Toned Bum

How to Get a Toned Bum in 1 week – A Step by Step Guide

If you want to get a toned butt then there are a certain number of measures which you should keep in mind. It is rather and comparatively a simple process to tone and improve your backside.

Your butt is basically and primarily just another muscle of your body. Targeting it properly and strengthening it perfectly will give a toned shape to it.

Toned Bum

Here are a few of the important and key exercises which will tone your bum fast.

Doing the Right Set of Exercises

In this 1-week time frame, make sure that you regularly do the right set and range of exercises. Firstly, you can try bridges. These bridge exercises are going to target your butt.

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By doing them consistently, you will be able to shape your butt quickly and fast. These exercises are also called as hip lifts.

You need to do and perform 15 reps of it twice a day. The other variation of these bridges exercises which you can perform, it is to lie on your back with all your knees bent.

You need to keep up your feet completely anchored and firmly on the floor.


Press your hips in an upward position and squeeze your butt gently. Start lowering down your hips all back to the floor and do this exercise for as many times as you can!

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  • Using Dumbbells

Toned Bum

Using dumbbells can help you in toning your bum in just 1 week. All kinds of butt toning exercises which mainly and specifically involve utilizing a pair of dumbbells will give you fast results all the time.

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You need to remember that the glutes are a muscle and for toning it, you have to pass yourself through some intense strength training session.

For this session, you have to bend down yourself at your knees.

Pick up the dumbbells and hold them up with an overhand grip. With the overhand grip, we mean to say that you need to keep your palms all facing downward towards your dumbbells while you are holding them up.


Stand up while holding the dumbbells, and then you can lower them entirely back down. You can repeat this simple and effective exercise on a daily basis for a constant one-week time frame and then see amazing results on your bum.

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  • Squats Do Tone Your Bum Fast

Toned Bum

During this one-week training mode of yours, you need to try squats as well. No doubt that squats are one of the basic and easiest ways to tone and shape your butt.

This is a kind of basic exercise which does not need any of the equipment.

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This is a great toning exercise that can make your buttock sexy looking. During squats, make sure that you should not let your knees to get extended entirely forward.

Make sure to keep up your knees safe and you can do that by lining them up directly all above your feet.

The other variation of this squat exercise which you can follow and do, it is this squat hold and pulse. In this sort of exercise, you have to stand up and your feet hip should be width apart. You need to squat down at an angle of 90-degrees.

While being in the squat position, the person needs to move up and down gradually and slightly. This is what we call as pulsing. If you want to do a jump squat then this exercise will also refine the shape of your bum.


To do a jump squat, you have to simply swing both of your arms in an overhead position and jump as much high as you can.

  • Trying Pilates

Toned Bum

Then doing pilates and yoga is another effective way of shaping your butt. These exercises will improve and relax down your flexibility levels. These easy to do exercises are also going to directly target your butt and thus helps you in toning it.

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If you are going to add these pilates and yoga in your daily routine, then great results will be seen by you quickly. We have also seen that doing a warrior pose will tone your bum perfectly.

To perform this pose, you have to put both of your hands all straight over your head and start to look up to the sky. Then you can step forward with the help of your right foot and to lunge and manage to keep your left leg straight all behind you.


Both of your feet should be anchored properly into the ground and after that, you can switch your legs.

  • Being in a Standing Position for an Extended Time Helps You in Shaping Your Bum

Toned Bum

If you are going to stand your body for a large time of the whole day, then such a routine will help you in further shaping your bum muscles. Your bum will lose its shape if you are going to sit for all day long.

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You need to come out from this routine when it comes to sitting for hours and hours. You can simply stand yourself for an extensive number of hours so that your bum gets into a toned shape in a natural way.

You can even opt for the habit of taking up the stairs. Avoid using the elevator. Opt the habit of parking your car farther so that you can walk more and more.


It is these small steps that will help you in toning your buttocks. Just remain consistent in this job and see the best results.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

Now start following this routine for 1 week and get a toned bum instantly. Moreover, you should stop eating junk food. Having a bad diet will eventually put a bad effect on your bum as well.

These fast food items contain a lot of an excessive amount of fat and calories in them.

These foods will just make your bum bigger and bigger and hence you will get out of shape. Follow this one-week routine which is about butt toning and share your feedback with us.

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