Exercises To Reduce Your Tummy

4 Exercises To Reduce Your Tummy In 7 Days – (Complete Guide)

In this age of workouts, everyone wants to get fit and active. Everyone wants to get that 6 packs like brad Pit or Zac Efron. But the thing is they don’t know the hustle that they have been through to achieve that look.

The expenses that they afforded to gain what they have now. Yes, I meant expense the amount of money they have invested in that perfectly shaped body. Well, in this age of advancement you don’t have to do that.

Here I will show you the best workout techniques that you can follow to gain what you dream. Yes, these workouts are done in-home and offices so you don’t have to pay anything.

These are universal workout techniques that you can follow to gain the body that you dream.

Different Methods

When you surf on the internet related to this topic there are some applications and articles that present you the same workout technique but with different potions and routine and for this they implement a pricing value on that.

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I know this is wrong but what can we do right? But in this crucial world, there are some developers and trainers that are humble enough to provide you with some advanced workout techniques for free.

Yes, they won’t even charge you. But it is rare so if you find such a deal then you should immediately register in it.


With that, there are other techniques that you can follow but when it comes to losing your belly fat then these workout techniques are the best and in no time you will start losing your belly fat.

And no, you won’t be slim or fit in 7 days our weight will start losing if you follow this routine every day. Becoming slim and fit completely depends on your body type how fat and how to fit you are.

Try These Workouts

These workouts completely home-based thus you don’t need to get to the gym or a particular place. Even though you can start right now.


But with that, let’s get into the 4 Workout technique to Lose your Belly Fat.

Stage#1- Bicycle Crunches

They are not normal crunches but the procedure of them is the same. First, you lift up your back and you move your abdomen towards your knees that are folded.

That is the procedure of crunches but Bicycle Crunches are a little bit different you have to create a movement in your legs to gain effective control.

Bicycle Crunches

By this, your lower Abdomen and upper Abdomen is effected and groomed to your desired shape.

Now: how much you should do that depends on you that what routine you should follow. But I would say for 60 seconds you should do it and each time you have to do 3 sets of 60 seconds workout of Bicycle Crunches.

It can be the most effective workout if combined with others on this list.

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Stage#2- Knee to Elbow Planks

Now: this is quite simple yet hard as in general doing planks are hard and personally, I can plank for approximately 10 to 20 seconds.

But this workout is not just planks, take the back and forth movement from the bicycle Crunches, and insert it in planks that are Knee to Elbow Planks.

Knee to Elbow Planks

It can be excruciating and you can feel the burn. Other than that, this workout is necessary for your abdomen as it will burn some extra fat from your belly to make you feel slim and fit.

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By doing this you can also feel active and healthy. The duration is set and you have to do this workout for 60 seconds or more not less than that.

With that, you will do the same 3 sets of 60 seconds of Knee to Elbow Planks and you can feel the burn of your fat. It can be effective to reduce fat from your abdomen.


And when merged with all of these workouts then it can be most effective and in 7 days you will feel that you have lost some weight.

Stage#3- Scissor Kicks

The best thing about this workout is that it completely targets your lower abdomen thus all the extra fat in your lower abdomen that makes you look shapeless can be reduced by this workout.

With that, you have to lay down on your back, lit up your legs in a 45 degrees angle, and then you can criss-cross them for a particular time.

Scissor Kicks

Deciding the time duration is on to you. So, the advantage of this workout is that when you have targeted all your belly fat then the only blind spot is your lowest abdomen where usually other last abs appear.

With that, it can be very useful to reduce that area’s fat so that you can have a slim waist. As I said, that the duration is depending on you and when it comes to losing your belly fat then there is not a time limit.

But you can get tired I know so my personal recommendation is that you follow the same procedure that I have told you in the previous workouts. For 60 seconds you can do this workout and you will have to do 3 sets a day.

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Stage#4- Russian Twists

Now, this can be the most excruciating workout on this list. Imagine that you have lifted your back for a time at a 45-degree angle and you are twisting your back and your front in a pattern of left and right.

That can be hard right. But when it comes to losing your belly fat then there is no compromise and you have to do all the compromise.

Russian Twists

The simplicity of this workout is harsh but I would recommend you put some weight in your hand as your front and back twists in a pattern of left to right.

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Adding weight will only increase the harshness but if you want to lose your belly fat faster then this is the fastest way to do that.

Again the duration of the workout is dependant on you either you can do it for 1 min or 2 min or more but I would recommend you follow the time routine of the previous workouts so that everything is balanced and your body does not deform.


Like 60 seconds in one set and in total, three-set and that would be enough for you to make sure that within a week you are starting to lose your belly fat.

Key Things to Keep Your Belly Flat

When you have gained that flat belly that you desired thought these workouts then there is a plan for you afterwards.

Keep Your Belly Flat

There is a 100% chance that your fat belly could return after the workout but to keep that flat belly there are two things that you should follow.

1- Healthy Food and Diet

I know junk food is appealing ut if you want to keep that flat belly that you achieved then you might have to compromise on your junk food commitment.

Healthy Food and Diet

You only have to eat healthy so that the food in your body does not produce any type of fat and extra weight.

Yes, there are several diet plans and you don’t have to leave Junk Food you just need to lower the quantity that you consume so that you can easily maintain your figure.

2- Workout Daily Routine

With this workout, you can gain what you want but if you leave them then you can lose what you gained. Understood no?

Workout Daily Routine

Let me explain when you have achieved your desired flat belly and abs then you should not leave the workout routine because now your stomach is habitual of these workouts and when you leave them then you can regain what you wanted to lose.

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So, I recommend you that you should not leave the routine and you should keep them going on a daily basis so that you can maintain the figure that you achieved.

In my opinion, at this stage, your body will require such types of workouts so that you can keep your body healthy and physically and mentally fit.


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According to me, these workouts are extremely beneficial and you can gain a lot from them. And when you combine them with a proper diet plan then you can notice the results faster and efficiently.

This can be advantageous right? Now nobody has to spend a ton of money for the membership for the gym now you can perform these workouts to your core and make yourself fit and physically and mentally active.

The workouts that I have mentioned are extremely well set and you can feel the results right within the week or so. These workout papertyper.net
routines are approved by several trainers and they recommend you doing them as a warm-up exercise.






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