Best Home Remedies For Bigger Buttocks – (Complete Guide)

When it comes to Buttlock then this is the main and major issue for those women who want to adjust their Buttocks.

Either they can enhance them big or small, but when it comes to style and beauty then larger and exquisite Buttocks are preferred by several women and through. 

For bigger Buttocks you can get several things and can perform several exercises but what if I say that you can get bigger Buttocks right in your houses so what will you do?

You will get right on it so why not now. Here in this article, we are going to discuss all the methods and procedures that you can perform right in your home.

Home Remedies (Cream Potions) for Bigger Buttocks

Cream for Bigger Buttocks

In this article, we are going to talk about al the home remedies that you can perform to achieve more lifted and bigger buttocks.

These tricks and remedies are completely natural and all of them include homemade ingredients. Few of them are cream potions but others are more directed to your diet and other homemade products.

1- Banana and Yogurt Butt Cream

This is a cream potion that you can create at your home from fruits and yoghurt. This cream is created with a banana that I’m sure is already have it in your home and yoghurt well everybody loves yoghurt.

I will show you the method and potion technique that you can use to create this cream.

  1. Take a banana and mash it evenly to get a paste type texture, this is all done in a bowl.
  2. Then here comes the Yogurt part, you add the yoghurt in the banana paste that you created and mash them until you get a cream-like texture.
  3. Then this is all about your booty you just need to apply that cream all over your booty.
  4. Then when it is applied you just leave it for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  5. When it is time to wash you should use cold water instead of warm and fuzzy water.
  6. In the last, you should apply a moisturizer on your buttocks when you remove the cream potion. And you need to follow this procedure three times a day for better results.

2- Honey, Eggs, Potatoes Butt Growth Cream

Honey, Eggs, Potatoes Butt Growth Cream

This cream potion is a bit different and it can be complex to make this potion. The simplicity of this cream is when it is ready and you can apply this but making this cream can be a hassle.

But if you want a more vivid result then this cream might be your best option.

  1. The results and the coverage is perfect but I’m saying it again if you have all these ingredients in your home and if you understand this potion then it can be extremely advantageous.
  2. The first step to this potion is to peel all those potatoes and mash them extremely well to get a potato paste.
  3. Then when the potato paste is ready you take an egg and include it in that past of potatoes with that 3 tablespoons of honey.
  4. When that is done I would recommend you take a blender and blend all those ingredients until you notice the blended form.
  5. When that is done the cream is ready but the trick is to apply it as you can apply that cream in a circular motion and leave it for 30 minutes top.
  6. Again when it comes to clean it you can use cold water.
  7. I would recommend you to use this cream 2 times a day for better results.

3- Nivea, Cocoa Butter, and Olive Oil Butt Cream

Now, this is rather simple but this potion uses a chemically induced cream. But to have an organic cream I would recommend you use Nivea for better results. Moving on this potion is effective but not as the above.

Olive Oil Butt Cream

The thing is with this potion you can make it easy and the results are fascinating that’s why it is included in this list. Here is the basic instruction to make this potion and apply it to your Buttlocks.

The mixture of moisturizing cream and any essential oil can get you fascinating results but they also can improve your Buttock beauty as they remove all the stretch marks and smooth up your Buttlocks.

  1. Now you want to take some Nivea cream that is easily available in stores and mix it with virgin olive oil or any essential oil and cocoa butter.
  2. Mix them well to create a more sophisticated texture.
  3. Then apply it in a circular direction on your Buttlocks.
  4. You need to rub the potion until the potion is absorbed by the skin similar to the cream is absorbed.
  5. You can use this cream potion every day for better results.

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Home Remedies for Bigger Buttocks

As we have covered the cream potions now it is time to use all those organic ingredients that is already present in your house.

Home Remedies for Bigger Buttocks

The methods that I will show you are easy but not that effective as the cream method is. I mean you will not notice the result instantly with these methods.

1- Using Fish Oil for Gaining Bigger Buttocks

When it comes to using Fish Oil then you should opt for this oil for daily usage as it is considered that fish oil is effective on muscles and bones.

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And eventually, they can provide you with some lifted and bigger Buttocks. 

Using fish oil can also be healthy and advantageous to your health.


With that said, I would recommend you to opt for this solution as this is the most fast-reacting solution on this list if you want to fulfil the dream of bigger Buttocks.

2- Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

If you want to enhance your butts organically and gradually then I would recommend you opt for eating healthy meals as this process can help you gain more and larger Buttocks with that, you can also stay healthy and fresh all the time. 

The Good and healthy food lineup can also help you keep your waistline in shape and you can maintain your figure.

Such as Avocados, they are the best healthy food that you can eat to gain that dreamy Buttlocks. With that, you can also gain all those carbohydrates that your body is missing.

3- Avoid Fried Foods

Don’t take it personally, but I would say that you should avoid fried food. Why because your Buttocks will increase but not with muscles they will progress with fat.

Avoid Fried Foods

And I suggest that this process is not that great. Your body will be laggy and it can also affect your health.

4- Using Herbs can be Efficient

When it comes to herb then you might want to avoid all these methods and apply this method in your daily life. Why?

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Because everybody knows that Herbs are extremely efficient for your health and when it comes to enhancing your Buttlocks then this trick is the best among others. 

I know it can take some time but patience is the key in this trick as herbs can make your body figure more attractive with enhancing what is necessary and reducing what is necessary.


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Nowadays bigger Buttlocks are considered to be the beauty of a person and there are several women and even men that want to gain such type of enhancements.

I agree there are some cheaper treatments that can enhance your butts and there are some chemical treatments that are used by several people to enhance their buttocks. 

But there is a more simple way to do this as you can enhance your buttocks at your home with organic materials.

Yes, this article is all about that and I know some people that would opt for this method as you can gain your Buttlocks organically.






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