BEST Butt Exercises

7 BEST Butt Exercises At Home! – (GUIDE)

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Are you interested in doing butt exercises?

Do you wanna learn how to do butt exercises?

Do you want to know the best butt exercises?


If these questions are in your mind and you want to learn butt exercises then you are at the right place.

As you know butt is the most used muscle in your body that is sussed while walking, running, sitting, jumping, kicking and much more stuff that you do in daily life.

If we see this through there is nothing we can do without moving our butt muscle. There are many ways or exercises that can help you tone, strengthen and can grow as well.

There are tons of exercises that you can do to keep your butt strengthen and to give it a shape. The exercises that you can use for increasing strength of your butt, from insanely high box jumps to pistol squats, to an endless arsenal of variation.

However, if you go for some complicated exercises then there are not so much of use because they can be less effective, although if you wanna do them then you should do them correctly. Och glöm inte att slappna av musklerna med stretchövningar samt slappna av sinnet genom att spela gratis casino spel.

BEST Butt Exercises At Home

If you want results of your workout then you will have to keep a schedule a little light because working out is not the only things that will keep your butt in shape, you will need to rest as well because muscle grows or bend after they had a rest and it will affect if you take proper rest. 

On top of that, simplicity is the key get more results which means if you keep on doing your regular exercises or if you do some main muscle exercises then your butt shape will be much more effective and you will get a nice butt shape in no time.

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So, the article is all about butt exercises and we have listed 7 butt exercise that will make your butt shape fit in no time.

If you workout daily then these exercises will be a piece of cake for you, but if you do not do any workout and want to start then you will have to do some extra hard work to make your butt fit.


These exercises are muscle-building exercises and will give your booty a great shape in no time, all you have to do is to follow these exercise steps very carefully and do it correct. 


The first exercise that is on our list is squats. Squats is actually an exercise that most people do in their daily routine. The exercise will affect your hamstring, quads, and glutes.


These three points are the most critical points for muscle building so if you do squats perfectly then your butt will take effect in no time. 

Try doing them daily and if you are master of squats and do them perfectly then try them doing with some weights to make your butt ever stronger and fit. 

Sumo Squats

Sumo squat is another type of squat. In this type, you will need to tighten your muscles more and want to take a more bending position so your body becomes tighter.

Sumo Squats

The exercises mostly affect the outer thighs and glutes. This exercise is highly recommended if you run or jog or even walk, it helps you walk fast or fast and make your legs feel lighter than ever. 

If you want to make it more effective then try using some weights and do it repeatedly until you feel burn or you feel sweaty because if the sweat came out then this means your booty will come into its perfect shape soon.

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Walking Lunge

After the two squats techniques, this is the walking lunge exercise, in this exercise, there are several positions like you can do it while walking, and while standing.

Walking Lunge

Although walking makes it easier and you will feel the pressure if you start going forward while doing the lunges. 

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However, the momentum of this exercise itself allows you to go forward and if you still continue doing them then it can take effect in much less time then squats.

If you want to go on to the next level and make it a little bit harder then try some weights while doing it.


You can wear weights on your thighs or on your shin so you can waste some more energy and try using more strength while moving forward.

Bulgarian Split Squats

This is a type of squat that is usually done by celebrities because they have to get ready quickly and this squat is is a mixture of the two types we have mentioned before.

The exercise targets the glutes and makes them lighter, plus it increases the strength of your walk.

Bulgarian Split Squats

If you see videos of working out on Instagram of your favourite celebrities then you will see they do this exercise very often.

As they recommend this exercise for themselves, you should follow them as well and do these split squats more often.

Donkey Kicks

The kicks you take while playing football are a lot different than these kicks that you shoot when you are doing a workout, however, these kicks are similar to a donkey takes and that’s why they are called donkey kicks. 

Donkey Kicks 

The workout is best for your legs but it won’t do much for the cardio but if you see it through this workout affects your whole upper body if you do it correctly.

You just have to keep doing until you are burned out.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

As you know glute bridges is the best exercise for your butt muscle but it only affects the butt and no thighs so we recommend single leg glute bridge, that makes your butt muscle tight as well as thigh muscle tight as well.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

This exercise is one of the recommended exercises that you should do daily to improve your butt shape.

Fire Hydrant

The last exercises that you should do to get your booty into shape are the fire hydrant exercise. This exercise is an instant booty shape builder and will give fire on your booty if you do it right. 

Fire Hydrant

Although the exercise can be dangerous if you are not doing it right, it can easily destroy your booty shape more,

So if you do not know how to do this exercise the right way or you are having difficulty doing it then you should not do it or try to consult someone of your mistakes.


As we have told you all about the exercises that you should do to keep your booty in shape.

If you have any questions regarding any exercise or if you want some consultancy then you can comment below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.






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