the proper amount of weight from the body so that you might acquire the best type of body that you like.

These dietary fibers help in speeding up the digestion processes in the body so that the food might not get deposited in the body again and can cause weight gain. It also helps in speeding up the metabolism process in the body.

Essential Carbs & Fats Intake

As you will go on a low-calorie diet which will help you to lower the fats from the body you should also need to monitor the essential carbs and fat intake which will help.

You in retaining the shape and size of your breasts and bum in a proper manner along with the weight reduction in the whole body.


Lose Weight

Keeping the body hydrated is also necessary while you are in the process of losing weight from the whole body. The water intake keeps the body in perfect shape.

It may cause a little bloating but you don’t need to worry about it because it will be excreted out from your body while you are performing regular exercise.

Increasing the protein intake in the Diet

Proteins are the basic source for muscle development in the whole body. Proteins are also responsible for muscle regeneration in the body so that the body may thrive properly.

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Proteins also help in making the bum and breast muscle stronger than ever so that they might be in better shape for a longer duration of time.


Protein intake also helps in gaining strength and providing the body to overcome all the hurdles in the whole day. They have considered one of the most power-packed components of the diet.

Changes in Habits

Lose Weight

Habits are the most crucial things in which a person’s life revolves around. Every person on this earth is bound to habits. So it is really important we choose the right kinds of habits for ourselves.

So, in order to lose weight in a proper manner but do not want to affect the bums and breasts of the body, it is really important that we adopt healthy habits.

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  • Avoid Long & Continuous Sitting

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People all over the world becoming lazy because of their habits of just sitting in a single place and not doing anything the whole day.

The biggest thing which most people do is that they sit and watch television all day which affects the posture and even the bums in their body.

The females who want the best posture while they are reducing weight has to be more active while they plan to lose weight and retain the breasts and bums in their original shape and size.


  • Controlling Stress

Lose Weight

Stress is one of those major things which is the main reason for accumulating weight. It can also cause a gradual decrease in the process of weight loss from the body.

When a person takes stress over small things the brain releases some chemicals which can be really harmful to the body and can also make the body a little feeble.

So we would try the habit of taking stress on small things if you want to reduce weight from the body while maintaining the breast and bum size the same.

The Power of Exercise

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Exercise is the most important factor in gaining the best shape of the breast and bum in women’s body while losing weight from all over the body to get that perfect look.

Here are some exercises which you can easily perform which might help you retain the softness and chubbiness of breast and bum while losing fats from your rest of the body.


  • Power Training

The first thing which you can do in the exercise training is the power exercises in which the whole power of the body is used in training the muscles while reducing the fats accumulated into the body except in bums and breasts.

You can start with high jumps combined with the push-ups which will help you in strengthening all of your body and keeping it in shape.

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  • Cardio Workouts

Lose Weight

It is a common fact that cardio is one of the best and proper way of losing fats from the body. It is a complete body workout in which all the muscles of the body are functioning at a single time.

Cardio is the best way to lose weight in the lesser duration of time.

It also makes the muscles strong and keeps the body toned properly. Cycling and running are the best forms of cardio workouts. 20 minutes of everyday running can be strenuous enough to melt a considerable amount of fats from the body.

  • Crossfit Training

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As we all know that the CrossFit training helps in targeting the muscles which the person needs to increase or reduce in a specific duration of time it helps the women to keep their bums and breasts in perfect shape and provides them the luxury of weight loss at a high speed.



Lose Weight

It is a known fact that squats can help in a great deal in maintaining the bums. It is the real reason how the bum gets in proper shape and gets toned in time.

It is really an amazing exercise which the females would do if they want to retain the gains in their butt cheeks to make them look attractive and complements their looks.

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Bench Presses

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The bench presses for girls’ help in maintaining the breasts in shape they help them to be stronger and attain more carbs and fats so that they stay perfectly toned and in shape every time you see them.

It also helps in increasing the size of your breasts if you desire while doing all the other workout with it.


Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

People kill for a physique which is attractive and also helps you to stay fit and in shape until most of your life is spent.

Well after reading all the information provided in this article you would have understood the things you have to do to stay healthy and fit for a long time and especially to lose the extensive fats in your body.

Except for your breasts and from your bum to get and stay in the perfect shape you always dreamed off.

So, here are some of the best and authentic ways you can adapt to everything you need to know about the best ways to lose weight from your body but keep the breast and the bum in proper chubby shape.

I am sure you will love all the information which you will get from here about the ways through which you can lose a considerable amount of weight without affecting your breasts and bums.

I hope that after reading all of it you might be able to be more indulgent in taking care of your diet and exercise regularly but if there is still something which you need help then there is no problem in asking it from us.

This means that you can ask us anything anytime related to this article and we will provide you the best possible solutions about it to you after proper research and authentication.

So, we want you to stay tuned with us for more amazing and exciting updates related to the topics you desire to know about which could help you in some manner.

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