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How To Make Your Butt Smaller? – Effective Exercises

You might be wondering what is the exact procedure to make your butt smaller? Here we have recommended some of the most effective exercises for you.

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Follow them and shed extra weight and fat from your butt.

Furthermore, if your bum carries too much weight, then it will eventually look unattractive. Try out these toning exercises and get a smaller butt in less time.

Moreover, these effective and result-driven exercises are going to give you toned glutes and thighs.


So, let us all get to start with these calorie-burning exercises which are exclusively made to make your buttocks defined and toned. And if you are interested in knowing about the, then read that from here.

Work On Your Glutes

Work On Your Glutes

Most importantly, you have to constantly involve your glutes in some high strength exercises. You are free to do any kind of strength-training exercises.

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They are marked as the best way to give you a toned and smaller butt. It is these exercises that are going to shrink your hip size in a natural manner.

As an example, you can try doing deadlifts.

No doubt, this is a great exercise for the toning of your hips and glutes. The only thing which you have to remember while doing deadlifts, it is to carry the weights in the right way.


Most noteworthy, you can also add up and bring squats into your exercise routine. It is that specific exercise that targets your bulky thighs and hips and eventually make them lot more toned and defined enough.

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Start doing Cardio

Start doing Cardio

Want to know the best part of doing cardio? Here you are! Upon doing cardio, you can bring back your bulky and heavy looking butt back into the most desirable shape.

The main reason that you have got a big butt, it only happens fat is there stored in it. By performing cardio, you can instantly remove that fat from your butt.

Hence, this is one of the quickest and simple ways to make your buttocks small and defined in terms of shape. Besides, you can try interval training.

Such kind of training manages to burn more calories and fat from your hip.

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Try Performing Circuit Training

Circuit Training

However, this circuit training, this is another effective exercise which you are free to pursue and perform if you eagerly want to get a smaller butt.

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Individuals prefer to opt for this training mode because they often get bored from strength training exercises, Apart from doing cardio every single day, what you can do is to perform strength training and circuit training on alternate days.


Keep the duration of strength training up to 30 minutes and that too for 3 days a week. On the other hand, for the remaining days, you can do circuit training.

Run On the Treadmill

Run On the Treadmill

This is a lower body strength exercise which you can do! You can either run on the treadmill or you an run on some solid ground. The choice is up to you!

This running approach is going to burn extensive number of fat and calories from your butt. Furthermore, this exercise stabilize your metabolism.

It tones your quadriceps, calves as well as your glutes and hamstrings. To perform this exercise, what you have to do is to run at a high speed on any kind of treadmill or you can run on flat ground.

Make sure to constantly run for 1 minute, After that, you can have a break of 30 seconds. Next, you can increase your running duration and make it like to go for 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 6 minutes.

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Squat With the Help of Body Weight

Squat With the Help of Body Weight

Next, you can perform squats. Perform this respective exercise by using body weights. This is the best and ideal exercise if you want to reduce and tone your buttocks size.

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To intensify this exercise mode, you can go for high-rep bodyweight squats. It is recommended to do five sets of 20 reps each. To do squats, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and bring your body in a standing position.

Squat down as if you are sitting on a chair. You have to bend your knees. Furthermore, you have to sink your hips down on maximum notes.


Make sure that your torso remains to stay as upright as possible. Lastly, go as low and as down as you can. And after that, you can bring your body back to the straight position.

Go for Step-Ups- Climbing Stairs

Go for Step-Ups- Climbing Stairs

The other easy way to tone and define your big butt, it is possible by climbing stair. It is marked as one of the simplest alternatives to tone and shape your quadriceps and hamstrings.

It is for constantly five minutes that you should keep on climbing the stairs. You can even take a break of 30 seconds in between this 5-minute duration.

Once you get used to this routine, then you can further increase your stamina level and intensity level upon increasing the duration.

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Do Cardio by Using a Bike- Run On a Bike

Cardio by Using a Bike- Run On a Bike

Most of the people are not comfortable when it comes to running on a solid flat ground. We have the best alternative and great suggestion for such people.

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What you can do is to run on a bike! Such an effective exercise will be able to naturally tone your hips, thighs and legs. It is up to you whether you want to use a regular road bike or you want to utilize a stationary bike.

Moreover, you need to perform sprints by pedaling. Do this exercise as fast and speedily as you can. For the first time, do this recommended exercise for about 20 seconds and then take a break.


After that, you can increase the duration, intensity level and complexity level of this exercise.

Perform Burpees- Effective Bodyweight Exercise

Perform Burpees

Most probably, burpees possess the excellent amount of potential to make your hips smaller. If your bulky and massive looking butt does not look attractive, then start doing burpees.

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Note down that this is an old-school bodyweight exercise. To perform it, you have to stand all. After that, start bending over with your upper body. Your hands should touch the floor.

In addition, you have to kick your legs in a backward position so that your rest of the body can come in the push-up position. You need to go down into a push-up pose.

Lastly. as soon as you reach the top, then you need to hop your legs back. And jump off the ground area as high as you can. The person should be doing three sets of 12 reps.


However, if you fail to do and perform a full push-up, then you can do this pose by using your knees on the ground..

Carry Out High-Intensity Level Training Exercises

Carry Out High-Intensity Level Training Exercises

The quick way to get a smaller, toned and strengthen looking butt shape, it can be accomplished by doing high intensity level training exercises.

This is a fast-paced workout that can give you the desired results in less time. Just do this exercise mode for about four minutes and see the desirable and expected difference in your butt shape.

Make a list and try to include 12 to 15 exercises in this workout routine. As an example, you can do jumping jacks, pushups, and crunches. You can also do jogging; leg lifts as well as planks.

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Chair Pose

Chair Pose

Moving to further details as to how to get small in size butt, you can do this chair pose. To strengthen your butt muscles, sitting is not at all an ideal and recommended exercise.

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You can try out this chair pose and make your butt toned and extremely defined. Firstly, press your back all into a wall. Then you have to move your feet just about hip-width apart.

After that, you have to cross your arms and make sure to lift them away right from your body. Slowly and gradually slide your back completely down the wall until and unless your knee reaches a 90-degree angle.


Keep in mind that your knees do not go past or cross your toes. Your knees have to be in-line right with your toes. Hold that pose for about 30 seconds time frame and then you can increase the duration to further make this pose harder.

Do Kicking to Get a Smaller Butt

Do Kicking to Get a Smaller Butt

Lastly, you can do kicking! You have to bring your body on all fours. After that, place your knees right under your hips and they have to be hip-width apart.

Furthermore, you have to place your hands just about shoulder-width apart. Moreover, line up your creases of your wrists and place them under your shoulders.

Start extending your right leg back. Keep your toes pointed and bring them in a downward position. Lastly, lift your leg until and unless its level reaches your back. Do five reps on each of the sides.

This exercise will not only give you a small butt, in fact, it may help you to get an hourglass figure.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

This is how to get a toned and sexy butt. If you notice that your butt is getting extremely big and bulky, then try out these exercises.

Moreover, share with us what tips and exercises you follow to make your hips look toned and defined in shape. You can share your secrets with us.

And we will regularly update you with regard to such kind of effective exercises. Also, read from here.

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