Relieve Buttock Muscle Pain

How to Relieve Buttock Muscle Pain? – A Step by Step Guide

Have you ever figure out what is the real cause of your buttock muscle pain and how can you relieve and cure it, we will tell you!

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If you notice and feel pain in your buttocks then this is the serious amount of concern which should be looking into! Intense and extreme buttock pain might hurt you later on as well.


We know that our butt is mainly and generally composed of fat as well as gluteal muscle.

Buttock Muscle Pain

But they are prone and likely to get injured and get a disease too.

There are several numbers of conditions which can cause pain in your butt. Individuals can have minor muscle strains, they can get infections in their buttocks.

If the pain fails to go away, then call and get in touch with your doctor immediately.

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Symptoms of Buttock Muscle Pain

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You will feel numbness or a bit of weakness in your leg. You might experience trouble controlling your bladder. The affected person can feel a sharp pain, shooting pain in his hips.

If you have a buttock muscle pain, then you will often get a fever of 104°F or higher than that!

These are the important signs which will give you a clear indication that you are getting and having a buttock muscle and these symptoms are a high sign for you to treat this problematic issue.


Conditions Which Cause Buttock Muscle Pain

Below are a few of the conditions which actually cause this shooting pain in your buttocks:

  • Bruising

Relieve Buttock Muscle Pain

It is one of the common causes if you are feeling and noticing a buttock pain. It is this black-and-blue color bruise which is generally caused by blood coming from damaged blood vessels.

This blood then pools under your buttocks skin.

If you get an injury in your buttocks, then the bruising condition will come on it. Like, suppose you fall while you are rollerblading. Or you get hit while you are playing a contact sport.

  • Muscle Strain

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The condition of muscle strain also causes the pain in your butt.

Note that our buttocks are made up generally of three muscles and they are the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius and the third muscle is gluteus minimus.

If you will stretch these muscles extremely harder, then the strain will come on them and you will feel pain in your butt eventually.


  • Sciatica

Relieve Buttock Muscle Pain

This is another condition that causes sharp pain or you can say burning pain down your sciatic nerve.

This pain then usually runs entirely from your lower back and then reaches to your buttocks.

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Tips to Relieve Buttock Muscle Pain

  • If you want to cure and get rid of the pain in your buttocks, then you have to contact any of the primary care providers or you can contact a rheumatologist. Or you can even have a consultation with an orthopedic specialist.
  • To relieve this butt pain, you can use these corticosteroid injections so that you can bring down the level and intensity of inflammation residing in your buttocks.
  • You can opt for physical therapy so that you can strengthen your bum muscles. This therapy is also going to improve and lift the range of motion completely in your butt affected area.
  • A few of the affected people who experience bum muscle pain, they opt for a procedure which drain out a cyst or abscess from hips.
  • There is a surgical method that is used to repair your damaged disk or this surgery also replace your worn-down joint.

Other Remedies to Relieve Buttock Muscle Pain

Applying Heat on the Affected Area

Buttock Muscle Pain

By applying heat on to the affected area will help you loosen your butt muscles. This heat application process will also relieve and cure your bum muscle pain.

This remedy should be applied if you feel tension and tightness in your buttock area.

You can use a wheat cushion and simply stick it right in the microwave. Apply it on your problematic area for about 15 minutes and get complete relief from your buttock pain.

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Using Ice Packs to Treat Your Hip Pain

If the heat application method does not work for you, then you can use the ice packs to cure this hip muscle pain as soon as possible.

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We have seen that ice packs and bags of peas, they are counted as effective pain relief sources.

You can apply them on your sore areas.

This ice is generally called as “nature’s pain killer”, for the reason that, this remedy is suggested to you.

On the other side, if your sciatic nerve is being inflamed, then you can use the same ice pack application method to reduce this intensity of inflammation.


This remedy will ultimately bring down the irritation level and relieves your buttock pain.

Using a Seated Cushion

Buttock Muscle Pain

You can use any of the great and high-quality seated cushion products to relieve this intense buttock pain.

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If you are encountering problems like that of piriformis syndrome, then it is the time that you should take the pressure completely off from your buttocks.

These seated cushion products will help you in improving your posture and shall reduce pressure on your disc bulge section as well.


To stay away from such worst experiences or to avoid suffering from this bum muscle pain, start using and following these remedy.

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Conclusion – Wrapping it Up!!

This is how to relieve and completely soothe down your buttock muscle pain. If this pain gets and reaches to an extreme level, then it will become intolerable.

You can even do gentle stretches of your hips and legs to cure this problem.

Rest, you need to give some to yourself to heal this injury. If these home and natural remedies do not work for you, then you can take over-the-counter pain relievers.

If you experience such a hip pain, then share your experience with us and how you manage to treat that shooting pain. Stay tuned and more relieving measures of eradicating and curing this bum muscle pain will be shared with you,

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