10 Best Bum Bags Review In 2020 – Updated Guide

10 Best Bum Bags Review In 2020 – Updated Guide

The ultimate retro accessory from the early 19s is still considered as a part of the ongoing fashion trend nowadays as people are fond of living in nostalgia at any age.

Here we have presented you with some of the best bum bags in 2020 which you need to take a look at,

 10- EOTW Fanny Pack Bum Bag

EOTW Fanny Pack Bum Bag

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This famous fanny pack from EOTW can be purchased at the cost of two buggers. With a moving belt, four-compartment and laid back hues, it is very simple in a layout that makes it perfect for all sexes.

The main compartment is large enough to hold a cell phone, ID and tickets or cards, while the others are smaller.

It’s made of nylon, durable and strong, so water doesn’t damage your stuff inside the cover. All things considered, this item isn’t waterproof thus it won’t deal with submersion in water.

It is anything but difficult to perfect as all that is required is a garment and warm, foamy water. The zippers are durable and smooth-streaming to open with no issue.

The midsection belt is Velcro thus it fits cozily when attached and it fits 19-47 inches.

What We Like the Most:

  • This item is super light and perfect for numerous events 
  • water safe with Sturdy premium zippers and clasp.

 9- Nathan Peak Hydration Bum Bag

Nathan Peak Hydration Bum Bag

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The Nathan Peak midsection pack is intended to assist you with remaining hydrated when you take an interest in wearing exercises thus a water bottle pocket is conspicuously at the front.

An 18 oz storage tank, 535 ml jar at the front is intended to make it simple to haul the container out when one is occupied with action.

The key compartment of this kit is a spacious zippered stretch pocket that matches a smartphone of 7 inches just like a passport identification.

Very little else will fit since it was intended to hold just what is fundamental.

The strap is versatile thus it remains set up as long as you affix it’s right. It has a durable clasp that isn’t handily unclipped and it very well may be acclimated to fit a 40-inch waistline.

There are many reasons that you would prefer to sling it over the shoulder.

What We Like the Most:

  • Water flask is easily fitted       
  • The velcro strap remains in place.

8- Tinyat Travel Bum Bag

Tinyat Travel Bum Bag

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The Fanny Bag Tinyat is bright and suitable for light journeys. A small waist bag measuring 12.2 bis4.7 bis4.7 cm with a weight of 4 ounces.

It is made of nylon which is waterproof and light and easy to clean. The internal covering, therefore, constitutes a water hazard and is easy to hack to secure your phone and other items.

The material is water-resistant, but in the case of heavy rainfall or water submersion, it does not secure your mobile.

It has two main compartments and inner space. The large compartment is a maximum display cell phone, while the others are suitable for storing your keys, money, and cards.

Inside is a concealed pocket for your classified things.

What We Like the Most:

  • Easy to clean   
  • It can be pulled across the shoulder in multiple directions

 7- Dickies x Eastpak bum bag

Dickies x Eastpak bum bag

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This is simply a purse that is veiled as a bum bag. Of reality, that doesn’t mean that you’re saving enough and its tight waistband is easy enough to carry without pain all day long.

A key front section with a soft tartan furnace is given, plus an additional Velcro pocket. But it’s zipped back pocket is the best thing about this Bum Bag.

This will naturally force your tail and allow you the perfect place to store your most precious items securely without fear of falling out or snatching by pickpockets.

It is constructed of tough polyester and cotton, so the environment is volatile.

What We Like the Most:

  • A comfortable tartan covering extra Velcro Pocket
  • Place the most precious things safely

6- Men and women’s Fanny Pack-Yome

Men and women's Fanny Pack-Yome

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Yome’s three-pocket fanny pack is quite affordable, even wide and suitable for traveling concurrently.

A water bottle–550ml, and an iPhone 10-are handled in the first pocket.

Within the walls of the bag, the second internal pocket is easily protected for kids, passports and other personal effects you can use without being too easy to protect.

The final pocket has a key ring stuck to the outside of the waist pack.

It’s made of a substance from 900D Oxford which is durable and not so hard to clean.

This midsection kit is available in five hues and is well sewn with a waterproof coating to hold the pieces safe in moderate rains.

Estimating 12.8L x 7.08W x 5.2” H, it isn’t enormous to such an extent that it could overpower you, however, we would suggest it for movement more than donning exercises.

The zippers are durable and the midsection belt movable is open to earbuds and can handle up to 49 crawls.

What We Like the Most:

  • It has an earbuds opening
  • Good material.

5- Waterfly Bum Bag

Waterfly Bum Bag

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This Waterfly Fanny Pack is thin, sensibly estimated for running and durable. Made of delicate polyester, this midsection sack can deal with a touch of water as it is safe, yet a deluge will soak everything inside.

Its flexible tie obliges up to 50 inches thus it is perfect for both of all shapes and sizes waisted individuals.

It is accessible in such a large number of hues and perfect for open-air exercises, because of its size. The primary pocket is 7.8 inches, thus it will fit huge telephones.

An inside pocket that is covered up inside the pack’s dividers is 6.4 inches and will fit a little telephone, charge cards, travel papers, and other belongings.

The keys are hidden by another pouter bag.

The zippers are stiff, metal-composed and are not released easily by pick points for both exterior compartments. The belt is versatile and you can take the pack any direction you want.

The substance is not water-resistant, but solvent resistant.

What We Like the Most:

  • It is snug fit
  • Adjustable belt  along with compartmentalized

4- Hunter original bum bag

Hunter original bum bag

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There is a reason why you think of Hunter when considering festivals immediately.

Yes, for their wellies (worn by Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and others) you might know more, but they might have as famous a bum bag.

This one is a perfect size and has three separate compartments that wait for all of your necessary items, each with a large central pocket and two smaller ones (ideal for loose trading, debit cards and lip baffle).

It is also rigid in shape and is painted in a cool black, red and white paint with the logo of Hunter on the front.

What We Like the Most:

  • Water-resistant double nylon outside
  • Can be worn as a bum bag or a crossbody

3- Ellesse lenx cross body bag

Ellesse lenx cross body bag

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This model is a little slimmer than some of its predecessors, which makes it more a fashion item than a functional one. Yet thanks to its secure padded waist brace it is nevertheless a worthy investment.

You should be able to fit three or four essential elements comfortably into here. It’s also rather long in terms of the bag itself, so you can wear it draped over your shoulder for an extra retro look, as opposed to your waist.

What We Like the Most:

  • 100% polyester
  • Cozy lined tail strap

2- Ari Python Embossed Leather Belt Bag

Ari Python Embossed Leather Belt Bag

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B-Low the Black & White Belt Ari Python Belt Pack!  Snakeskin embossed the top of leather with a covering made of poly thread.

Top flap with a combination of ring and cord loop. Waist belt flexible.

Measures 4 Wx 7 Hx 1.5 D approx. In 2002 Ana Schoenberg and Carole Goebels established B-Low the Belt, which offers uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind, patterns driven belts of the ’60s and ’70s.

The designers use high-quality leathers and special fabrics to build their groundbreaking accessory collection.

What We Like the Most:

  • BLOW-WY9 Revolving Style
  • Top flap with a clasping ring and cord

1- SoJourner Holographic Rave Bum Bag

SoJourner Holographic Rave Bum Bag

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The sojourner bag is a little larger than most, as more items are to be accomplished, so we recommend it for walks.

Superbly sewed and made of solid vinyl, 900d top of the line poly with a solid liner, this pocket can sure deal with minimal something other than keys and the telephone.

They are accessible in many energizing hues as well. The zips are of high quality and sturdy.

Estimating 10.4 x 5 x 1.7 inches and gauging 3 ounces, this midriff sack conveys a considerable amount in every one of the three pockets.

The strap is made of a material similar to the rest of the kit and is easily adaptable to be thrown over the back.

In the case this bag is a sign of diversion, you should sling it as an afterthought when it is transported from the front as you would, where it will not touch the hands.

It is made from holographic material within each of the three pockets..

 What We Like the Most:

  • Amazing material at affordable price
  • Space sufficient

A Complete Buying Guide for Bum Bags

Best Bum Bags

Even though all you want is to secure your important belongings but still, there are few things which are taken into account while buying yourself something to carry.

Size isn’t the main thing that issues; pockets are fundamental. We realize that it’s uncommon for a lady’s pockets to be sufficiently profound to fit anything helpful inside them. 

So, for what season would it be a good idea for us to deny ourselves with regards to our embellishments?


A strap is one of a waist bag’s most important features because it will decide how flexible it can be and how well it suits whatever portion you want to sling it.

It is even better if it is multifunctional because you are then able to hang the bag over your back. Most of the time they are crafted from the same substance as the product so they are solid.

You also want to look out for a fairly thick strap that will stay securely wrapped without any pressure on your waist.


Mostly this is decided by how you plan to use the waist pocket if you are using one explicitly for sports, you would like the one which doesn’t restrict your gestures but holds them all together in one location.

And, while it should hold at least a 500ml bottle of water, it shouldn’t be so big that your upper thighs can smash it all the time you run. You want to make sure the bag isn’t pulling you down, either.

Extra Features

Donning exercises will, for the most part, remove you from your customary range of familiarity and you will probably wind up running in the downpour.

You might need to consider waterproof or opposition for your midsection sack contingent upon what you will convey. You may likewise need to consider the cost of your midriff sack.

Normally, a large portion of the least expensive things in the market are not durable thus saving every possible dollar isn’t the best approach to the extent that purchasing a decent item goes.

The prices are attached to the materials and highlights.


The three most widely used bags are nylon, polyester, and leather because they are durable. 

They’re not impossible to handle but they’re going to protect the things from minor rains at the same time.

You want to test whether there are slash-resistant panels in the fanny pack that is implemented with a steel mesh to prevent thieves from accessing your purse.


It is an unimaginably helpful closet, as huge enough to suit your fundamental things and sufficiently little to not be bulbous, for day trips and occasions just as celebrations.

It also makes you totally hands-free, perfect for all your portraits, trips to a museum and parties this summer.


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