Get Bigger Calves

How to Get Bigger Calves (Updated Guide for 2020)

So you must be wondering if calf muscles are even an important aspect to consider during your workout?

Well yes, it is! Although variations occur, in most people the density of the androgen receptors appears to be maximum in the top body and lowest in the bottom body, and the absolute lowest density in the calves.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some important factors that will help you in growing your calves more effectively.

But before starting the guide to grow your calves there are few things which you need to consider that will help you to know which part of your body needs more attention.

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We will suggest you work with dignity and dedication and start developing natural calves instead of taking any steroids.

Because you will only see the outer results but the number of damage steroids does to your internal body is never mentioned!


We accept the fact that fit is the new trend but health is more important than anything else. Calves are very sensitive muscles in the leg so you must be careful about it.

We are not discouraging you but just letting you remember some important facts that you must bear in your mind before starting this type of workout! Because if you commit any slight mistake then you will suffer too.

Why are They Difficult to Train?

You might have heard about the sensitivity of calves and how difficult it is to train these muscles of the body and how much time they consume during the process.

As you are aware of the fact that big calves are the key to win any competition but on the other hand the training of these muscles is a matter of genetics.

Get Bigger Calves

Which are different of each person and takes different duration and the fitness history of that particular person. 

You must bear in mind that genetics plays a very important role in building any type of muscle training.

Moreover the workouts you have been doing and the diet plan you are following is also an important aspect to consider while you start your calf training.

How Much do You have to Work With Calves?

As a matter of fact, every muscle of our body takes different amounts of time in building so it is for calves! And every muscle needs different attention to work properly.

Work With Calves

On the other side, it is critical that they are healed long enough and that they do not function too long that they fire.

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Why Bigger Calves?

Body-constructionists and fitness enthusiasts often train their calves, since they are one of the most visible body muscles in the professional bodybuilding community and highly regarded.

Some people have been born in cash. Some people are raised with amazing knowledge. Then there are those out there of huge calves that have been blessed.

Bigger Calves

Most of those guys (and gals) are out there with the lack of genetic manipulation is not a major excuse for less successful calves.

The bad pair of calves is mostly a result of undertraining, not inferior genes.

Here are a few tips for calves growth which you must check it out!

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  • Make sure that you train your calves for about 2-4 weeks in order to have a normal workout routine. Make sure you do 4 to 6 sets of workout each day with a different workout.
  • Keep this thing in mind while going to bed that you need to do a set of 100 slow hard squeezing stand calves according to your body weight on top of your workout routine. Make sure you do the maximum burn!
  • In addition to this, make this a habit to walk around on your tiptoes rather than your flat feet. Same as the ballet dancers have the perfect awesome calves.
  • For the effective result of the calf, you can do a calf raise every time you are on a staircase. This will help in the plyometric movement of the calves which will help you with the rapid growth of the calves. You need to step on the ball of your foot while your way down in the staircase.
  • You can do two different workouts for your calves which will help you in the rapid growth of calves. Take a lightweight for the sets of quick 25-50 reps and one heavyweight for the sets of 4-6 reps session. This routine will help to attack fibres that are not into function with workouts and also can be the cause of good calf growth.
  • Try training your calves just as Arnold did with bare feet only if you can do it easily. This will help in increasing the rate of motion for any calf movement and a very intense contraction.


Now we will tell you some effective calf stretches that will help you in growing your calves rapidly

Seated Calf Stretch

This type of calf stretching is one of the most effective muscles build ups you can adopt. Not only is this exercise effective but convenient enough that anybody can do it very easily without gear.

Seated Calf Stretch

All you need to do is stretch your one leg while sitting on your knees by putting the other foot flat on the table.

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Stretch your legs as wide as you can and as the side leg serves as a stabilizer you will feel the balanced and stabilized legs that will help you in running more effectively.

Moreover, in this type of stretching, there is no need for additional equipment but those who cannot stretch their legs completely can simply take the help of a stretching belt or harness for such stretching.


Calf Extend Standing Gastrocnemius

This type of cal stretching is more focused on gastrocnemius which is a two-headed muscle in the lower section of a leg which helps in running and stretching as it is a three joint muscle.

And such muscles are very important to take care of whether you do any sort of workout. And as for calves, this muscle is a key to function efficiently.

Calf Extend Standing

All you need to do is take one step forward while standing on a stair and move forward while raising the foot towards you then turn to the other knee.

You can do this session only if possible conveniently we can understand the fact that stretching capabilities differ at every stage of life.

Moreover, repeat the process for up to 20 -30 seconds on both feet and you will notice the major portion of the calf muscle is stretching easily.

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Mock Sit Stretch

This calf stretch is a very effective exercise you add to your daily workout routine. Starting from a normal position on a foot near to the ground, start moving your hips as you are sitting on a chair.

Mock Sit Stretch

This will step up the length. In addition to this if this is difficult for you or face problems while holding it then you can take the help from the secure bar or a surface just as of a flag pole.

The main aspect of a standing calf is that it works productively in functioning your muscles for any type of sports activity.

Peroneal Expansion

This type of stretch required a belt strap and resistance strap for stretching while sitting down.

Peroneal Expansion

To start this, you need to wrap the band around to the foot which you will stretch first then push out while extending your leg as much as you can while keeping your heel slightly elevated.

Make sure that each of the stretches remains for about 20 sec. And you can pull on the strap harder and bring your foot to you to improve pressure.

Moreover when your body will be used to this type of stretching then you will feel your muscles and body becoming more n more flexible during your workout. And the best part is that you sit calf very easily.

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Some people use braces for this but if you don’t have one then try sitting on a chair while bending your foot inwards to your leg, and start moving the foot back and forth with the use of your hands. This is the basic of peroneal stretch for calves.

Stretching the muscles helps in building the calves more effectively. It will help you in kind of muscle buildup and more specifically it is a very helpful routine if you want to grow your calves rapidly.


Stretching is the basis of any kind of sports that you want to adopt or any workout routine. They all started with stretching your body first then your regular workout.

Stretching will help you in both ways internally and externally. It is the key to calf training and a sort of nutrition to muscle development.


We understand the fact that getting your body into perfect shape is not easy. But you need to work with patience if you want effective results.

And make sure that you take all the safety precautions if you are using any equipment in your workout because of safety first! Having said that, the analysis for the Calf growth came to an end.

We hope that this guide was beneficial for you to educate you about the important aspects of calf muscles.






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