How to Get Bubble Butt? – Easy and Effective Exercises

How to Get Bubble Butt? – Easy and Effective Exercises

Bubble butt trend has become quite common these days. So, if you want to know as to how to get a bubble butt, then read out the below-written details.

We have a pen down and collected a few of the easy and effective exercises for you. You can achieve such a butt look by working out your glute muscles.

Furthermore, when it comes to acquiring a bubble butt, then you just have to focus and concentrate on improving your glute strength. Stronger your glutes are, firm, toned and rounded your butt will come out to be.

Moreover, strong glutes help you stabilize your pelvis. It even protects and safeguard your hips from getting injured. So, let us all read out about those exercises which can help you in getting a beautiful and sexy looking backside.

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Do Some Basic Squats

Do Some Basic Squats

Most probably, by doing some basic squats, you can easily and naturally get a bubble butt. This is an easy and effective exercise which you can go for.

To do this exercise, you have to stand tall. And make sure to keep your feet hip-distance apart. Even more, your hips, knees, and also toes need to be facing forward.

Then you have to bend your knees. Start to extend your hips in a backward position. Get into a position as if you are sitting on a chair. Do remember that you have to keep your knees completely behind your toes.

Rest the whole weight on your heels. After that, you can rise back and then repeat this same exercise. Hence, we are confident that this bubble butt toning exercise may give you the desired result.

Swinging High Kicks

Swinging High Kicks

Also, you can try out doing swinging high kicks. To perform and carry out this exercise, what you can do is to first of all position both of your feet and shoulder exactly width apart.

You need to stand in an upright position. After that, start raising your one leg and keep it straight. You have to extend that leg right behind you.

On the other hand, allow yourself to bend at your waist. In addition, start kicking your raised leg in a forward position. Do this move as far as you can.

Your knee should not bend while you kick your raised leg. Finally, bring down your leg back down. Get into a standing position and complete the rest of the subsequent reps.

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Side Leg Raises

Side Leg Raises

Want to know the best part if you plan to do these side leg raises? We will tell you. This effective and easy to do exercise can naturally give you a toned butt.

It gives your bottom bubble look. No doubt, bubble butt looks extremely sexy. So, to do these side leg raises, you have to lie sideways right on the floor.

Make sure to extend your legs wholly and completely.  After this step, you have to position your elbow exactly beneath your shoulder. Moreover, point your forearm along with an open palm in front of you.

Start raising your body and yourself. While doing this step, your torso should not be touching the floor. And your hips should maintain a firm contact with the ground.

Lastly, keep your legs extended and raise your top leg as high as you can. After that, lower down your leg and bring it back to the floor contact.



How about doing skaters? This is such an easy exercise to do. And the best part is that it gives you a bubble butt. To do this move, bring your legs slightly and a little bit wider than that of your shoulder.

Keep your arms at your sides and one leg behind. Furthermore, make sure to bring your front knee at a 90-degree angle. After this, start swinging your arms and keep your back leg forward.

You have to switch the sides as if you are doing a skating motion. Just act as a speed skater, this is what this specific exercise all about is! This, do skaters and get the desired bum shape in less time.

You may find this move easy to do.

Jump Squats

Jump Squats

Jump squats are highly recommended by the experts to those women who want to get a bubble shaped bum. If you are interested in doing jump squats, then check out this guide.

And get to know the exact procedure as to how to do and perform jump squats. Firstly, stand on your feet and keep the hip distance apart. Lower down your body.

In other words, bring down your body in a squat position. Most importantly, you have to keep your spine straight and also chest lifted. Keep your knees behind toes and your arms have to be placed in front of the chest.

After that, jump straight up. Swing your arms and return back your body in a squat pose. Hence, it is advised to do jump squats.

We hope and almost guarantee that you may get a bubble butt once you regularly perform this exercise.

Butt Blaster Exercise by Using a Resistance Band

Butt Blaster Exercise by Using a Resistance Band

Another effective exercise we have for you, it is doing a butt blaster. Firstly, you have to kneel on floor. Wrap the resistance band under your right foot.

Moreover, it is under your shoulders that you have to place your hands down. Start lifting your right knee off from the floor. Push your right foot back and extend your leg straight while squeezing your glute.

In addition to, you have to gradually and slowly bring your knee back right into a bent position. You can continue on with this specific exercise with regard to as many desired reps you want to do by switching your feet.

Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges

To do glute bridges, it is easy to do. This exercise can really help you in getting a bubble butt. To perform this exercise, you have to lie on your back while bending your knees.

Keep in mind that hip distance apart factor. Also, you have to keep your feet flat right on mat and your feet should be stacked under your knees.

Start engaging your core muscles and too squeeze your glutes. You have to perform this activity while lifting your hips. Squeeze your hips in a tighter way and then bring them back to the mat with all and firm and control.

It is up to you for how many times you want to repeat this pose and move.

Plié Squats

Plié Squats

Next we have plie squats for you. If you does not know the process as to how to do plie squats, then read out the details. Stand on your feet and keep your feet slightly and a little bit wider than that of your shoulder.

Keep your toes turned at a 45 degree angle. Furthermore, bend your knees and you also have to lower down your torso. Meanwhile, keep your back straight as well as abs tight.

By performing this exercise, you will notice that your glutes are going to get firm day by day. Come in a standing position by slowly and gradually squeezing your glutes.

Thus, this exercise offers you a great opportunity and automatically gives you a bubble butt. Lots of perks and a multiple number of benefits are associated with this exercise.

Cross Behind Lunges

Cross Behind Lunges

Most noteworthy, doing cross behind lunges can help you in the long run with respect to getting a bubble-shaped bum. To do this exercise, you have to stand with your feet and keep them hip-distance apart factor.

It is on your left leg that you have to transfer the whole of your body weight. Now, cross your right foot and place it behind your left leg. Keep your hips all and completely facing forward while you bend both of your knees.

After that, lower down yourself exactly towards the floor and bring yourself in a lunge position. Moreover, while doing this exercise, you have to keep your back wholly straight.

Chest needs to be lifted and keep your weight to be placed on your front leg. Repeat the same exercise by doing it on the other side.

Lying Glute Stretch

Lying Glute Stretch

Lastly, we have lying glute stretch exercises for you. You are free to begin this exercise by lying on your back. Extend your arms and legs.

In addition, raise your one leg up and make sure to bend it towards your abdomen. You have to maintain and retain the ground contact while doing this exercise.

Grab your raised knee by using both of your arms and make it reach closer to your abdomen. Finally, maintain this position for about ten seconds and use your other leg to complete the subsequent reps.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Do try out this workout program and share your feedback with us. We hope that this butt-kicking workout will give you a bubble butt in less time. Hence, if you wish to get a bubble butt, then these specific exercises can give you the desired perks. What else you want to know about this butt shape? Do let us know. We have more writings for you about The Best Butt Lifters Underwear Review in 2019 and tips on so do read.


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