8 Week Booty

The 8 Week Booty Ebook Review

Paul Burgess has designed this 8 Week Booty workout program. You might be wondering what important details are embedded in this workout program?

We will tell you. Being the mastermind behind this booty shaping program, Paul has claimed that this butt shaping workout routine can give a dreamy and sexy look to your bum. Furthermore, it is just in 8 weeks duration that this goal is accomplished.

From Where to Buy it?

Where to Buy it

The mission of this workout program is to give your sexy looking booty. And also to improve your self-esteem. Moreover, this complete guide plan is digital.

To buy this ebook, click on the link and get it from here. And after reading and thoroughly following it, do share your reviews and opinion about it. It is on your honest reviews and feedback that the popularity of this Paul butt shaping guide workout plan can be judged.

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Paul Burgess – The Mastermind and Creator Behind this 8 Week Booty Workout Program

Even more, the author of this ebook Paul Burgess, he started doing these weight training exercises when he was only 15 years old. That is so amazing.

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He has now become a noticeable and prominent part of this weight training industry.

It was in his early 30s that he aimed to become the MMA fighter. In addition, he is a certified nutritionist as well as a personal trainer who has got lots of diplomas in the field of clinical nutrition.


He has got extensive certifications in personal training field too. Thus, now Paul Burgess is here to help out those women who want to feel confident both inside and outside. He has shown a clear cut way to do that, that is by toning your bum.

How Does “The 8 Week Booty“- A 60-day pdf Works?

The 8 Week Booty

This workout program “The 8 Week Booty“, it works on the simplistic terms and conditions. This is a 60-day pdf program guide. And it is particularly designed in a way so that you can get a shaped and sexy butt in 60 days.

Below we have explained how this workout guide works:

Easy to Follow

This workout guide and plan is very easy to follow. It is explained in a simple way. Upon following this guide for 8 weeks, you are going to see a tremendous and noticeable improvement in your butt shape.

Focuses on Toning Glute Muscles

Glute Muscles

Most importantly, this workout guide focuses on glute training. More you are going to follow the different exercises mentioned in this guide, more you will be able to tone your glute muscles.

Paul has clearly explained in this guide regarding what kinds of workouts are effective for strengthening your glutes.

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Thoroughly Following 8 Week Training Guide

This 8 Week Training Guide requires you to work out at least three times a week. It is with the help of videos that you can know and fully understand as to how to perform these workouts.

Most noteworthy, everything is laid out in clear terms in this guide. You just have to follow it without making any guesses.

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8 Week Nutrition Plan – Important Part of  8 Week Booty Workout Program

Week Booty workout program

Want to know the best part of this Paul designed workout program, it is this 8 Week Nutrition Plan. This guide carries both the combination of exercises and well-structured nutrition plan.

In this 8 week plan, you will get complete guidance regarding what kind of foods can lift your bum and glute muscles. Besides, this 8 Week Nutrition Plan focuses on eating butt lifting foods only.

Complete information is provided in this guide with respect to what kinds and types of foods you should eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

How Paul Burgess 8 Week Booty Workout Program is Different from Others?

8 Week Booty Workout

This guide makes it easy for you to look and discover the ways if you want to get a bigger, rounder and also fuller butt. Getting stronger backside is possible if the respective person is going to follow a strict workout and nutrition routine.

Moreover, this 8 Week Booty Training Programme is quite cheap and affordable in terms of price.

Simplicity Aspect

You are going to see a lot of simplicity aspect in this workout program. It is easy to understand. No tough terminologies are written in it. Video tutorials are easy to follow and learn.

Straight – Forward and Easy to do Exercises

Straight-Forward and Easy to do Exercises

No extra and additional exercises are mentioned in this guide. Only those are mentioned which can naturally lift your hips. It is in the video format that these workouts and exercises are available.

It means you can simply turn on and play those videos. Watch them keenly and then perform those exercises accordingly. Furthermore, you can pause those videos too if you face difficulty while performing any move.

Combination of Pursuing Both Workout and Nutrition Plans

Paul has come up with the best combination in this workout guide. And he has cleared this fact on firm notes that a bigger and sexier butt can be achieved if a proper nutrition plan is followed simultaneously.

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Well-Structured Information

Structured Information

The whole information present in this 60-day workout program, it is extremely well-structured and well-laid out. Mentioned exercises focus on toning your gluteus maximus.

Paul has also come up with and managed to design high intense workouts so that the person sweat more and more. Thus, this is an exclusive aspect of this program which makes it tougher and fun at the same time. You can call it a “fast butt program” too.

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Designed By a Certified Nutritionist

As the creator of this guide, Paul Burgess, the trained and certified MMA fighter, he has got a lot of interesting certifications. For the reason that this workout program is reliable to follow.

Most probably, you may have heard that Paul has got SAC Dip (PFT) SAC Dip (AnAg) SAC Dip (CN) certifications. People call him a certified nutritionist and excellent personal fitness trainer.

He s a “self-proclaimed” booty expert, that is why there is no harm to follow his designed booty shaping workout guide.

Can this 8 Week Booty Guide by Paul Burgess Help you in Getting a Bigger Butt?

8 Week Booty

The more you train and tone your butt, the better it will become in shape. This golden rule and simple to understand the fact is also explained in this Paul Burgess booty shaping workout guide.

Furthermore, this program has got a bunch of details on it. There are lots of women who have followed that 30-day butt challenge. However, if that challenge did not give you any desired results.

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Then you can try following this bum shaping workout 60-day challenge. Thus, the overall idea and purpose are to perform the workout twice and then to see the desired results twice.

All in all, this is a fairly logical rule which is presented by Paul.

Most probably, this butt lifting and bum shaping guide are going to work for you. The only thing which you have to do is to follow the exercise videos in a systematic manner.


The best of all glute exercises are mentioned in it. And it is also important for you to understand the science behind them. Paul has explained how you can add a secret sauce while doing squats so that you can get a lifted bum in less time.

So, just explore those secrets and little details which are mentioned in this book. And amplify the outcomes of your expected results dramatically. To read this book, click here and grab your copy.

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How to Smartly Follow this 8-Week Workout Booty Shaping Plan? Eat-in Order, Exercise in Order

8-Week Workout Booty Shaping

To see the fastest results, you have to follow the program all in the right order. Eat-in order and perform your exercises in order. If you are training alone, then you will always get slow results.

However, eating in order and exercising in order are going to give you the best and fast results.

Most importantly, during these 60 days of working out, you have to follow the nutritional tips mentioned by Paul. Follow the plan as what you should eat during the day or before the workout or right after you wake up.


This butt shaping training plan is of just $17. In this full training program, you will get video links to exercises and also complete nutrition plan. Besides, customers will be given with unconditional money-back guarantee option.

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You can claim this guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with this subjected and reviewed training plan. Hence, this is a budget-friendly guide and workout program.

If you hire a specialized trainer, then they usually and generally charge $100 per session. Upon taking their services for 8 weeks, their fees reach to $2,400, couple.

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So, instead of pouring and investing so much money by hiring a specialized trainer, have this butt shaping training plan is only $17.

The Positive Side of Paul 8 Week Booty Shaping Program

8 Week Booty Shaping

Firstly, this 8-week booty lifting and shaping program are easy to follow. There is no need to hire the trainer if you want to follow this guide plan.

Simply get the ebook of it and follow it on your own. In case, you do not understand anything, then look for a piece of advice from any professional fitness expert.

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It is created and designed by the professional trainer. Paul is an MMA coach too. So, no issues with respect to its quality and credibility. This ebook is not a scam at all.

It is written by a trusted and qualified fitness expert. So, all the details and information present in it are logical.

The competitor of this guide which is 30-day butt challenge, it is comparatively expensive as well as harder to do. For the reason that the popularity of Paul’s book is getting higher.


Its price is cheap and any of you can afford. Plus, you get a refund in case this book content does not suit you. Furthermore, get a 100% money-back guarantee.

Lastly, this ebook which is about butt shaping, it manages to give fast and expected results. And at the same time, collect and grab lots of happy customers.

You can read out the testimonials to get more satisfaction. Happy and satisfied customers have written some excellent stuff about this book.

The Negative Side of Paul 8 Week Butt Shaping Program Guide

Its drawback side is that this guide is not designed by keeping in mind the long-term workout nature. Its duration is just of 8 weeks. In this way, its readers and followers may face difficulty as to what kind of workout routine should be followed once these 8 weeks are passed!

Our Verdict

Paul Burgess workout guide about butt shaping is a great effort and attempt from his side. Though it does not give a miracle in a day. Still, in almost 8 weeks, you are going to see a great difference in your butt shape.

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In addition to, this guide does not work and follow any of the quick butt shaping schemes. Paul has laid down simple strategies. The required person only has to follow them.

This is a constructive guide as it is encompassed by a strong and effective nutrition plan. Paul believes that a proper nutrition plan is extremely important and crucial likewise working out.

Hence, if you think that getting your butt in shape is a challenging job, then you can try reading this book.


Hopefully, this booty shaping program will work for you. As all women have a different bone structure. It means, some women may face fast results and others may face delayed and slowed results.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

If you plan to follow this Paul 8 Week Booty program, then share with us what results you gained! Hopefully, you may get fit in your yoga pants once you keenly and strictly follow this butt shaping workout.

Get your book from here and share your feedback. If you have got disappointed with other workout training guides, then try reading and following this Paul 8 Week duration Booty program guide.

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