Can You Lose Weight In a Sauna? Everything Explained!

When you are out there for different fitness plans then you will hear some fascinating misleading information about various fitness programs. The place where this misleading informations originate has to be Sauna.

I know you can feel relaxed and sauna can affect your health in a positive way but the misleading information is that you can lose weight. 

That is an incorrect sauna is a place where you can improve your health a make sure that you are relaxed and relieved by all the stress that you have gained previously.

The rumours say that in the sauna you can lose or burn up to 300-1000 calories in a single sauna session of 30 mins. 

What Happens In the Sauna?

That is again the wrong Sauna is not a place where you can lose weight and burn calories. It is a place where you can effectively improve your health. 

Lets shed a light on the rumour of calories. Well, if this was true then everybody would be acing to go there because everybody in this world has a calorie problem and no one wants to accept it.


Just imagine the relation, you are getting kicked in your butt for approximately 30 minutes and somehow you lose 300 to 1000 calories in one session. If it is true than it is a miracle.

The truth is that you are burning up to 10 to 33 calories in one session. Let me be logical if you are the one believing in this lie then take this example.

Go and run in the treadmill for hours and then you will be able to burn your calories. And if you put yourself through a HIIT workout regime then you will be able to burn up to 14 calls per minute. 

And if you don’t know the HIIT workout regime is extremely tough and rough.

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Such a high rate of calories that are burned is only possible if you climb up to a mountain and come down with this you are doing this routine everyday then this high rate of calories is allowed to burn from your body.

So, what makes you think that the Sauna is a place where you can burn 300-1000 calories in a single session of 30 minutes.

They claim that they put is that your body has to go through a particular pain to maintain the temperature of your body. This can cause metabolism to overdrive and use your body calories to maintain their rate.


Yes, I agree with this process but the truth is that it can’t consume that many calories in just a 30 mins segment. To achieve the claimed consumption rate of calories by Sauna the session should of 4 to 5 hours non stop.

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How Many Calories Are Burned In a Sauna?

If you want to know how many calories you are burning in the Sauna then here is a simple equation for you to calculate.

Number of calories burned in 30 minutes of sitting (specific to your body weight) x 1.5 (possibly x 2) = calories burned

I know not that simple, right? Let me elaborate on this equation, for instance, a healthy person suppose a male of 190 pounds sits in Sauna and burns up to 42 calories in the process of sitting.

Calories Are Burned In a Sauna

And remember it is an example so take it as one. 

So take that same individual and place him in a Sauna to find the calories that he has burned in Sauna you have to multiply the original calories that he has burned in just sitting with 1.5 and 2.

This will provide you with a proper estimate that how much you have burned in Sauna.  In our example, this individual would have burned up to 63 to 84 calories. I can see that that’s a huge leap from burning 300-1000 calories.

Can You Lose Weight In a Sauna or Steam Room?

If you want to know that you can lose weight in Sauna well, obviously you are sweating in the Sauna that can eventually be the reason for your weight loss.

Lose Weight In a Sauna

But the difference in a Sauna and a gym is that in the gym you are losing weight and building muscles. The overweight that you have just lost is replaced by the muscles and curves that you create in a gym.

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When we talk about Sauna then you are simply losing weight that’s it no one could say that what will you look like after or what is the aftermath of Sauna. You just losing weight.

But the problem with Sauna is that you are losing weight, yes, but what you are losing in the process is pure water. This water is harmful when removed in such a quantity.


So you need to replace it instantly and that you are not paying attention to the right. You can be dizzy or dehydrated if you spent a long time in the Sauna.

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The Truth About Sauna

If you are considering going to Sauna then I would Suggest you proceed forward with your normal exercise not with Sauna.

When you are exercising then you create an ideal temperature for your Metabolism and it boosts that effect so that it can use more and more calories.

When you are indulged in some hardcore activity such as exercise or any other activity then you can burn your calories and with that activity, you will not have to just lose weight it will also provide you with muscle.

Let me explain to you when you are indulged in any activity then your metabolism is stoked that is when your body tries to maintain and regulate your default body temperature.

With that, your muscles are called upon to work in unity and that can be enough to build up your muscles. The main thing is when your heartbeats are elevated than the blood flow is fast and at that moment your calories and burned.

So, yes I agree that in Sauna calories are burned but the thing you lose is the pure water from your body and that can be harmful.






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